Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Past My Bedtime

We had a Business of Being Born party tonight with a few people from work who are still yet to have kids. We had a great turn out and I met some *really* awesome people.

I am ever so thankful for connections in my life. One person I met tonight, I will for surely be getting back in touch with! (Hi Kristina!)


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Post!

I'm tired tonight!!

Tomorrow night I'm having a Business of Being Born party (inviting a few ladies over from work and have invited some homebirth mama's to share their stories). I'm only one person, but hope to make people think about the way this society does birth.

I've been looking a drums on ebay for our drumming circle at LIG - here is one I have fell in love with:

I've also been thinking with what I want to do about all the birthdays at LIG. I really think there needs to be something.........just haven't quite pinned it down yet.

We made our first round of rhubarb cake tonight for tomorrow's party.

I'm going to go look up some fun places to stay in we're going on vacation - thanks to Franko's advice ;)

love you all!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 60th Frank-O

Hope you have a wonderful one!

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I wanted to post last night, but I ended up getting my heating pad back from my cousin, turned it on in my chair, and was comfy, cozy warm, and OUT. :)

We picked Braxton (4) up at daycare on Friday night after work. (We watch him in exchange for haircuts) and then we took him to Lake Padden near Bellingham. We explored the playground, the water, threw lots of rocks, sticks, pine cones (which he called corns! LOL) and walked, ran, chatted, gave piggyback rides, and had a blast! We didn't get home until about 7:30, still had to eat dinner (BBQ hot dogs for the boy!) and wound about 9:15 he went to bed.

Here is where the fun begins......................

At 10:00ish, K and I decide to hit the sack. We get ready and about 10:30 I remember "CRAP, I forgot to put a diaper on Braxton!". (I had put him in his PJ's when we got home because he was playing in the water with some new toys here at the house and got soaked!) and just decided I'd put his diaper on later. now he's dead asleep and now we have to wake him. UGH. So, he was a trooper and didn't' seem to be bothered by it. We then went to back to bed.......
at 11:30 about Kauleen heard screaming......ends up when we changed his butt, the CAT had gone in there and we had locked the cat in there. So, we went and got the cat out. At 11:45 he was saying he was scared because he thought the cat was in there. So, I decided to sleep with him....... :) We woke again at 2am to massive coughing (poor guy has asthma and allergies :o( ) and we did a breathing treatment and we were up for the about 7am.

A VERY unrestful night. Nothing like having a kid scratch, kick, smack ya, and move all night :) Is that how it is for co-sleeping families??? Or do you get big enough beds / enough beds that you can have room to move???

I've been told by my cousin that you have nights like these sometimes - but very few and far between. I told her "Nothing like transitioning....but going from nothing to a 4 year old awake a lot of the night.......!" :) I did take a nap from 1:30-3:30 and felt much better.

Saturday we hung out and dug for worms, rode our bikes to the park, played basketball and took a drive where we were going to go see animals but then he fell asleep so we just took a nice drive with all the other *crazy* tulip traffic - and had to take all the back roads home.

Saturday afternoon we took naps and then we mowed the lawn and did yard work for awhile. We then went to dinner with the neighbors to a new Japanese "hibachi" type place where they cook the food in front of you. THAT was a ton of fun and really yummy.

It is now 8:00am on Sunday morning and I got an email about Life is Good (I get a daily digest!) and they said they are going to have a KAPLA funshop. I was *so* hoping for that. I enjoyed doing them so much. (those are the blocks that you build with). I wish I had some....... and someone asked for a Henna workshop. I want one too! I've been *so* wanting a kokapelli on my stomach.....or somewhere else :) ONE other funshop I've been thinking of......but don't know how it would The Business of Being Born funshop - discussion/chat on natural birthing, breastfeeding, etc.?

We got some special mocha coffee yesterday that is now done brewing........and I most go partake.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday-Fill In

1. When I fell in love my stomach flipped!
2. Clariton is my best friend when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!
3. Oh no! The internet connection is down, SHIT!?
4. Hee-Haw is the craziest tv show ever.
5. Cheese and lactaid make a great meal!
6. This year we plan on having a community garden with the neighbors. We'll have onions, raspberries, rhubarb, carrots, beans, blueberries and corn.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather outside as they changed the weekend weather on me and playing with Braxton possibly up at Lake Padden and exploring with him, tomorrow my plans include riding bikes with Braxton, digging for worms, and then sending him on his way and enjoying the peace of it just being Kauleen and I and Sunday, I want to put stuff on ebay and if it is nice maybe do our first geocache!!

(some input from Kauleen on this way.....I never saw Hee-Haw and rarely watch TV!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet Tears

My cousin Ronnie was very honest and sweet in a post (which is ever so true and real) in this post: Ronnie's Thursday Thirteen.

I'm forever blessed for those who would give to us if they could, who have given to us (because they could), who have given their thoughts, prayers, candles, and so much energy to us towards having a child. Words cannot even express how grateful we are.

Let me explain exactly what has been going on, and I realize it has been a bit jumbled, but I was a bit unsure of what to put online afraid of maybe being bombarded with people's views of it all - when in all actuality, I didn't care about anyone else's views, but what Kauleen and I wanted to do. *Shrug* so here goes it.........

It had been brought up by our doctors office (Bham IVF) that there was a couple that needed eggs and they asked me if I would be willing to donate and in turn, they would pay for 1/2 of IVF (approx. $5,000). Since Kauleen and I had already discussed doing IVF, this was pretty much a no-brainer. We help them, they help us. We waited, waited, and waited .... didn't hear anything. I finally started my period yesterday, very excitedly called Bham IVF (in hopes of doing it this month) and for legality reasons and because this initial couple decided against my eggs, we cannot do it this month. I wasn't officially in the "donor" pool, but they were just trying to find someone who could split my eggs with me.

(To put it into prospective - most donors create 20+ eggs (which obviously I have no problem doing with the right medicine!) and most people don't use 10 eggs (say a few eggs for implanting, a few for siblings and then the rest are just stored) so in other words, the couple I'm donating too - will get 1o eggs and I'll get 10 eggs. (the rest, if any, will be thrown out).

I am now officially in the donor pool and just waiting for someone to choose me. I told Kauleen, every month when my period comes I'm going to be like "I wonder if this is my month!"......she thinks they can adjust my cycle for their cycle.....*shrug* all I know is someday I'll get a call that someone has chosen me as their donor and we'll have to scramble to get time off, etc. It'll will all work out.

THE GREAT NEWS out of all of this mumble jumble, if I still have your attention....... :) is that doing it the donor way....... the couple pays for my medicines, I get paid for donating ($2,500) and in the end we may come out $300 in our pocket. :) So, we'll save for the next few months.....maybe until August, see what we have financially and if we haven't heard on a donor by then, we'll possibly try IVF at the price tag stated previously. For now, I'll get my hiney in gear and sell, sell, sell on ebay and craigslist to make some extra dough.

I'm ready for Life is Good to be able to hang out, chat, and have some good times. I need to be able to relax......too many *hard* decisions lately. After LIG, we haven't decided on what we're vacation or not to vacation.....that is the question.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Reasons I Am Thankful for Kauleen

1. She is around me 24/7 - with no break (as I always seem to be here!)
2. She puts up with my ideas and thoughts (even at work)
3. She allows me to do whatever *I* feel I need to do
4. She helps me with my Christmas lights (and the most complicated part of them) although she's stated time and time again she doesn't want to
5. She enjoys driving by the Christmas lights with me after the hard work is done and smiling - for hardwork is amazing.
6. She has put up with my bouts of sickness (finally under control) and ate practically the same foods for over 1 month to try to figure them out.
7. She works hard for her money and has blessed me with a beautiful house, flowers, garden.
8. She allows me to stumble and yet helps me out when I fall (and/or fail)
9. She makes me laugh when she does dumb things (which isn't very often) but I do dumb things quite often.........that too is quite hilarious.
10. She worries about money......and does great at keeping track of all the bills (and is very particular about it)
11. She loves hanging out with me and doing hikes, vacations, and quality things together even after having spent every day together.
12. She amazes me with the energy she has to get stuff done (ie; house cleaning, dishes, yard work, laundry, etc.) and does an awesome job at keeping the house together
13. She will always be my best friend, beloved, and wife forever :) AND for that, I am very grateful.
14. She will be an awesome Mother and I can't wait to co-parent with her!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Post

The baby stuff for this month has not worked out for this month. I started my period today and was very jazzed up about calling the clinic.......only to have them call me back and say the paperwork, etc. could not be done in time - and no one had chosen me yet. :(

As of this morning, I was saying that either way I'd be fine with it (because going on a relaxing vacation and not having to worry about my ovaries floating around and not going in a pool/hot tub) sounds like a lot of fun! BUT on the other hand, I'm ready for a child............

Anyone know of where we can get $12,000 in the next day or 2? If so, we'll be able to do IVF (and I'll make enough eggs to be able to do more than one cycle).

So, for now........we're waiting on someone to choose me and at that point - we'll do IVF for next to nothing........and help each couple out.

Everything happens for a reason - and I plan on having a very relaxing vacation and I will be going in the hot tub! ;o)


We bought some licorice from Trader Joe's tonight (black, juicy, thick, yummy pieces)..............

Who would've thought BLACK LICORICE would have PALM OIL in it?

I ate 2 pieces before I realized reaction yet.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hump Day!

We are headed towards Hump Day (Wednesday!) YEAH! Work hasn't been too horrible after being gone for a is always nice to get back into the routine/swing of things :)

I wanted to share a bit of information on how I saved us money on our Verizon phone bill. They sent me an email stating that they were going to UP our DSL charges by $5.00/month. I called and asked them why, they stated they were doing it to everyone at our price (originally $17.99 / 768K) To make a long story short.......they have a plan that is called HDNO (honor do not offer) and it is $12.00 for the same amount of speed! (They were going to up my bill to $21.99 - but instead lowered it to $12.99!) So.....if you need to save some money - call Verizon and ask for that HDNO DSL price. :) (they will not offer have to ask it!)

I'm getting a bit anxious to start my period........and I never thought I'd ever stated that (I was going to go on explaining something of that......but then decided some readers may not enjoy it so much!) ;o) I just want to know if we're going to be able to do the baby stuff this month. I've thought about calling the doctors the past few days, but I'll just wait until I it'll be Saturday and I'll have to wait till Monday!!! I really hope we get to move forward this month.......but everything happens the way it is supposed to - and I'll do my best to be patient with that. (I've thought of good and negative for doing it now and/or later) So really, I'm fine with either way......other than I just want to be pregnant.....and experience birth. :)

I'm going to go snuggle up for a bit and chill out. Peace out.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Snowing Hard!

This Morning.....

Don't get me wrong - I *love* the snow. LOVE IT! Especially on a Sunday morning, early, able to be warm, drink my coffee, read the paper and relax! :)


I AM READY FOR SPRING/SUMMER! (and hope our onions, tulips and blueberries will all survive this crazyness)

We got home last night around 6:00pm. We ended up GETTING hot water! YAHOO! It is instant hot water which totally rocks. :) The passes were not bad at all - worst on the West side of the mountains.

I'm off to drink my coffee and watch the snow fall............


P.S. after all the trouble of uploading videos, is now 7:38 and there is way more snow outside than shown in the video......... :)

April 20, 2008


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Waiting Around....

We tried all last summer to get a hold of the local electrician to come and hook up our awesome (tankless - very small) hot water heater. The guy that did our plumbing this past summer, charged us quite a bit less on the installation of the tank, if we'd give him feedback on how well it works.

Kauleen happened to see him at Safeway while we were here and talked to him. He whipped out his cell phone and called the electrician and she was to be out on Friday and/or Saturday. Well, unfortunately, cell service over here sucks (that and....we do not know how well this lady really wanted our business!) :( Anyways.......we were napping and woke up at 4pm, walked down the hill (left a note for this lady on the door) and we went back UP the hill at 4:45....and she had been there - with no phone call. Nice huh? Nonetheless, we were a little ticked - but she left a note saying she'd be back Saturday. Kauleen called her and she stated that she was at an important job and she'd call us back. of 11am on Saturday....we're all packed up, wanting to hit the road......and no call. We decided to lock up and call it quits. My cousin's husband Shaun had mentioned he could do it for us this summer (probably for cheaper anyways...) and we'd go with that. (I personally like the idea of an electrician doing that part....too scary to mess with!)

So, we're loading our last bits of crap into the truck.......and I hear the phone beep. DAMN! I missed a phone call - and low and behold - it was the damn electrician. Thankfully, at the time, we were outside and saw her drive by and waved her down. (We were at my parents loading up frozen goods, etc.)

So, now I'm hanging out and Kauleen and the electrician are hooking up or water heater........who knows how much it'll cost us.........but heck - we'll have our own showers - and an extra shower for my parents on Memorial Day too!

All in all, it wasn't a very eventful week - it was somewhat relaxing..........and I'm glad I got away from work for awhile. This week we have haircuts and I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday that I'm an anxious for (not baby stuff). I'll fill you all in on the results when and/or if I get them....(don't you just love doctors and having to state that?) *sigh*

We'll be headed home soon! Can't wait to love on the kitties and see our blooming tulips and I'm sure my yard is about 5 feet tall (we had fertilized a few weeks before we left!) and tomorrow we plan on hitting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival street fair! :) and Monday it is back to work!!

Check out this ranch....the lady that took us horseback riding her parents own this ranch. I think it'd be fun to get together with a bunch of people and do it! and it doesn't seem *that* expensive to me. Who is up for it????? (oh I suppose if I'm prego I better not go horse back riding huh?) LOL

We'll probably take Snoqualmie home.......I prefer the lower elevation.........and driving over the passes stresses me out enough.

Type soon!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

1. The last time I lost my temper I cried!
2. Cold weather is what I'm fed up with!
3. The next book I'd like to read is Innocent by John Grisham.
4. Loving on my kitties, seeing my tulips in bloom (or in snow?) and being home is what I'm looking forward to. (What I'm not looking forward to is the drive in the snow home!)
5. If you can't get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, invite them in!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was 4 pairs of pants from ebay - NY & CO talls for $44!.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with Tom and Mary and Angelo and Mom and Dad, tomorrow my plans include waiting for the electrician to come and hook up our hot water tank (tankless) and finally have our own hot water and shower and am not looking forward to driving in the snow home....did I say that already? and Sunday, I want to relax and enjoy being home...and I suppose we'll need to do some laundry and other things to get ready for the work week Monday!!

We have vacation again in about 1 month........I'm very excited for the Life Is Good conference.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Grand Coulee Style

Thirteen Reasons You Should Go Horse Back Riding in Grand Coulee

1. A beautiful horse named Casino (and Wyatt for Kauleen)

2. A very kind lady named Kathy who chose awesome horses for those of us who haven't rode horses very much

3. The sun beating down on us and a beautiful and warm day!

4. The peacefulness of being out in the open.......with no stress (other than making sure we're hanging on)

5. The opportunity to see and hear a rattlesnack OFF the ground :) (and once again, holding on because one of the horses freaked out a bit after having heard the rattle!)

6. Seeing a coyote in an open field while on the trail

7. Learning a lot about the area around us and seeing an old farmhouse that was once used over 80 years ago........and was used up to about 5 years ago by the forest rangers. Very cool.

8. Losing a check my mom had signed out of my back pocket somewhere along the the end of the ride.......(it was an anniversary present from a few years back)

9. The opportunity to be able to ride again with this same lady on a bit of a longer ride...(we rode 5 miles) but I want to go up to the lake which is about 10 miles round trip!

10. The ability to realize that Kauleen is not flexiable and her hips do not stretch for that length of time. I was/am not that sore and am quite surprised.......

AND I just realized I needed 13......and not 10............ but here are a few pictures to add a few more:

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey Gang!

Kauleen and I have been enjoying some time with the parents. This past weekend we had Shaun and Jenae (my cousin) and their 2 little ones over to help with some electrical (ends up they didn't have enough electrical wire at the local hardware store for us to do it) so he graciously helped us to get a light in the bathroom working - so we could at least not have to pee in the dark! :) We enjoyed their visit greatly! Ryan and DeWayne came up and we enjoyed their visit also. Ryan is battling bronchitis so wasn't feeling the hottest. We celebrated Dad's b-day with a sketti party and had fun!

We spent the past few days finishing painting our place, helping dad price things for an upcoming garage sale, making a trip to the dump, trying to stay indoors and WARM - the wind has been quite gusty and cold, visiting with the grandparents and just hanging out. Tom and Mary will arrive tomorrow for a few days visit.......that'll be fun! We are planning to stay until Saturday but with the weather predicted.......we may leave late Friday.

We got a call from the doctors office today - IVF clinic - and the opportunity that was put before us - was not accepted by the other couple. They have another option for us that will be opened up today.... we should be hearing soon. As of now, we are still on for Invitro late next month - with a retrevial on Thursday May 22nd, with then a long drive to Vancouver from Bellingham with a drugged up Randi :) and then a insemination with embroys done on the following Tuesday! This will be perfect!! :) So, we're keeping our fingers crossed. As soon as I start my period (around April 26th) we're starting the shots, etc.

Everyone here is sleeping right now.......we just got back from a big breakfast. I'm checking up on my blogs and enjoying some peace and quiet.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Talking...

We're getting ready for vacation!! :) We went to the library tonight and checked out a few books on CD to listen to for the 5 hour drive over and the 5 hour drive back in about a week :) it is always fun. Our library just teamed up with another local library to allow us more choices! VERY fun! I never really did go to the library except to study and/or do school related activities - but actually find it *fun* to go to the library for *free* now and choose anything I want! I'm not a big reader - but anyone know of some good books? (but then again, it is always hard stating that - when someone else might have a totally different view of a good book!) *hrumph!*

We spent some time with the nieces and nephew and meeting the MOM this past weekend. That was a good time. K's mom was exactly how I expected. She seems very nice. Her and Tony will be staying with us tomorrow night.

I haven't heard anything back from Bellingham IVF in regards to our attempt next month......I'll be calling them tomorrow to get more of the scoop and find out if we're going ahead with it. It has kind of been weird - they are the ones who brought this all on and then haven't been very good communicators. (AND - we have a month of appointments to do and there are SOME appointments we could get out of the way now!)

I am really, really looking forward to Life is Good. I'm really wanting Kauleen to get a registration so that she can partake if she wants to......(the concert, talent show, dance) but she just does not want to................. :o/ I'll still have fun and it'll be a blast. I love all you people :)

Work has been super busy.........we've had to re-arrange some stuff to try to make the most of our new incentive program - which makes us all working more-so as a team.......but I'm the one man end of the team of 6! So, I tend to get the bad end of it.......but I do what I can.

I have lots of pictures to post of kids, etc.....but am too tired tonight.

Love to you all!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


My dad got in last night at 12:00am and so we all took an adventure to get him. When my mom had gotten here she showed us a picture of my dad - well ends up - his eye had been swollen for a few days. He thought it was a pimple that just had festered.......

Today he went to the urgent care (wasn't really able to open his eye) and they have given him 2 kinds of antibiotics and says he has a serious infection.......he doesn't look good. He is still determined to have his big 51st Poker Party tonight though.........

So amongst the getting him last night at 12am, their taxes done this morning at 8am, heading to the urgent care, picking up last minute things at Costco and then hitting the road - we really didn't get to partake in their visiting. It was good to see them since we hadn't seem them since around Christmas.

We'll get to spend more time with them next week........... :)

More later.....

Friday, April 04, 2008

1. Tonight I saw a very hot, warm and relaxing bed before I climbed in for a massage! *aaaaaaaaahhhhhh*
2. It being Friday makes me wanna dance!
3. Splitting a few appetizers between friends sounds like a great time!
4. Anyone from Life Is Good (MJ, Chloe, Shanna?, Mary, Diana, everyone!) is someone I'd like to get to know better.
5. The smell of fresh rain reminds me so much of springtime!
6. I fell asleep and that made it all better. (I'm exhausted right now...!)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my mom getting here (haven't seen her since Christmas!) and going with her to pick up my dad at the wee-hours of the morning (tonight), tomorrow my plans include hanging out with the 'rents until they tend to their own festivities....and then heading to a 4 year olds Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese and Sunday, I want to relax the morning away with my sweet wife and then Sunday afternoon will be filled with more family-ness of Kauleen's side and meeting of the Mother who is here from Oklahoma and enjoying some more fun times with the nieces and nephew!!

and then......Monday is here again......but I only have one week then I'm on vacation..........and *I* need it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Top Ten Things I've Done That You (Probably) Haven't

Broke my wrist by getting it caught in a guys t-shirt in Jr. High (while running in P.E.).

Worked at a Special Needs camp (Camp Horizon) for 4 years - camp nickname = Giggles :) Lots of memories and stories!

Sat in a wheelchair that belonged to someone else while said party was using the bathroom - only to find out when she was done - that she hadn't made it to the bathroom on time. We had a good laugh and I learned my lesson!

Cracked a note in band class everyday for many months on a solo my teacher wanted me to play on the Baritone. I came in early to practice specifically with him, and practiced a lot at home. I always cracked it. On the day of the concert (and I remember it vividly) it was time to play the song and I just played it like no one in band had ever heard. The conductor jumped on his podium and was like YEAH! THAT'S IT!! :) I never cracked one was worth it.

Attended a very small Bible College in Augusta Montana (Montana Wildnerness School of the Bible) in 2001 - with 55 other students. The staff lives on campus and it is very family oriented. Forever life changing.

Hiked Mount Constitution at 2409 feet on Orcas Island. (Funny story....we were checking into a hotel and had planned on hiking and/or doing something the next day. K suggested going up the mountain (Driving) and I said "Let's hike it!" She was like.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" well, nonetheless, the next morning we got up - and hiked it! It was stinkin' cold at the top.......but here is a picture to prove it!

Hiked to a manned fire post in Mazama, Washington (Goat's Peak). It was 100 degrees in town but only 65 degrees at the top. We were blessed to meet Lightening Bill and Blaze!

Animated Christmas Light Display of over 4,000 lights dancing to music. A spectacular show (and going to be even better this year!)

Bought a special piece of property in Grand Coulee that contains a double wide mobile home attached to concrete foundations in 2 pieces right up the hill from my parents. (and yes, I think most property in Grand Coulee is special!) :)

Had a very special commitment ceremony on September 6, 2003 (as stated differently in another post and so sweetly corrected by my sweet wife!)


I haven't posted all week.......... :) I'm still here and thinking/reading all YOUR blogs!

Work has been making us work different hours (OT) putting me on a totally different schedule and *I* haven't been the one working the OT! Nonetheless, I've been extremely exhausted the mornings and at night. *shrug*

We made a trip to Trader Joe's last night and got some of their oatmeal (the best!) Maple and brown sugar and apple cinnamon! mmmmmmmmm

Secondly, I won 5 pairs of pants from New York & Co for work off of ebay..... $44.00 total with shipping. They are all Talls and NWT or NWOT. (These pants usually cost $39.50 full price!) YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Mom and dad are headed into town this weekend.....we'll enjoy seeing them since we haven't seen them since Christmas!


Kauleen's Mom and her husband will be here from Oklahoma this week.......I get to finally meet her mom after 6 years of being together! :) ...


Mark, Kauleen's brother is getting married in June 2009. We'll be making a trek to Oklahoma :)

Love to you all!