Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nursing Rambles...

I thought I'd post something of significance since I'm sitting here nursing and have a little time........just realize all I write is typed one handed (so excuse any errors!)

We are almost to 6 months old....1/2 a year already! I cannot believe it.

We are so in love with you Mr. Rudy. You have changed our lives in so many ways. There have been many nights that you have let your mamas get 6 hours of sleep at a time. Then there have been nights where you wake every 2 hours...only wanting milkies and back to sleep you go. We love waking up to you looking around probably wondering what's coming up in the day ahead! Your favorite toy right now is your new Sophie, but you are also really interested in the plastic rings. You have finally mastered from BACK TO BELLY but have yet to master from belly to back. Mama thought you would do things a little differently :) You have 1 tooth and we think you are working on your 2nd one next door. You've had bananas for 2 days in a row....don't know how keen you are on them. You are loving your exersaucer...and go crazy in it. Your bumbo has been really helpful for you to sit up unassisted. You are close to sitting up by yourself....but tend to still topple one way or the other. You have begun grabbing at your feet (and other dangling things ;) just recently....your Mamas aren't to sure you are going to end up hurting yourself grabbing and not letting go. The car seat hasn't been bothering you as much lately....I'd say we are to 97% great in the car seat! I think you turned a corner.

We love waking up with you, your snuggles at nap time, and your huge grins. You are like a seal on your tummy with your arms to the side - although you are moving them out front is quite funny to see you "seal" around! I love how Mama K can look at you and make you giggle and laugh. Cracks this mama up!

This Mama continually looks back on the birth and how amazing it was having you at long and peaceful it was. The best experience ever....and I'd do it a million times (I just need my sleep!)

Love you Mr. Rudy!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Fill-In December Style

1. Wait! Wait, don't forget ????.
2. Wiggle wiggle followed at once by toot toot....
3. The trouble is temporary jobs don't provide health insurance.
4. The Sabo's are too many miles away and LIG isn't soon enough.
5. With a faint pop I knew I'd be having a baby soon.
6. ?? shadowy and ominous.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Chinese food with Grammie and Popi, tomorrow my plans include free pictures at the library, possibly Skagit Gardens with Grammie and the Relaxation Station thanks to the neighbor and Sunday, I want to hang with Kauleen and Rudy (maybe Grammie and Popi too?)!

I am not the best at thinking of things....... anyone want to add their thoughts in for my "question" marks? :)