Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hump Day!

We are headed towards Hump Day (Wednesday!) YEAH! Work hasn't been too horrible after being gone for a week......it is always nice to get back into the routine/swing of things :)

I wanted to share a bit of information on how I saved us money on our Verizon phone bill. They sent me an email stating that they were going to UP our DSL charges by $5.00/month. I called and asked them why, they stated they were doing it to everyone at our price (originally $17.99 / 768K) To make a long story short.......they have a plan that is called HDNO (honor do not offer) and it is $12.00 for the same amount of speed! (They were going to up my bill to $21.99 - but instead lowered it to $12.99!) So.....if you need to save some money - call Verizon and ask for that HDNO DSL price. :) (they will not offer it.....you have to ask it!)

I'm getting a bit anxious to start my period........and I never thought I'd ever stated that (I was going to go on explaining something of that......but then decided some readers may not enjoy it so much!) ;o) I just want to know if we're going to be able to do the baby stuff this month. I've thought about calling the doctors the past few days, but I'll just wait until I start.......watch it'll be Saturday and I'll have to wait till Monday!!! I really hope we get to move forward this month.......but everything happens the way it is supposed to - and I'll do my best to be patient with that. (I've thought of good and negative for doing it now and/or later) So really, I'm fine with either way......other than I just want to be pregnant.....and experience birth. :)

I'm going to go snuggle up for a bit and chill out. Peace out.


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