Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life Is Good Conference

I officially have these days off now!! :)

Lots of details to still get organized with allowing me to actually make the weekend work.............. but I really want to be there!!

Cannot wait to hear Ronnie's talk, Gillian's talk, knit and chat, henna the baby, hang with Holly and boys, meet lots of new people......... and just have a blast! :) CANNOT WAIT!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midwife 16 Week Appointment

The day started off with me wondering if I'd make it out of the shower without pukeing after having a few weeks of feeling great. I ended up flying out of the shower, dumping the bathroom trash on the floor and grabbing the garbage can for a bucket. I never ended up getting sick (THANK GOODNESS!) but..... I felt like complete crap until about 1pm. I then felt pretty good the rest of the day...

We had a midwife appointment today! :o) We got to ask a few questions, got to get a few things checked out, and got a prescription for some special nipple cream :) She stated that with my symptoms really a sign of how things are going to be during/after breastfeeding. They aren't horrible now.......just itch and wake me in the night ... itching. ITCH, ITCH, ITCH. :)

We also got to hear the heartbeat again........ that was spectacular!! It makes everything seem so real.

We will be having a 18-20 week ultrasound. We weren't planning on it in the beginning.... but have decided to do it. We will not be finding out the sex of the baby....we will just make sure everything is growing as it should be.

I felt the first real kick today. I've felt the baby move for quite a few weeks now on and off.... but today was the first real KICK that made me go...HEY! YOU JUST KICKED ME! lol can't wait for more.

That's it for now.........

Happy Birthday Uncle Tom!

Hope you have a great one! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Special Post

Brought to you by Ginger's Blog...

So here is the deal:

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. I will try to make these be about or tailored to those five lucky people. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It’ll be done this year
- You have no clue what it’s going to be.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your blog/journal as well. Please link to your blog so that I can visit and read in case we are new friends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So we've had to do some adjusting lately in the bed so that I don't lay on my back, which come to find out, is the position I tend to lay in most (although never really realized it). So now I have a pillow helping to prop me up a bit that I can lay on......but to adjust this pillow can be quite the chore, pulling covers, shifting covers, dragging covers...... all the mean time trying not to wake K.

Last night was unsuccessful and she told me that I got 3/4's of the bed and she got the other piece. I realize this pillow isn't very sufficient in our queen bed.... with 2 cats...... but for now it will have to do and I have to have the pillow otherwise I will sleep on my back.

Now to co-sleeping...... you co-sleeping families...... do you have king beds? queen beds? multiple twin beds? boxsprings? mattresses on the floor? I'm thinking a king bed with our queen bed...... that'd take up probably our whole room...... (if that would even fit) but we want box springs... (our bed is on the floor right now with a box spring) we'd just have to find the right height for them to be even........

Just wanting an idea.....if the pillow isn't working....... the co-sleeping part of it shall be interesting. (but totally different too I'm sure!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cama Beach Resort Camano Island MKL Weekend 09

I've doubled posted......... so make sure you scroll down to see the juice of these posts in the previous one!! :)

Beautiful Day

The sun has now shown on the Pacific Northwest (especially in my town) for 2 days now. It is wonderful! It is very chilly... but man is it nice to see the sun!! We were able to get all of the Christmas lights down and off the roof the work begins to put them all away. Right now the garage is filled..........

K and I went to Cama Beach Resort (on Camano Island) to check it out for a family get together possibly. I had heard about this resort in the Sunset Magazine over a year ago and have been really interested in seeing it. It wasn't really all I had hoped it would be - but it was a dry place to stay and somewhat warm. LOL

These cabins were built in the 1930's and are now on the historic registry. They re-did them but had to keep them as original as possible. Nonetheless, there was major air cracks in the door, the heater did the loudest THUD every time it came on and off......(hence why I woke up Saturday morning and said "I'm ready to go home!") We were somewhat smart on Saturday night and cranked the heat then went to bed. 2 hours later got up to go to the bathroom....... and it was already 50 degrees in the cabin!!

The nice thing with the cabins is they had a shower and a bathroom, sink, microwave and a fridge. It was $42 a night with a view of the water (and about 75 feet away!) It really was a fun time and I could see how in the summer it'd be even more spectacular.

Nonetheless, it isn't for the family........

Sure is nice having the day off today..... although we did go to work for a few hours, it still is nice. We then went to Costco to get kitty items and then came home. We'll probably go for a walk in a bit........I need to start doing something. Maybe I'll look into swimming or yoga or something. I know the more I'm in shape now.....the better I'll be for birth.

Speaking of birth........ some days I feel pregnant, other days I question it - nice huh? There are just sometimes where it seems so real, my stomach feels so big, and I just KNOW I'm pregnant. Then days like today when I don't FEEL so big, and just wish I'd grow a belly....... am kind of anxious for my midwife appointment on the 29th to hear the heartbeat again hopefully. I've felt the baby........ but still want the reassurance of the heartbeat.

For those who have been pregnant, what did your first kicks feel like? I'm 15 weeks so it may still be a bit early for kicks.... but was it like a nudge? a painful poke? I'm just curious what to expect......

Mom's been having some gallbladder issues for about a month now...... (she's been on a special diet and now adding back in fat is causing some issues) so she'll be going in on Friday to remove her gall bladder.

Dad's been having some pain in his upper stomach/under breastbone too........ he may be having the same issues.......(on the same diet)...... so we'll see what happens.

I'll post some pictures of the cabin in my next post..........

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Wiggles

I felt the baby today for the first time! :) I originally thought it was my keyboard tray touching my stomach but when I looked down I was a good distance from it.......and I said "oh I'm feeling something!"...and at times had a huge grin on my face....just from the movement and tickles.

Makes it seem more real.......and can't wait for K to feel it.

Off to bed.................

Works crazy, crazy, crazy......... everyone and their dog is refinancing.......job security.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Post

Pants & Adverse Weather

I ordered some pants back a week ago from JCPenny and from Old Navy. I ordered the pants from JCPenny to arrive within 2 days, so that I possibly could have something comfy to wear with our "casual" clothes on Friday (no jeans). I had a pair of khaki and a pair of black "docker" type pants coming. Well, because of "adverse" weather conditions - although planes were flying and the main road between Redmond and myself were open........ still my pants have not arrived. So I begin the work week once again......with 2 pairs of maternity pants. One dress brown and one dress black. My beautiful outfit on Friday consisted of: Polyester brown maternity pants, white cotton grandpa socks, tennis shoes, a Chicago title sweatshirt. I was comfy and that is all that mattered. Heck, I'm pregnant right? :)


We had plans to meet with our possibly to be "doula" on January 24th to see if she was a match for us. I got an email from her the other day stating her husband was working towards his PhD and she needed to be able to take time to focus on the family. I was so bummed!! I had emailed a few doulas and most of the people who had responded didn't really make me go "this is the one!" other than Mary. :( So, now we are back on the hunt for a doula......... and I'll know the perfect person when I meet them.

Long Profile from Donor

We paid $25 to get a long profile about our donor..... #434 :) the long profile didn't really say anything more than the short profile, honestly. It was really a waste of anticipation and almost a waste of $25. Dad had a good point that thankfully it was only $25.00 as we would've paid anything to get it. I guess this was one downfall about using this cryobank because they didn't have all the "extras" the cryobank we used before had. They had baby pictures, videos, voices, etc. Just different things you could get (and of course pay a fortune for). Oh well....and this donor is also willing to meet the child at legal age....which we thought may be wanted some day down the road :)

Work and its crazyness

With all the refinances lately, work has been going nuts-o! We've had a few employee changes (for the better) but makes it a little harder/tighter on everyone else. AND last week, we had a lady trapped at her house with mudslides on the major highways..... so we were even more short handed. (AND another lady had appointments that she had already rescheduled) It was a nutso week. We had so many people doing so many different jobs......and everyone pitching in to make sure everything got done. It really was an amazing effort on everyone's part. Our boss bought us all lunch on Friday which was nice! :)

Heartbeat doppler 14 weeks :)

We bought a heartbeat doppler at a local consignment shop to see if we could hear the babies heartbeat. Well, this doppler after reading online can read at 15 weeks. Nonetheless, it was fun poking around and listening to the rumbles, gurgles, and bursts of air running through my system. AND BOY WAS IT LOUD!! :)

It is crazy to think I am 14 weeks pregnant! I noticed yesterday that my upper and lower chub and beginning to gather as one. That was pretty exciting. I know kind of funny, but fun. I'm beginning to feel more pregnant and less fat. I know this may be too much info for my dad and any other men, but oh well...... LOL My nipples itch like freakin crazy! I hate lotion and/or anything that is slimy. But I've been being very faithful at putting something on them every night now. I've had it where my boobs itch, but this is my nipples. I have very dry skin doesn't really surprise me.

K and I went to a local LaLeche League meeting on last Wednesday too. We are so lucky to have got to start going so early in the pregnancy. We met some really cool moms! We learned quite a bit and I'm sure will continue to do so. I don't know if dad's normally come to LaLeche, but I love having a wife that gets to be part of it and come with me.... :)

Unschooling Conference & Friends

I am really excited go to to the Life Is Good Conference in May. I'm struggling a bit with figuring out how I'm going to make it work. K and I get 12 weeks off (combined) for maternity leave. That leaves 6 weeks each. That isn't very much time. So any extra time taken off.....just isn't going to be doable. Here are my options:

1) Ask for that Thursday and Friday off...... and make up the time.
2) Ask to leave early that Friday and just make it for the weekend.

K has stated she really has no interest in attending this year. That throws more of a wrench into things.... as I really don't like doing things without each other. I guess it will just be a wait and see. I have rooms booked already.

I will be there.....whether it be just for the weekend or the whole conference - guaranteed. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

December 26th

Oh Roooooooooonnnnnnniiiiiiiiieeeeeeee :) I'm here........

I didn't realize I haven't posted since December 26th.......geez........... that's a long time. I must say I have thought about it ;) and we were going to take a belly picture this morning, but decided a few more weeks would be more of a difference!

We're headed to a girls family gathering with Mom's side of the family this afternoon.......playing games, hanging out.

I have lots to post maybe I can get my rear in gear and actually do some of it tonight.... here's my list for those that want to see and/or anticipate my writings...

Pants & Adverse Weather
Long Profile from Donor
Work and its crazyness
Heartbeat doppler
14 weeks :)
Unschooling Conference & Friends

I think that's it for now....... gotta go dry my hair, and figure out what to have for lunch! FOOD!!