Sunday, April 29, 2007

Christmas in April and more...

I'm sorry I haven't blogged more on here - really don't have exciting things going on in life. Ya know, work, eat sleep. :)

My mom is on the mend! Most of you know already, but they didn't get clear margins when taking the piece of bone out of her pelvis, so she still has the cancer. She will have to have a CT scan every 3 months to see how it is growing and in the future will have to have a big surgery removing her pelvic bone completely. For the time being, the cancer is very very slow growing and she's beginning to return to normal life. She will start work the first full week in May.

AND NOW, my reason for this post. :o) Kauleen and I went to a Christmas seminar/trade show yesterday in Olympia to learn more how to animate our Christmas lights (like this one:

I bought the computerized programs/boxes ($800) from Animated Lighting. (this above is done with the competitor Light-O-Rama).

Upon attending this seminar/trade show yesterday, it was kind of frusterating because we found out we only do not know a damn thing! We know nothing on electricity, nothing on how this is going to work, etc. These lights are the thing that we fight about most.......but yet I WANT TO DO IT! :( So, now I am just contemplating selling it.

I'm going to do a little research today and maybe email a few people about explaining to me a few more things.

Anyone want to help me set up my Christmas display this year - maybe starting in September??? :) Any electrician's that can help??????

Let me know!