Saturday, October 28, 2006

scarecrow and lion

scarecrow and lion
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We had to do a trade show for work yesterday. It was called "The Magic of Real Estate". We chose to do the Wizard of Oz Theme. Here's Kauleen and I! :) We won first place.


Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yeah....I haven't posted for awhile! :) I check other peoples blogs and get annoyed when they don't update all that often - and here I go - without updating. There are many reasons for that, but lets just say.........I'M HERE NOW! :)

My mom is visting for a few weeks while the men do their "hunting" things. She'll then be celebrating her 50th Birthday a few weeks later :)

I am getting very excited for Christmas. I don't know if you've ever seen it (and don't assume its the one you've seen!) but I want to do this with my Christmas lights: (It is the 2005 one!) The cost if $399.00 just for beginning. SO, I'll be saving my pennies for next year! Anyone want to donate Randi's Christmas Light Fund? :)

For this year, K and I went out and bought 4 tomato plant stands and will make Christmas trees out of them. We also plan on making 3 foot letters spelling "JOY" that I got off of online. We'll be putting some music to the display and plan on starting as soon as tomorrow with making some of these items. They will be out shortly after Christmas and I will try to put a video online! :)

My sister Ryan hasn't been doing very good health wise and has been in and out of the hospitals for what doctors cannot figure out. Nonetheless, it has been a very stressful time.

I went to a Naturopath earlier this month to see about my sensitive stomache (have had it since I was a wee one!) and headaches, PMS, etc. To maybe go a more natural route. She has suggested I do an elimination diet. That means, for 2 weeks, there is a list of things I CAN eat! (Chicken, game meat, lamb, some veggies - no night shades (tomoatoes, potatoes, peppers) no citrus fruits, no dairy, no eggs, no wheat.

It'll be tough, but like I've been telling K - I can't wait to find out what has been causing me all of this trouble all along!! I've been having allergies like no ones business latley too - and it isn't even allergy time!

After I do this 2 week diet (and K has stated she'll do it with me!) we'll then challenge each food separately (for example, milk. I'll eat my regular diet foods, but then add in 1 serving of milk 3 x in one day. I'll wait 24-48 hours for a reaction and if I react, then wait for those symptoms to pass before challenging the next food which may be cheese.) If I do not react, I can keep that food in my diet and pursue the others.

It will be very challenging and I plan on babying myself to the maximum. :) I'll try to get outside and do a few extra things that I normally wouldn't do (maybe a walk each night for my health sake....and mind sake) and just relaxing. We'll be doing this towards Thanksgiving too. BUT if we don't do it now - we'll never do it.

That's it for now, lots more going on in life........just that's enough for now.
Love to all!!