Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - just like I did! :) I woke early this morning and played on the computer a bit. We had taken out a sweet breakfast roll that we had bought from a little kid coming door to door and enjoyed that this morning - it was yummy! We then made our rounds of phone calls and then we headed to the casino for a bit of fun!!

We were home by 12:30 and just lounged around all day. It is 8:00pm now and we started our prime rib a bit late - so didn't eat until 7:30pmish.

All in all, towards the end of the day - I've been a bit antsy and I think tomorrow will be a welcome call for work - just to give me something to do.

My friend Gina goes in tomorrow A.M. for a double masectomy....keep her in your thoughts please - heal quick dear friend.

For Christmas I got a Carhartt sweatshirt (maroon) very comfy and also a subscription to Mothering :) I didn't want much really.....and what we do want - we as adults buy! - but am wanting to save/spend money on getting pregnant - so here's to a baby entering our lives in 2008. :)

Love to you all and hope it was wonderful!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

About Me!

About Me
Nickname(s):Randi-Roo, Scooby
Birthday:May 23, 1980
Birthplace:Sedro Woolley, WA
Current Location:Burlington, WA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brownish Blonde
Weight:That's for me to know
Lefty or Righty:Righty
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
What do you drive:Toyota Camry
Number:Don't have one
Music Genre:Any?
TV Show:I love Survivor - but anything I can stay awake for!
Movie:(see above!) - the last movie I stayed awake for I think was Marching of the Penguins! LOL
Kind of Movie:Drama
Cartoon:Tom and Jerry
Fast Food Restaurant:Right now it is Taco Time
Food:I love my mom's pork roast and canned baby potatoes! mmmmmmm
Ice Cream:I love cold stone's Birthday Cake Remix - it doesn't like me! (lactose intolerant!)
Cereal:Optimum (I really live Cracklin' Oat Bran - but it has Palm Oil in it!)
Candy:Chocolate - anything chocolate (without Palm Oil!)
Drink:Pop - I love Pop! (but don't drink it so much nowadays)
Alcoholic Beverage:I will drink 1 mikes hard malt beverage :)
Quote:Bless your heart and every little part - including your belly button
Do You
Have Siblings:1 sister - Ryan
Have Any Pets:3 cats in age order (oldest to youngest) Kiki, Rosa, and Clover
Have a Job:Word Processor
Have a Cellphone:Yep only cause K wants me to have one (and we don't have long distance)
Have Any Special Talents or Skills:Is my Christmas Lights a talent? maybe a skill? I'm sure there are lots......
Have Any Fears:Yeah, but I don't want to state it :)
Have a Bedtime:I can turn into a crab when I'm tired - so I try to get to bed before 10! (unless I'm having fun - then I can stay up later!)
Sing in the Shower:Sometimes
Go to College:1 year of Bible College (Montana Wilderness School of the Bible)
Get Along With Your Parents:Yep!
Have Any Piercings:Nope!
Have Any Tattoos:Nope!
Do Drugs:Nope!
Ever Been in Love:Yes.....
Ever Cheated on a Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Nope!
Are You Single:Nope!
Are You in a Relationship:Yes!
Do You Have a Crush on Someone:Nope!
Ever Been Dumped:Yes!
Ever Dumped Someone:Yes!
This or That
Fruit or Vegetable:Vegetable
Black or White:White
Lights ON or Lights OFF:On
TV or Movie:TV
Car or Truck:Car
Cash or Check:Cash
Rock or Rap:Rap
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate
French Toast or French Fries:French Fries
Strawberries or Blueberries:Blueberries
Cookies or Muffins:Cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break:Spring Break
Hugs or Kisses:Hugs
Have You Ever
Danced in One Place:Yes!
Smiled For No Reason:Yes!
Laughed So Hard You Cried:Yes - Kauleen and I went to Orcas Island and we wanted to take a picture of ourselves. We set the camera up to do so and then she came over - well - we didn't know how to work it - and so we ended up taking a picture of me laughing hysterically while she got up to fix the camera it took it! (I guess you kinda needed to be there - but it was funny!)
Talked to Someone You Dont Know:Yep!
Smoked:Nope - never!
Drank Alcohol:Yes!
Done Drugs:Nope - Never!
Partied Till the Sun Came Up:Nope!
Gotten a Ticket:Nope!
Been Arrested:Nope!
Been Convicted of a Crime:Nope!
Been in a Wreck:Nope!
Been Out of the Country:Canada? LOL
Are You a Virgin:Nope!
Have You Had Phone Sex:Nope!
Ever TP'd Someone's House:Nope!
Ever Egged Someone's House:Nope!
How Many Languages do You Speak:1 - English and very little espanol
Who do You Compare Yourself to:No one?
Ever Regret Anything:Yes................
Do You Like Being Tickled:Sometimes
What are Your Goals:To have a job that I really enjoyed (computer-ish and/or helping people) and to have kids and raise them well


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Enjoyable Day

Today Kauleen and I got up early (thanks to my read to go shopping mind-set) I wanted to get out and beat the rush. We were dressed, showered and out the door by 7:30am. We only had to make one stop - and it was a nice quick in and out - with not a lot of traffic and awesome. We came home, at some breakfast, and then went back to bed for 2 hours! We got up at 12:00pm and then made 1 stop at Jamba Juice and headed for Bothell to give K's nieces/nephew their presents! We stayed a few hours and then had to return home to turn the lights on. :) We're not hanging out in our sweats and comfy clothes - watching/counting cars. I was expecting a bigger turnout but then again - it has only been on for 45 mins. LOL I am at 5 cars. LOL

I had said I would share what happened yesterday. We normally have a Kids Christmas Party at work for employees kids. Our boss gets them gifts, talks to them in his office and they usually decorate the office Christmas tree. This year it just got to be too much going on and so they cancelled it. Some of the younger kids were looking forward to it - so the boss decided to just have those 2 kids come in on Friday. So, one of the ladies lives a bit further away so her daughter came in all day and did a few things around the office for people. After school was out, the other kid came in and as I was heading to the bathroom - I saw them come in. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the boss leave. (I was like now that was a bit odd!) Well, ends up, the boss forgot and didn't have gifts or anything. One of the kids was devestated.
The mom was very upset also - which she had all right to be. It was just a horrible happening especially this time of year. :( The kids were 9 and 11 I think? The 9 y/o was very upset. I sat at my desk and cried for him. I know that the boss did go get gifts and the older girl was still there - so she got her gift and got to talk to the boss - but still - the younger one went home as he was very upset. :( Just makes one feel awful. (and you feel bad for the parents that now have to try to explain it to the kids!)

We have a short work day on Monday with only half staff - so it shall be interesting and fun! We'll get New Years Eve off in exchange for Christmas Eve. We're staying put and just going to enjoy each other.

That's it for now.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Plans to Post

I had plans to post a message tonight but am just exhausted. It is 9:15pm and I guess I'm waiting till 9:30 then will hit the lights. They may be on a bit longer tomorrow night - we're expecting a great number of people.

I will post something that happened at work tomorrow too - it was awful.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Song

I enjoy being able to do some of the courier'ing as I get to listen to the radio way more than I ever would and/or do. A lot of the time noise drives me crazy - and it is usually the first thing I turn off when getting in the car - unless I'm in the mood. When doing the courier job, that's all I do all day - is drive around - so having the music is enjoyable.

I heard this song and wanted to share it with you! It is kind of sad - but awesome at the same time :) makes one realize a lot :)

At work we've had so much sugar and we had our cookie exchange - so at home we've had so much sugar - I'm running on SUGAR OVERLOAD! We're trying to really eat well for breakfast and lunches - because in the afternoons and evenings is when the sugar enters the bloodstream at a rapid rate! LOL

We went and visited my cousin and her children tonight - they are so adorable! She has a to-be-3 y.o in February and a 1 year old. They are just FUN! I'm ready for kids, really ready. We'll start trying again as soon as my period comes......which shall probably be my Christmas Present!! :) Then we'll try again.........

We have a busy week ahead and hopefully a bit more of a relaxing weekend....just lots to do and/or get togethers.

I have a few other things I want to do tonight - so signing off for now.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cookie Galore

We did our 2nd annual cookie exchange at work today - and I have had way too many cookies (especially my homemade almond roca!) YUM!!

We went to dinner with what was supposed to be a group of family members - but we got dogged - and ended up going to dinner with my cousin (whom we also work with!)

When we got home, we had a special gift in the mail from Mom and Dad! It was a CD that I used to love as a kid and it brings back such great memories!
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon's Christmas! I LOVE IT!! :)

I am waiting for Kauleen to get off the phone so that we can put together some cookie treats for some special friends :)

We found out today at work - that it sounds as if we will have New Years Eve off from work. We are doing half staff on Christmas Eve and half staff on New Years Eve.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reservations Made!

Reservations have been made for May 22-25th

The Day of Rest...

What a relaxing day we had today. My stomache has been out of sorts a lot latley (probably from all of the crap and/or lactaid I've been taking to be able to eat milk!) We're going on a strict diet starting tomorrow - of only good foods. My sensitive stomache just cannot handle it - nor can I!

We did our Christmas Cards, got them in the mail, and then ran to a few places to try and find a few Christmas presents - one of which we undecided as to if we'll even find/buy it. Then back home for a late afternoon nap! I don't take naps all that often - usually take that time when Kauleen is napping to play online :) but took one today and it was much needed. I felt 100% more refreshed after the nap than I had all day!

So, I emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, made K some coffee and now she's out with a friend and I'm playing online. I'll be folding the clothes here shortly.

We're doing a Car Count tonight. Last night we're betting we had about 30 cars watching throughout the night. I am going to upgrade my site next year to have a counter. I also got an email from a sweet lady - here's what she said:

I just wanted to say thank you for your light show. We drove down from Bellingham, myself, 2 kids, mom and sister. We sat out front and listened to it all and LOVED IT!!!! Thank you so much for making memories for us. I would just like to suggest that you should maybe put out a donation basket for food and or toys for all the visitors you get. We will be back again in a few days!!! Thanks again.

THAT makes it worth it :) She heard about us from KOMO Pool's Parade of Lights! That was the least likely place I thought someone would drive by from! BUT awesome! :)

I've got to do a few things online now - so tomorrow is Monday and back to work after a 3 day weekend! I am the courier tomorrow - so should be a quick/fast Monday.


Everyone Can Leave Comments Now

Wether you have a Google Login or not - you can leave comments :)


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Randi and Kauleen December 2007

Tough Weekend

It has been a tough weekend! Just lots of un-handled stress and lots of thinking/trying to figure things out. I guess in the end - it may make for a strong relationship - but is tough.

Our lights have been causing us more trouble - with the wetness. We went out and bought electrical tape and spent hours outside today with towels, scissors and a roll of it - drying off each plug in and taping off every connection. Of course tonight is not raining. I've asked 2 people whom have done this for a few years past more than I have how they do the Washington weather and keep their display going. They both have "High Voltage" signs and "Stay Away" and do not have their displays on GFI's. If the show doesn't run another night - we too - will go that route. We don't want to have to - but its ridiculous when you can't turn the lights on! (especially when I have people expecting to see it!)

I've been asked time and time again this weekend "Why is it that you want to go to this Unschooling Conference!"? I love the idea of unschooling (if not that - at least homeschooling) and also the more natural way of parenting. I was told a lot this weekend that it IS the way we will parent :) and is more common sense parenting then most would have :) ... I am excited and now am trying to figure out if I want K there - or if we should just go our separate ways that weekend (she has said she'd come for the ride and to camp out at the hotel - but not for the conference). We'll see what happens as time gets closer......I guess I need to reserve a room ...

We have a cookie exchange at work on Monday so we spent last night making Almond Roca (yummy!) and today making pretzel sticks dipped in various types of yummy stuff! We were supposed to watch after a little boy tonight but that got cancelled at last minute. So, we're enjoying some peace and down time. Tomorrow we will do our Christmas cards....... (I dread it.....and maybe next year won't do it!)

This blog isn't that private.........maybe it's time for me to make one - so that I can spill what needs to be spilled ....... but in a more private sense...and invite those whom I'd feel comfortable reading it - and not have my "blog" posted on other blogs for others to get to......hmmmmmmmmm..... (I don't mind that - just well......... you'll understand someday when I can CHAT with all of you!) :)

OK.......I'm done writing for now........Maybe I'll find something else interesting to say before the nights over......


Friday, December 14, 2007

Secret Post....

Thank you for your registration payment (For 1 adult) for the 2008 LIFE is Good Conference.

Now to figure out the details of it all.........

*a very excited Randi* :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Screeching Halt!

My famous lighting display came to a halt tonight after I looked outside and saw the trees and the reindeer flash - but the front porch railing was not doing anything! I'm devestated. This is one thing I had said I did NOT want to happen this year (we had many a night last year where it didn't run due to wetness.....) THIS is purely our own fault (not realizing that each channel can run 10 amps - but the whole controller cannot exceed 30 amps) We were over by a bit - so some things that had originally flashed - will now be static and plugged in elsewhere. We can make nessicary changes for next year - and my sweet dear wife - is on her way to Fred Meyer right now to find us a few extra 15 AMP fuses (once we figure out exactly how they are to go into the dang box!) and of course, it is only 9:00pm here - but everywhere else - it is some unearthly hour where most are probably watching their eyelids as I sit here waiting..... just wanting someone to care and ANSWER my ignorant totally animated lighting challenged questions! (grrrrrrrr).

The show should be up and running again tomorrow night ..... with just a few changes made - and a HUGE lesson learned for next year.

(and Gina - this is now 3 posts in 2 days! *gasp* :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10 weird / random facts/ habits/ goals about yourself

  1. I do not like lotion. (This has come out latley because in the winter it seems my sides itch. Yes, only my sides. It's really weird and I wake up at night with them itching - but HATE the sticky-ness of lotion!) Well, it came down to it this morning and I put it on. I have to wear a mostiureizer on my face too - hate that - but have to do that every morning and use the bare minimum. (weird, yes......)
  2. I'm allergic to palm oil (badly......as in.......where's the bathroom - NOW!) and am lactose intolerant (lactaid helps this.......but then.......other complications come later with that too) and it is in a lot of things people wouldn't think. (lots of cakes, chocolates (chocolate chips!!), crisco, etc.)
  3. (RE: to the above) I hate putting people out when asking what ingredients are in things - it makes me feel so bad. I hate it - but I can't help it. THE thing that makes me the happiest is when someone else suggests it and says "Randi, do we need to check the ingredients for you!" Like someone actually CARES about ME and the ingredients. (silly I know!)
  4. I do not like drinking (alcohol) and/or being around it much.
  5. I like to play BINGO every so often (6 months or so) and hope to go to Seattle this year and play GAY BINGO with the family..........you get dressed up in costumes, etc.
  6. I can and/or have played: Piano, trumpet, baritone, and guitar. :)
  7. Armpits are the #1 disgusting part of the body and DO NOT touch mine - period. I don't even touch them.............and we'll not go there. LOL
  8. Someday I hope to have a homebirth and/or in a birthing center.........
  9. I wish I was more self reliant and more outgoing. I am once I feel comfortable.....but until then I can be so shy.......
  10. It took all my brain power to think of the above 9.......there are quite a bit more that I would've shared had I felt more comfortable enough too...... :)

I'm not tagging anyone - just feel free to add your 10 weird/random facts/habits/goals about yourself if you so wish :)

Mid-Week Update

I wish I felt that posting on my blog wasn't such a chore - but more - something I enjoyed doing and/or had into my daily routine - yes - routine. :)

I was blessed to have my parents here for sometime before turning on the Christmas lights. I enjoy their company. I enjoyed my mom's company 2 weekends in a row due to a death in the family. I got to enjoy my grandparents on the second trip. We'll see them again on New Years at Chalet de Grand Coulee. :)

Lots of people have been driving by to see the lights. Some friends have been telling me it is getting darker around 9:30pm in their parts of the world ;) as my lights aren't shining as brightly. I don't think I have *that* many lights - too much can be just that - so we tried to keep it "classy" but yet "fun". The music is the fun part.

I ended up not getting called for jury duty this month. No biggie. The holiday time is probably not the most relaxing time to try to get pregnant :) We will start again with the first sign of my period the end of this month - beginning of January. It's our last set of sperm......so we'll see what happens. Hopefully my eggs do not multiply like last time.

I've been contemplating a lot going to a conference in Vancouver with a few of my family members in attendance. :) It really is something out of my comfort zone to do.....but really am interested. Kauleen will not go with me........so.........we'll see. I guess I need to really think about why I want to go and the reasons for why I'm wanting to unschool/not public school (possibly homeschool).

My friend Gina is finally done with her chemo and is going this week to see a surgeon for surgery - then after healing of that - it will be 5 days a week of radiation. She's a trooper and a fighter. Sure do miss her spirits at work, but know in the end - taking care of oneself is way more important. Stay strong girl. :)

Anyone have a timeshare in Mexico they want to share and/or know of really "awesome" places to go? K and I have discussed going ..... and she is turning 40 this year (March) so we'll see if we can't manage to pull it off.

I'm sure I had more to write - but Kauleen is needing my help hanging Christmas cards. I'll leave with a video of my Christmas lights for this year....


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Completely and Utterly Exhausted

We worked our butts off this weekend getting the decorations put out in the yard, making "frames" etc. for some of our items to be placed upon (issues we did not anticipate having) and working long hours. It is Sunday at 9:30pm and I'm writing this then going to bed.

The show's still on for Sunday December 2nd :) We got a sample this weekend in our garage with the door shut and lights off...........it's pretty exciting.

If you can't make it that day - please do a drive by some other night. The times the show will be playing and directions on our my website:


I'll write more soon!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bad Words!

I just typed the longest, most interesting blog post ever - went to publish it - and it gave me a stinkin' error. I'm saying very bad words at it.

I'll type out it again tomorrow ok?
Have a good one!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hi Gang!

I haven't been the best at updating my blog - and I don't think I ever will be. May you be entertained at my few posts that I do write! :)

I'm getting very excited for the holiday season! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! I think I get more excited for the day after Thanksgiving (shopping) than I do eating of the turkey! K & I are not huge shoppers, but we like to go through the adds and pick up what we need giftage wise that day. Last year we got some pretty good deals! We'll be spending the Thanksgiving here at our house with family visits on Friday.

We started hanging some Christmas lights today! :) My cousin's husband (Shaun and Jenae) bless their hearts have been the biggest help to us - mechanically - to maybe get this show done right! :) Shaun helped to mount our radio station box (which turned out AWESOME!) and he came today and helped re-wire a special 30 amp plug for my Animated Lighting. I will be turning my lights on before the "turn on" party to make sure it all works - but I will be setting my alarm for the middle of the night so no one else see's it but Kauleen and I! :)

Works been OK latley. SLOW. With the market kind of dropping out (plus the winter being our slow months already.....) we could be achin' for some bacon by January. We'll see.

Since the word is out to most people in my family already........I thought I'd start posting about our "baby" tries :) yep.....you heard it - baby tries. This way, maybe if I post about it - someone who is rich and famous will send us money and/or fresh sperm when needed :) I'll try to explain it all......but unless you're doing it and understand - it can be quite complicated.

We've tried inseminating with Randi (me) 2 times. Both times did not take. We decided after the last try that we'd try an "FSH" cycle - meaning a medicated cycle - making more eggs - more targets for the "boys" :) To make a long story short, it was a week of pure stress (getting time off of work every day) and having my sweet cousins (yep, same as above) make a special drug-rep hand-off for another drug to make me not ovulate (as we were pushing my bodies timing....). I made over 20 eggs. We didn't hope for a football team.......we had just hope for 1 and/or maybe 2. We'd take whatever we're supposed to have. :) So, I went through all of the testing, many an ultra-sound, lots of discussion between K & I and the doctors/nurses......and come Thursday when my eggs were not separating big from small - we decided to forego this cycle. Yep, we've paid for it. BUT, the doctor's office has stated our next cycle will be free (minus the medicine). They will put me on different medicine and watch me a bit more closely this time also. UNFORTUNATLY, I can't do it December (it's stressful as is with holiday etc.) but I have jury duty right smack dab in the middle of the cycle - AND - I've already been excused from doing 2 weeks - to just doing 1 week. So, we're forgoing until January. I'm really wanting a baby......we're ready. We've been together almost 5 years now.......:) and enjoyed our time - and have lots of love and space for another human being :) plus, my parents want grandbabies too. :)

I am enjoying my time alone tonight :) and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving........


Saturday, October 27, 2007


It is Saturday A.M. and I've been up since 5:50am! *gasp* I was pretty exhausted last night (for no apparent reason) but went to bed at 8:30. I seem to notice a pattern of going to bed early on Friday nights.......the work week must be exhasting! :)

We were planning on heading to Coulee this weekend, but decided to stick around here due to some low funds. We have 2 heaters that need to get over there, but we'll take them next weekend. :o)

We are almost done with our Merry Christmas letters - I only have one M and one A to make (and will finish it this weekend!) and be done. My cousin Shaun is helping us a bit with a few things too...........it sounds like we may put in another electrical box for Christmas lights :)

My TURN ON Party is Sunday December 2nd at 5:00pm. Soup and bread will be served. If I don't send you out an "official" invitation - please feel free to come - just let me know so I can make enough soup. DRESS WARM!!! (it could be cold/wet)

Works going just fine.......no more layoffs as of yet.

That's it for now..........more later.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekends are TOO short!

I've had a very fun weekend (and work last week wasn't too bad either!) :)

We have something that is called "Education Day" and it is a trade show held every year. They have a theme for it and then each business (banks, inspectors, etc.) put on a booth. I can't remember for the life of me what the theme was last year but Chicago Title did The Wizard of Oz (I may have some pics on the blog a ways back...) and we won first place. It was a blast.

This year, we didn't have a marketer but had a few guys jump in about a month before it - that we're helping us out. Well, they ended up being laid off like a week before........... oh joy. SO, I took control and here's what we did:

The theme was "Everday Heroes". We had contemplated lots of heroes - super heroes, police man, fire men, etc. Kauleen had the greatest idea. :) Get a classroom of kids to draw a picture of their everday heroes and we'll display them. THEN it went on more to be donating blood and having the blood bank come. Well........we didn't get the blood bank - BUT we did get the kids. They were *adorable*. They were from a 2nd grade class and from a 5th grade class. (Some of the heroes were: George W. Bush *lol*, my aunt, my dog, yoda.. :) They were really funny some of them.

I couldn't believe it! I was there to help "setup" and one of the other ladies that was at the trade show when they announced it called me and let me know! So, we get another free booth next year...........
No one was laid off this week :) that's always a more secure feeling. We've been having to cut a lot of people.......just because our numbers aren't where they should be. (It's coming down from the big wigs!). It's always a bit unsettling........I feel I am pretty secure :)
Kauleen's been taking a class called "Electricity for the Homeowner" at a local community college. She's learning lots! She has one more class to go.
I took a class at the same college on Saturday from 9-1 - Photoshop Elements. I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of it to play with!! :)
We decorated last weekend for Halloween - that was fun. We got a few bales of hay from a friend from work, and put up some "caution tape" with orange C9's and black C9's around the window. We'll put up the blow up spider, screaming door mat, scary music, and our headstones with hands out the night before :) It's fun being a kid!
Yesterday after my class we spent the afternoon with K's nieces (4 y.o, 2 y.o, and 7 month old twins!) It was a blast! We went to a local pumpkin patch! They got to play in a jumpy house (but it was filled with balloons swirling all around) and ride on a train/tractor, one got their face painted, the other visited the petting zoo. I got a few pics that I can possibly post.....but waiting for my copy of elements as their will be some lighting issues. :)
Today I plan on hanging out in my sweats all day and enjoying it! I have a few magazines to read, a few letters to finish..... (BTW, I am looking for red 50 mini christmas lights (I'd take 150!) but they need to be outdoor. PLEASE PLEASE, if you find them for a reasonable price (we're talking 2 dollars) let me know!
My grandpa made me a box for my radio sign.......that I still need to post pics of, btw......it looks great! I can't wait to paint it. At this point I'm just waiting for Halloween to get over so that I can put up my Christmas stuff. The first "sunny" day of November we're putting it up.
For those who want to come - I'm having a "TURN ON" party on December 2nd at 5:00pm! We'll be having some soup/bread and then hitting the lights! :) I cannot wait! (my mom and dad are coming for it!)
I think that's it for now...........
someone who reads here is having a Birthday soon.......... *smile*

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi Friends!

I haven't had any ambition to post anything! I've thought about it several times, but just haven't done it!

What a beautiful day we had yesterday huh? (if you don't live in NW Washington......well, it was a sunny, non-windy, beautiful day!) I mowed the yard and then we setup Halloween decorations. We don't do a *a lot* in ways of decorating for Halloween.......I have to save my energy for Christmas :)

Speaking of which, we have all these letters done:

E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S :) one more "M" is cut out and one more "S" is cut out! We have 6 more to do (whole letters) and we're done. I AM NEVER DOING ANOTHER LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These letters will span pretty much my whole garage door.........over 18 feet in length when finished.

I got my sign made for my Radio Station 101.9fm. :) it looks awesome. My grandpa is making me a frame to put it into. I'll post a picture of the station sign sometime maybe later today.

Work has been kind of crazy and a bit un-settling to a few. We've laid off 3 people and one person has voluntarily taken some paid time off for the slow months. (We hate to lose her........but its best for her family right now). So, we are really just trying to get by......one day and a time. (the lay offs affect me but not my department, thankfully - yet!)

We have been told we can't have a Christmas Party. (Last year we rented a room at the Skagit Casino and it ROCKED!) This year we're told we can't do anything of that sort (we can still use some money to buy food) but can't rent any place? Anyone know of a place that'd hold about 50 people for cheap/free?

We headed to Coulee a few weekends ago to meet an electrician that never made it. (long story) It was obviously meant to be. Since that day, we discussed with a guy that lives near my parents and he kind of gave us the run down of what we need to do........and we were a bit ahead of ourselves. :) You know how it is when you have a product that is never finished - you just want it done??? It won't be done for awhile..........years.

Kauleen is taking an electrical class at Whatcom Community College to learn a bit more about electrical and our Christmas Lights. It is 3 Thursdays from like 6:30-9pm. I'm going to take a class on Photoshop and it starts on Saturday and runs from like 9-1pm. I am excited!

Anyone here good with graphics/photos? OR know anyone that can help me make a cool website/logo/banner for my Christmas webpage??? If so, let me know!!

Wifey just got up so am going to go have some coffee...............

I'll post again soon!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Merry Christmas Letter H

Merry Christmas Letter H
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Merry Christmas Letter E

Merry Christmas Letter E
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
I finished my FIRST letter of Merry Christmas (notice I'm missing the "M"?) Well......we're not going in any certain order - other than - the easiest letters to cut out first!

I need to make my radio sign (101.9 FM for those who wanna know now!) but need to finish one project before continuing on.

I made about 2 letters today, my fingers are raw from the zip ties.....and I screwed up the "H" from my brain having to concentrate too hard on the little squares. I think I can only done 1 letter a day.



rosa sleep
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
Here's the hellion taking a bit of a 'CAT NAP" :)

She's been keeping us on our toes latley. I worked late the other night (our anniversary! ;o) and Kauleen came home and was going to surprise me with an Apple Pie and she ended up calling me at work because my cat was crying and had been trying to poo and couldn't! (You know, animals NEVER are sick during vet normal hours - ever!) So we called the vet, watched her the rest of the night and she was fine.

Well, today we were going to head out for a bit.....and she was sleeping in her CAT BOX! What in the world?! Cat's sometimes sleep in their box when they are frightened (like at stores, etc.) but CATS do NOT sleep in their box.

So, we locked her up all day (with 3 other cats - you never know whose done what of the bathroom duties) and made sure she pee'd and poo'd before we let her out. Sure enough, she did both........and seems to be fine.

THIS is a cat that just a few months ago was 8lbs - wouldn't eat the food - and was very boney. Well, we took her in to get checked and everything was fine. SHE had lost all this weight from being picky and not wanting the food she's ALWAYS ate. *sheesh* So, we're now buying her expensive food - she's eating it - she's now 11lbs - and thankfully none of the other cats will eat it - so we don't go broke on feeding the stinkin' picky cat. LOL

Have I told you I love her to pieces???? who couldn't!

Official Card Carrying Homo's

Domestic Partner Reg1
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Kauleen and I are now official card carrying domestic partners - thanks to the Washington State Domestic Partnership Law. This law does not allow us to have health benefits (which is what one day we pray we are allowed) but it does allow us hospital visitations, and if one of us dies without a will, we will be able to disperse of the assets as needed.



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tube in Ear

I had a tube put in my right ear today! It is unplugged now and feeling a little weird (almost echo-eee) but hopefully will help with the itching/pain.

So, K and I took the day off. I needed someone to take me to and from and so we've been hanging out doing stuff around the house. :) It's nice to get a day off to just relax. She's taking a nap right now..........


Monday, September 03, 2007

All Messed Up!

I have my days all messed up with the 3 day holiday weekend. I tried naming the post what day it was - typed and had to re-type more than 2 times! :) I finally figured out it is Monday. :)

We went to Coulee for the weekend and spent time with the family. It was very enjoyable. We headed out early Saturday morning (makes it wayyyyy less stressful than at night - with deer and all) and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful drive. The trees are just barely starting to turn colors......I LOVE FALL! (but I wish we would've had more summer!!)

We did a bit more painting....and still have probably one more day of paint to go. Sometimes it just so hard to see the end! (This will be 2 coats on the whole thing......then onto the trim!).

We're working on getting hooked up our tankless water heater, 2 wall heaters and 2 outdoor lights. We just need to get the electrical hooked up/re-done. Getting anyone to do anything in a small town, can be a very gigantic task. We're working on it though......after this - we'll have the roof re-done before even trying to start the inside.

I did get my haircut for those who were curious :) It isn't what I was thinking of..... is shorter - but if you saw me in a picture - you'd just see it as shorter. The back has a bit if a different style - but I can't see the back!! :) So, I'm going to grow it back out......thankfully it grows back :o)

We've been eating our corn quite regularly. :) We took 8 ears to Coulee. It is downright yummmy!! We planted about 70 stalks......so we have quite a bit left. We have lots of cucumbers still, onions, strawberries (we have ever-bearing...meaning they grow all summer) and even some carrots left I think. YUM! It was been way fun reaping/sowing the benefits of OUR OWN garden!

I'll get a picture taken of the new-do - maybe tomorrow and get it posted on here.

Take care!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm so proud of myself for updating my blog at least once a week. IF it hadn't been so busy this week at work and with life, I would've updated it mid-week - I thought about it a few times. A lot has been going on....

Last weekend K & I went to the Skagit PFLAG Picnic (Parents, family/friends, lesbians and gays) kind of a support group locally. We hadn't been to any functions, but really enjoyed our time. I ended up getting us to this ladies house an hour earlier than the picnic *oops* but it allowed us to meet people more on a personal level, than with 55 people there. We saw some people we had already knew and met knew people. It was great being around a group of people that is all loving and accepting. :) The picnic is open to everyone.....so let me know if you want to go next year! :)

Dad's enjoying California. The traffic I guess is horrendous. He bought himself a new toy this week........a laptop. Talk about jealous.

I've made my decision though, I'm sticking with the animation for the lights. I am excited to do Halloween a bit too. I will be getting started on my radio sign (and am hoping maybe my Grandpa can help me make something sturdy for the sign) and then finish my Merry Christmas letters.

At work, some changes are coming down the pike........which will help me greatly.

Kauleen and I are coming up on our 4th year Anniversary on Sept. 6th :) She sure is a huge blessing to me. We were going to do something, but decided that we'll save up and do something maybe later in the year.

My sister and her husband are in town right now hanging out. They came over to help my cousin do hair for a wedding. We have a mutual friends' baby shower to go to this afternoon. Baby Abby. :)

I am thinking of cutting my hair off!! I got some inspiration from a family member (MJ! I love your hair!) and am kind of just sick of my hair. Here's the picture.......

My sister tells me that I had my haircut like this already, just styled differently. NOW, I'm not the one for styling - am very special when it comes to that. I just can't do it. I'm lucky I can figure out how to STRAIGHTEN my hair, let alone do anything else with it. SO, I need something very messy/straight forward. PLUS, I don't want bangs. I've grown my bangs out now (hard work) and I never want them back!!

I think that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well.

Love you all!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

Hello Everyone!

It's the weekend again, yahoo!! This work week went by pretty fast thankfully. I'm having a lazy day. I had plans to get a lot accomplished, and don't even have the energy to do anything FUN (getting my toes done) let alone anything NOT fun (cleaning, work, etc.) No energy. Could that be from having gone to bed after 12am last night (after a Seattle Mariner baseball game, thank you to our company and awesome seats/tickets!!) and getting up to an alarm at 7am? :) I think a nap is in store after awhile.

Tomorrow Kauleen and I are going to go to a local PFLAG picnic gathering. We haven't ever been to anything of this sort, but had heard of it awhile ago. I contacted the head person of the local PFLAG Skagit and she invited us to the picnic at her house. I am totally going out of my comfort zone for this one, but hope to meet maybe some like-minded people and make friends.

This coming weekend Ryan (my sister) and her husband will be here from Thursday-Sunday. I haven't seen her since March so it'll be fun to hang out. She is coming over to help out my cousin with a wedding (doing hair..)

The weekend after that is Labor Day and tentative plans are to spend that with my parents. We'll see if it works out. I get very overwhelmed in having this busy of a schedule. Makes me want to curl up in bed and hide!

I'm still contemplating the christmas light/laptop scenario. A battle within myself.

That's all I feel up to posting today.........maybe something a bit more enthusiastic soon.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Work Week's Done!

Some weeks just feel as if they drag on forever! This week was kind of nice because we didn't have something planned we had to do *every* night. We came home, cooked dinner, did some exercising, weeding, and read and/or played on the computer. It was just enjoyable!

We don't really have any plans for the weekend - just hanging out. We're going to drop some yard waste off at a local dump place and then hit a few garage sales, maybe a farmers market or 2 :o) That's about it. Sunday we're discussing going into work (we could use the extra money).

My dad leaves in one week for his job in California. I hope he enjoys himself.

This coming Friday we get to go to a major league baseball game on the company! That'll be a fun time. We'll help Kauleen's sister paint their new house on Saturday. AND on Sunday, Kauleen and I will step out of our comfort zone and go to a PFLAG (Parents, families of lesbian and gays) - kind of like a support group/can't think of the right words for the other part of it! BUT, that'll be fun. They hosts meetings in town once a month and this is their once a year picnic. :) I hope to get involved.

I'm still tossing back and forth the Christmas lights..........I'll let you know the decision when it is made.

I counted 52 ears of corn this afternoon!! AND probably a good 6 beans :) We also have a few cucumbers coming on......and the Kohlrabi is about done.

I'm pooped. I'm headed off to bed.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goals, blah, blah...

Kauleen and I have been working on a goals latley - what we really want to do. Our latest has been to pay off debt. We are $18,000 in debt (that includes a truck!) and we were hoping to have it paid off in December. Well, that isn't working as we had wished with the paychecks, etc......but we're now aiming towards March. The stinky thing with paying off debt, is any extra money goes towards it - period. That means, no new clothes (unless maybe at Salvation Army - but if you have long leggies like myself, you'll NEVER find pants tall enough!) and maybe your toes done and/or a massage here and there - but very rarely. It just is kind of a downer. I'd love to have those things paid off (can't even imagine how we'd live with that money coming in) but I guess I just need to get creative with the things we *can* do and not focus on the things we *can't*. Help me? anyone ideas???

In discussing our goals, Kauleen and I had discussed maybe taking a trip to Mexico for her 40th Birthday. Well, in paying off debt......that's not going to happen. So, we decided we could take a small trip (Las Vegas, Yellowstone, Glacier) and I said I didn't really care where we went - especially if I had a laptop. Well......... that then soared into......If you sell your Christmas stuff, you can buy a laptop. *ugh!*

NOW, I love my Christmas stuff. I got a lot of damn cool stuff for this years display - but also know that I'd use my laptop way more than I'd ever use my Christmas lights. ALSO, if I did sell my Christmas stuff, come this Christmas - I'd probably want it back.........BUT Kauleen has promised that if I don't make her help me figure out what lights plug in where and how to get them there - she'll put lights in every nook and cranny of the house.

So, that's been my toss up lately. Christmas Stuff or Laptop?

What's your suggestions???

If you'd buy a laptop - what brand/why? I am thinking HP, built new for me, and/or Apple (that'd be a HUGE change for me - but they seem a bit more reliable!)

I haven't had any energy latley - zip - none. I just want to go to work, come home and crash. I get that way sometimes......and it passes.

Tomorrow is Wednesday! YES!!! :)

I'm signing off..........

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our Weekend In A Nutshell...

We had a very fun weekend, somewhat non-eventful. Friday night we had planned to do something fun, but by the time rolled around to 5pm, all we wanted to do was come home and crash! We ended up grabbing some chineese and just hanging out!!

Saturday, we had a few errands to run (library books, down comforter at dry cleaners, etc.) and then we were waiting for the arrival of Braxton, our hairdresser's kid (who is 4!). We get free haircuts, and we watch him overnight.

He is never quite happy being dropped off, but calms down after about 5 minutes. We laid down immediatley (had been sleeping in the car) and he slept from 12:50-3:20!! He was so enjoyable when he woke up! We took him to the beach, played in the water and with the sand/rocks, rolled around in the dirt, played on the toys, cooked some hot dogs and only ate the bun with ketchup and mustard! :) and just enjoyed each other. We came home and he took a bath and then we watched Barnyard (funny movie!) and we all crashed!

This morning we woke up at 7am *yawn* and played for a bit outside weeding, playing in more dirt :) and blowing up the basketball, etc. We tired him out because when mom came to get him around 11:00am.....he was sleeping on me, again! :)

He was attached at my hip. He sat on my lap anytime I sat down. He stood by me anytime I stood up. Literally, attached :)

After he left, we enjoyed some quiet time.....at lunch and ran into town to do some errands (Grocery shopping - oh joy!)

We decided we're going to try for the next 2 weeks to not eat any flour, sugar or dairy (specifically the dairy for me). I haven't been feeling the hottest latley, and when we did the elimination diet, this is pretty much what we didn't eat. So, we got some carrots out of the garden, 3 kohlrabi, and we got some grapes, watermelon, peas and cucumbers. We've cut everything up for fresh/easy eating. :) I am sure this will make us feel better about ourselves too.

I've started reading the 2nd Harry Potter Book. I'm enjoying it. Kauleen has now started the 7th book......and is enjoying it too. We are just finishing up the laundry for the work week :)

Tomorrow is K's grandma is turning 94! How amazing it'd be to live that long! :)

Here's some pics of the beach! :)

Love you all!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friendly Sniffing.....

friendly sniffing B & W
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
This was taken last night too - of Rosa and Clover. They ended up swatting right after this.....but you do not capture these moments with cats very often! :)

Garden Kitty

Rosa B &W
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
I took this picture last night of sweet Rosa :)


Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi


Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi


Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Randi in Garden

Randi in Garden
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi


Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Grandma's Apple Tree

gma apple tree
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Kohlrabi and Rhubarb

Kohlrabi and Rhubarb
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Growing Corn

Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
K's dad is a Master Gardener. He told us from day one we wouldn't get any corn. We've stepped out to prove him wrong. We probably have about 8 ears growing!! :)

Rows of Corn

corn rows
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Beans and Cucumbers

beans and cucumbers
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
Our cucumbers are kind of sad. We started them inside, but we had such a cold winter.... we do not know if they will make it. We have 1 BEAN on our bean plants :)


Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

Cabin Video....

I didn't forget to post the garden pictures :) I got too tired!

(who is KQR, btw?)

I made this awesome video of our start to........not quite finished cabin in Grand Coulee. :)


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thoughts....

Let's see, what's been going on since I last posted. Hmmmmmmmmm...

My parents were here for the weekend (attending a bridal shower). We enjoyed our visit, as always.

We found out that Dad is taking a job in California. It sounds as if he'll be on his way as of this coming Monday. Quite a change from being retired and doing nothing.......but if he enjoys it - and my mom is happy - that's all that matters.

Kauleen is on the 6th book of Harry Potter and has recieved the 7th book but is re-reading them. I have read the 1st book, and really want to read them all, but am not a huge reader (one thing I wish I enjoyed doing more of!)

Work has been really busy with vacations, etc.

We are sending in our "Domestic Partner Registration" :) we'll have the rights to visit each other in the hospital if either of us should ever get sick.....or have a baby for that matter :)

I'm going to attach some pictures of our garden. It's growing so good! I've never had a garden before, so this has been a fun experience.

This weekend, we'll be babysitting for 24 hours! We trade haircuts for babysitting (awesome trade!) but we normally do it for about 12. It'll be fun! The little man is 3.....and is at the "learning" stage. EVERYTHING is fun! Then Sunday we'll relax and re-charge for the week ahead. Weekends are NOT long enough.

Post a comment if you read my boring blog........I'm curious as to who reads it. Since I rarely post, I rarely see the comments! Silly me!!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rainy Days...

You would think we'd be in the month of January with all the rain we've gotten this week! July is usually Washington's few dry months and to top it off - we're on flood watch!

Tomorrow we plan to snuggle up and stay inside and read and do whatever we want to!

We went out today and each got 1 hour massages! It's a treat!! My shoulders tend to really get achy after about 3months, so I get them a bit more often. MAN, it feels so good!!

We are getting a spray-in bed liner in the truck on Monday. We sold our canopy to pay for it! :) something we are very excited about.

Nothing too exciting to write about really. My gardens growing! :) I have 3 kohlrabi I need to cut up and quite a few carrots. We have raspberries coming out our ears!! and Rhubarb too.

I'll write more later!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Randi Rainbow

Randi Rainbow
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
Who wants to be part of the Rainbow Coalition? :)

Deer at cabin

Deer at cabin
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
These deer were outside our cabin in Winthrop. We tried very hard not to disturb them, as they were so hot and panting badly. They were right by water but I believe they were so hot.......poor guys. Sure was cool to be so close to nature.

Goat Peak Hike Lookout

Goat Peak Hike
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
This is us at Lightening Bills Lookout with his dog Blase. AT THE TOP!! :)

Goat Peak Hike Picture

Goat Peak Hike1
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
This was the view from the Goat Peak Hike Trail. Awesome huh?

We're Back!

We are back from our weeks vacation and are hitting it back to the grind of work, tomorrow. We got about 3/4 of the house painted (in 100+ temps) and did some swimming, relaxing, and enjoying families company.

We then took a few days and just enjoyed each others company in Winthrop, WA. We did an AWESOME hike (Goat's Peak) I'll post some pictures. We had been told by a friend to do the hike, but we aren't in the best shape. Well, we got up and in the 100 degree temps hiked up a mountain (literally) and got to 7000 feet! At the top, was one of the few last manned fire watch towers. We got to meet Lightening Bill. VERY fascinating. He took our picture, which I'll post here also........and takes a picture of everyone that comes up to see him. It was well worth our trip. We left at 10:00am for hiking and got back at 3:00pm. We took our time on the way up....believe you me! BUT, it was beautiful. (If you EVER get a chance, you have to hike Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island) THAT was the best hike ever!!

Dad goes in tomorrow for a check up on his back surgery. Am sure hoping everything turns out to be good. He isn't up to his 2 mile mark........which the doctor said he wanted at 2 weeks.

I go in on Wednesday to the ENT again.......probably have to run a few more tests. We'll see what becomes of it. I'm thinking positive.......

I'm going to start doing my mesh lit letters for Christmas. If I do about 1 a week, I should have Merry Christmas done a bit before Christmas. :) Animated Lighting is being ever so gracious to me and so very helpful. They are allowing me to send back my 2 sound cards, to get all my 11 songs onto one disk! I am so thankful.

We baby sat last night and enjoyed ourselves. Kauleen and I go back and forth so much as to if we want kids and/or if we enjoy our time just the 2 of us. I wish it wasn't so hard for us to have kids and to really have to think about it and/or spend the money to conceive. It's too much energy before it's even conceived, does that make sense??

I got a book yesterday at a garage sale "How to talk to kids will listen, how to listen so kids will talk". I've heard it is a good one. I like to read lots of things on parenting. :)

I need to work on having more energy and being more positive. It seems to be a real struggle for me on most days.

Thanks for listening.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Talking Outloud...

Lots has been going on latley. I cannot believe it is July already! Half of 2007 is gone! I am ready for summer to be here. It looks like the sun will hit us soon (this coming week - and - gasp - we may have AWESOME weather for the 4th of July, which I am looking forward to! I always enjoy the 4th of July festivities as I get to see some people only 1 time a year - and this is it! I enjoy this time muchly ;o)

Work has been kind of stressful latley - making it not so fun. I'll be working this weekend, if that states anything.

We've been having discussion in the household in regards to budgets, etc. We're starting to put some cash into envelopes and try to pay off some debt. It has been fun to be able to finally get a hold of something and control it. :)

I've been kind of on edge this week with some unknown news of a blood test that was requested of me to get. It could be good/bad news, if you know what I mean :) just very anxious to get the results. I'm not stating too much in hopes it isn't........but if it is - there'd be lots of answers too. You see...LOL

I saw this video today and was speechless, completely, speechless. Still do not know what to think. Just makes me want to hug every women out there but on the other hand makes me want to hurt some too. *sigh*

I came to the conclusion that if we have a kid, we will have just 1, and maybe 2. I had originally thought of having quite a few kids - if I have enough love for them and can raise them - then why not? Well, after spending time with K's nieces (4, 2 and 2 month old twins! - we went and all picked strawberries) I've got enough of the lots of kids. 1 would be fun, but if twins happened (with artificial ways...that's always a greater possibility) then that's what we'd be blessed with :)

I ordered my 6 other songs today from Animated Lighting. They should be here this week. Now I need to find a radio station that isn't too popular to start making my "Tune In" sign.

Our garden is growing like crazy!! We're growing kohlrabi, rhubarb, onion, carrots, cucumber, beans, corn, raspberries and strawberries! We did a local CSA farm last year, but just found we didn't know how to cook and/or didn't like all the veggies given with it - so decided this year to take it upon ourselves to do the garden. It has been fun!!

That's it for now. How about that? Almost 2 posts in 1 week. Wonder if anyone ever checks this anymore? ;o)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, DAD!

cabin painted

cabin painted
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
Dad's Photography........pretty cute huh?


cabin painted 1
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi

cabin beginning

cabin beginning
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
In The Beginning....

June Ramblings.....

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd give an update as to what's been going on. :)

Kauleen and I just got back from a weekend of visiting the parents for Father's Day (and to make sure dad was feeling well/rested after back surgery). He's getting around fairly well, but still in quite a bit of pain. How does one ever keep a man down? :)

We went to Wilbur's Community Garage Sale on Saturday. (this is a very small town). We got a soaker hose for our first-ever garden! (Kohlrabi, rhubarb, onions, carrots, corn, raspberries and strawberries - and an apple tree!) Everything is growing amazingly well. (If you ever read Frog and Toad books - and the one about their garden and checking it every day..........that's me!!) We also got a king size down comfort for $5! The best purchase (in my mind) was a special tool that I will use! It is called "cord connect" and you connect extension cords through it and it is waterproof. THIS will help in keeping my Christmas Show running through the whole season without my water issues last year *crossing fingers!* My FM Transmittor should be here this week.

Regarding my Christmas show........ :) I have 6 months, 15 letters (Merry Christmas) and my FM Radio Station sign to make. I'll be busy!! I plan to start the show on December 1st. Maybe I'll have an open house one night of it. I hope to do some kind of a drive...............food drive, diaper drive?........any ideas????

Our "cabin" is coming along so well!! We are so excited to see it transforming into a "homey" place - each and everytime we go. I'll post a few before and after pics for you all to see. We started painting this weekend at Coulee. We had been told it would take lots of coats for red, but really wanted the barn red/white trim. So, we decided we'd tackle however many coats we needed. Well........we will only need 2! It ended up going on really well on our brownish/tan-ish pre-primed siding. We'll paint again in July.......and get it finished. We also have some time reserved at our favorite place we stayed last year http://www.freestoneinn.com/ right outsize of Mazma/Winthrop. We plan ton enjoy hiking, swimming, relaxing by the river, reading........and each others undivided company. It is a much needed respite.

Plans in the making/discussion stages........Mexico/Cancun next year for K's 40th :) and as always.......babies maybe starting full fledged in January....or so that's been the discussion - but money has to come in to play some where there :)

I think that's about it for now.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Christmas in April and more...

I'm sorry I haven't blogged more on here - really don't have exciting things going on in life. Ya know, work, eat sleep. :)

My mom is on the mend! Most of you know already, but they didn't get clear margins when taking the piece of bone out of her pelvis, so she still has the cancer. She will have to have a CT scan every 3 months to see how it is growing and in the future will have to have a big surgery removing her pelvic bone completely. For the time being, the cancer is very very slow growing and she's beginning to return to normal life. She will start work the first full week in May.

AND NOW, my reason for this post. :o) Kauleen and I went to a Christmas seminar/trade show yesterday in Olympia to learn more how to animate our Christmas lights (like this one:

I bought the computerized programs/boxes ($800) from Animated Lighting. (this above is done with the competitor Light-O-Rama).

Upon attending this seminar/trade show yesterday, it was kind of frusterating because we found out we only do not know a damn thing! We know nothing on electricity, nothing on how this is going to work, etc. These lights are the thing that we fight about most.......but yet I WANT TO DO IT! :( So, now I am just contemplating selling it.

I'm going to do a little research today and maybe email a few people about explaining to me a few more things.

Anyone want to help me set up my Christmas display this year - maybe starting in September??? :) Any electrician's that can help??????

Let me know!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Far Due Ramlings...

I haven't posted for a long time (since Christmas *gasp*) so thought I had better write something!

We are ready for Spring to arrive. Our Daffodils are peeking about 5" out of the ground already! The Tulips are peeking too! I can't wait for spring! We are going to try to plant our own garden this year.....if time permits.

The latest news in our household, is waiting to find out if my mom has cancer. Many of you reading here probably already know about this - but for an update of what's been going on, here is my parents blog:


Kauleen just got back from spending a few weeks with her sister and 2 nieces (3.5 and 1.5 y/o) in Arizona. She was helping her sister get prepared for the BOY/GIRL TWINS!!!! (due around March 15thish) So, she'll have 3 girls and a boy! VERY fun, but she's going to be very busy. Upon her return, she got the flu! *yuck* She never gets sick (and got a flu shot!) but she was probably just run down.

We plan on heading to the coast mid February for some much needed relaxation (depending on my mom's surgery schedules).

We've kind of put the baby stuff on hold for now - maybe to spend a year just being selfish and doing our own things. I'd love to have a baby, but it is so emotionally draining/exhausting just TRYING (not to mention $$$!!) *shrug* It will all come to be. I am only 26. :)

That's it for now. :) I'll try to write more soon.