Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Day

I started the day off in a not so hot fashion having had yummy mint ice cream last night - that sometimes the very sensitive stomach can handle and other times - my very sensitive stomach cannot - hence - this morning - it couldn't handle it. I then had a visit to the dentist....oh joy. No cavities. Since I quit drinking pop, I've not had any cavities (and that's been over a year ago!) :o)

Work was pretty busy today.....just because I got off to a late start.

I then got a migraine.........(hormone related I'm sure) and so then I took my migraine medicine and buckled down. Sure didn't feel too hot........

I ate some lunch and felt a little bit better and as the day progressed I felt better.

I had the doctors appointment in Bham at 3:00pm today. I found out that the nurse lady that usually works - has left - hence the reason for having Karen (the lady I loved so much) come back at least part time for now. YAHOO! We'll miss Linda very much but sounds like she's made a move she really wanted to. I love this clinic for us being able to go and people knowing us by name and more personal. It makes me more meaningful.

He has me on clomid now (day 3) until day 7. I then have another ultrasound on Wednesday the 5th - and start taking Bravelle via shots in the tummy on Day 10. I asked a few questions today as to whether we should do multiple insemination's at different times than we had - he said that would be an option depending on how my eggs were etc. Right now it is kind of up in the air as to what he'll do until he see's what I make. He did say that most of the antigens in my ovaries should be gone making my eggs better and possibly could create more eggs than last time? (hope so!) and we're still up in the air as to what type of sperm to order. We get a mixed vote as to which one is best for them and/or us. *shrug* I did find out today that they do not put in *all* the sperm.....that if it is over a certain amount they throw it out. K and I are still needing some explanation of this.......and we're still trying to decide if we want to do 1 or 2 vials per try. We have enough money for 2 more tries doing it this way - but not enough for a 3rd. (Our hopes were to do 3 more tries.........well......This try will be our last - Right?)

I know this is kind of confusing......and lots of rambling. I'm tired. :)

So onward and upward........ and here's a picture to end:

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Positive Affirmations for Getting Pregnant

1.My baby-to-be is a miracle
2.I am a miracle
3.I love myself
4.I love my baby-to be
5.I respect and love Kauleen
6.I face and conquer my fears
7.We will be great mothers
8.I'm confident about my decisions (and/or am hoping to be!)
9.Kauleen will be an awesome, spectacular, amazing, fun, analytical, anal, kid-like Mother
10.I will be a great mom
11.I am in control
12.I accept the role as mother-to-be
13.I cannot wait!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby - Here We Come!

Today is day 1 of period :) 2 days early, a bit surprising, but a blessing nonetheless (despite all the crampy, complete utterly feeling like shit!)

I called to the doctor to make my first ultrasound appointment (on day 1-3) and a lady answered whom had left the office. She was the sweetest lady ever - Karen was her name. So anyways, she took some time off for herself and to be with her brand new grand baby (whom was actually helped be Bellingham IVF also). It was *so* good to hear her voice again. She's only working a few days a week right now so it'll be hit and miss for me to *see* her, but even to be able to call and chat with her - will be great. (AND, Karen isn't the only one in the office that is awesome - Linda has been there through the whole time we've been going......and she's great - and Cheryl's good too) It is a very small office so you get to know the people on a more personal level.

I am pretty excited for this round :) and IT is going to take and we're going to have a boy and girl :)

We're fighting the sickies in our household. :o/ K's got my awful cold I we're trying not to dope up too much on dayquil/nyquil. I'm still fighting it off - but feel 100% better than I if she can only kick it - then we'll be back to somewhat normal.

Did I mention she's turning 40 on Tuesday? :)

With that said, I'm gonna do a little lookin' online then I'm headed to bed - hope to be there before 8pm!

Here's to a healthy (babies) born to us in the next 10 months or so :)


Monday, February 25, 2008

Mom Goes To Court for Serving Alcohol to Minor

Our courier at work, has a daughter that moved to Minnesota awhile back. She just got hired on at a small cafe and on the first night (stressful, crazy) served alcohol to a minor. The cafe got a ticket and now she is going to court on Thursday and they have told her she had *better* have an attorney. She doesn't have the money for one and honestly knows she was wrong and just wants this to be over and done with. She's learned her lesson.

Anyone know of any attorneys in Minnesota and/or any other options for this young lady? Here is her cry for help:

Please Help!!! I live in Minnesota and last month got caught in a sting operation serving alcohol to a minor at the small cafe where I work. It was my first night serving and in the middle of the dinner rush and I was totally overwhelmed. It was an honest mistake as I would never do this on purpose. I have a squeaky clean record, not even a speeding ticket and am a full time stay at home mom. (I only work one day a week and every other weekend on my husbands days off.) I have been to court last week and they said I didn't qualify for a public defender. I can't afford a lawyer and don't know what to do. I talked to a lawyer on the phone and he told me that I should try to get a stay of Judication. But then I've recently heard that one person got 4 days in jail. I can't goto jail!!!! Someone please help me!!!

If nothing else - please keep Jill in your thoughts on Thursday.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nicholas Francisco and wife Christine Francisco (Fox)

This is a very sad, sad story. I went to school with Christine (Fox) and this is her husband that is missing.

I just thought I should spread the word! Please keep your eyes out.


Sundays Thoughts On Kids

We watched Braxton last night (our about once a month bout for free haircuts) and every time he comes I enjoy it - but - every time it makes me thankful for our peace and quiet - and how people do it?? :) I continually tell myself - It will be different with yours............ you'll know their quirks, their lifestyle, the things they enjoy, etc........

I try to not say NO and have continually thought of Parenting a Free Child and the the things in the back of the book that make me go "WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU SAY?" for instance: Good Job! I tried to make sure I didn't say it and it is probably more because it is just a blanket way of saying something instead of "naming" what he did a good job at - ie; You're riding that bike so fast!, etc.

NO is hard also.......if at 7am he is wanting to get dressed and go looking for worms - but wants you to join him? I want my coffee and to just wake up!! BTW, we did get dressed shortly there after and go looking for worms ;o)

Do you *always* do what the kid wants - when they want? I guess this question isn't for every parent - but the ones who unschool.

I need some explanation here. :)

Our lawn mower is now in the shop :) can't wait to find out what needs to be done and if it is too expensive to even fix. I JUST WANT TO MOW!!!

We went to breakfast after the boy left and now K's sleeping (she's trying not to get sick......although I think it has hit her - we both had a very unrestful night of sleep) and we're just hanging low.

Tomorrow starts another work week..........ugh.

Have I said how much I can't wait for Life is Good?


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

I just bought some gummy bears from a little kid from King County wanting to raise money to go to Disneyland - they sure are yummy! :)

K and I woke up about 8:30am this morning. I'm still trying to fight off my cold of now going on 2 weeks - will probably take a trip to the doctor sometime this week - and K is now starting to get it.

It's a beautiful day outside but neither of us have energy to do anything. We took a truck load of stuff to the soil place to recycle - and swept out the back of the truck - now K is napping and I'm typing! :)

I started a new yahoo group - check it out on my sidebar. I do not know how to spread the word - but know if at least 1 couple that lives here in Skagit County (that I've seen many a time at the stores, eating out, etc. and *just happen* to see them at Bellingham IVF!) but would love to meet others like us - so I started a yahoo group....... :)

We're watching Braxton tonight in exchange for free haircuts :) We're contemplating going to Jungle Playland, maybe to the local playground (depending on how much daylight we have) maybe we can build a tent.....Kauleen and I *try* to be entertaining.....but he'd have so much more fun if he had someone his age to play with. :) We do a find job though.......we'll have him overnight and then tomorrow A.M.

Tomorrow we're taking our lawn mower to a local repair shop - I NEED TO MOW! so I am hoping he can fix it while I stay there.........tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful too.

We work this week and then have the beginning of next week off for K's 40th and family flying in! :) We're looking forward to some time off.

I'll write more soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Impromptu Thursday Thirteen....

I was so excited that I just *may* have enough items to do the Thursday Thirteen Meme - but the website is down and I can't get the code and make my blog all sparkly, pretty with it - but just have to do an impromptu boring post! *drats!*

Thursday Thirteen
13 ways to leave/say goodbye to friends and/or co-workers
1. Let's make like a tree and leaf
2. Let's make like a banana and split
3. Let's make like a baby and head out
4. Let's make like a prom dress and take off
5. Let's make like a hockey game and get the puck outta here
6. Let's make like Diarrhea and run
7. Let's make like a bread truck and haul buns
8. Let's make like lightening and bolt
9. Let's make like an airplane and take off
10. Let's make like a strawberry and jam
11. Let's make like tomato and ketchup
12. Let's make like rain and get the hail out of here
13. Lettuce Leaf
Thanks and maybe next Thursday I'll have something even more interesting! :) Use them if you can - it sure is fun!! :)

Amazing Cat Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Weekend In Review + Pictures

Kauleen surprised me this past weekend with a trip to Long Beach :) I wasn't feeling all that hot (got a bummer of a cold!) and contemplated not even going - but after some much needed dayquil (praise the Lord for it!) and 4.5 hour drive - knowing when we got there - I could lay around and do nothing (and the weather was supposed to be SPECTACULAR) we kept on truckin.......

Our room number.......the beginning of our journey :)

We got the handicapped unit - it was cheap :) and it is a studio (no bedroom) that way I can sleep on the bed while Kauleen reads, watches TV - but yet - we're still in the same room. (One night I was in bed before Kauleen - the next night she was in bed before me *gasp!*) THAT doesn't happen!!

This is the view of the townhouses looking back from the beach looking at the back side. We have stayed here multiple times - and enjoy our stay each time. The link to THE LIGHTHOUSE RESORT is here: When we first started coming here - it was a little 'Ma and 'Pa type place - very small and these townhouses were very new. They now have grown - added a more "hotel-ish" type check in with not so "ma and pa" like people (they are friendly........but just not the same!) They have a pool and a hot tub now too. They also allow pets :)

Picture from the beach looking at the townhouses :)

The wild waves! The ocean is so amazing..........

Eating a yummy bacon, eggs, toast, and OJ breakfast - made in our room! :) nice picture huh?

Me being crazy :) and smacking the sand off of my shoes.......

One thing with Long Beach - is you never, ever find a whole sand dollar on the beach. I've been there many, many times and always find bits and pieces. Well, we found this one - 3/4......that was close enough!

How cute is she??? :)

I just had to do it............ ;o)

We took a little hike (we didn't want to over do the sicky) and it was just a little one to Beard's Hollow area.......most of Long Beach is very sandy - this area had some rocks that we climbed on...and yes the tide was coming in and at one point I was running.......and running....... LOL

A little birdie that was making lots of noise on the way to Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (we didn't go in as it cost $10!) but we did get the awesome view - see below :)

Weird looking tree :)

AWESOME!! and there were people out on the jetty too!!

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. If I was feeling better we would've hiked to it.

All in all it was a very relaxing and very enjoyable weekend!

We'll be celebrating K's 40th Birthday here March 4th - so we have some family members coming out from Oklahoma to partake in the festivities. I have nothing special planned - just enjoying family. :) So for the next few weeks we'll be busy doing birthday stuff :) oh and baby stuff.......the end of this month we'll jump back on the baby bandwagon :) We sent our paperwork off tonight to NW Cryobank in Spokane :) we'll choose the boys soon.......... :) We officially have baby clothes packed in the car too - super cute - and we plan on putting up a few "pictures/quotes" for us to be more positive/thinking that *it* will happen - focusing I guess on it in a more positive way....... :) (Not that we haven't been positive about it - but it is emotionally hard to get TOO into it!)

I'm going to wrap up for now........I'm tired.
Leave me comments!!!! I love having them!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We got our first "baby" outfits today, and they are so adorable! I've been told they are to stay in the car until the babies are born. This has been a tradition for a few other members in my family, I guess.

We got a pink outfit and a blue outfit = B/G Twins? ;o)

Thanks Gma and Gpa! :)

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Just When We Think We Have It Figured Out!

Today I found out some very interesting information about donor sperm. We've been having to do some research as to what cryobank we want to use, why, what donors, etc. Upon looking at our cryobank that we've used in the past, and the cost of it (at the cheapest $360 per vial - and we order 6 at a time) we decided maybe we'd need to look further.

So, we had ordered some sperm from another bank one other time and so I decided to look into it. They cost $200 per vial.

I'll do my best to explain this......There are 2 types of inseminations.

ICI specimens may be washed in HTF(human tubal fluid) media only, or completely un-washed. This format is appropriate for home-vaginal, intracervical(ICI) use, or for IVF use. These specimens would require further processing in order to be placed into the uterine cavity. Volume 0.7-1.2cc

IUI specimens have been washed through a density gradient and re-suspended in HTF media prior to freezing. These units are IUI ready when thawed. Prepared for intrauterine insemination, but also great for home-vaginal, intracervical or IVF use. These units are concentrated into a lower/smaller volume but with a higher motility. Volume 0.4-0.7cc.

(are we learning lots? :o)

Upon going to Bham IVF in the very beginning we were told to order ICI and they would do the "washing" themselves for cheaper than it would be for us to order IUI. (great, okay, makes sense, cheaper, etc.)

WELL...........ALL of these banks offer "Guarantees" of so many motile sperm. I called up each of the 2 banks we are interested in today and asked them what their "guaranteed motile sperm count is"

To put things into a little bit more of perspective.......on my last insemination, the doctor walked in with 2 vials of sperm and said "12 million sperm we have".

It has taken me all day to calm down about this......and Kauleen and I every so often kick ourselves for not being educated enough - but it isn't that we aren't educated - its just that we don't know and no one gives us any information (even if we do ask!) we are not going to order the vials ICI - we will order them directly from the cryobank IUI. That means they spin it themselves and if they end up 1 million short - they take some from another sample until they get their guarantee - *and* we should have over 20 million........

NOW the discussion between K and I is - do we only use 1 vial (with more sperm than we've ever gotten in 2 vials!) or do we continue our great chances with 40+ million sperm.

We are looking forward to starting to try again the end of this month :) I'm ready for a baby :)

A lady at work is soon to be a grandma - so we've had a bit of baby talk in our office. It just amazes me how much people don't understand and just go with whatever doctors/people tell them. This girl is 1 week past her due date, they were going in tonight to put a gel on her cervic to see if that will help. I told her "I sure hope they don't induce her"....and she said "Oh, I was induced with pitocin with each of my kids - people don't have natural labors anymore - if you have a headache you take tylonol". I didn't say anything just walked away.......but was like PEOPLE DO have natural labors (and I believe it is coming back more so......) and the headache/tylonol analogy was just off! People are just not aware........and I guess I am more now that I saw that movie "The Business of Being Born" and learned about quite a bit of stuff.

I exercised tonight for 20 minutes :) and am very proud of myself.

I'd *love* to go away somewhere this weekend (it'd have to be somewhat cheap) - anyone have a little cabin? :o) but unless something hops out at me for cheap - we'll be staying home. We'll be planning our vacation in May......we discussed leaving from Life is Good to head down the Oregon Coast maybe even into California - to chill and relax :) sounds delightful right now...........

That's it for now :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday ...

Last night we got a call from our cousins to babysit for them last minute :) So we went to Shaun and Jenae's and played with the kids while they went to a movie and dinner. I found myself trying not to tell them *no* and it sure made me smile! We played play-dough, monkeys, ran, ran, and ran some more :) we read a few books and just had fun!

This morning we woke up later than usual (8:30am) and hung around the house. We planned on going cacusing today at 1:00pm :) I've never cacused before and have never been so into the politics. I checked out Obama's book today at the library. :) He has my vote :)

Tonight we're just hanging out and tomorrow we'll go help a friend from work move some furniture she bought and then do laundry in start of the work week next week, oh joy.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend - I look forward to that!

We're deciding on a new donor now too........I have my favorite chosen - but we have to choose like our top 5 donors as the 1 donor may be gone. Here's his info if you wanna peek - its kind of fun:

I'll be posting more when I choose them :) BUT we just did some math and for this donor (he's an open donor - meaning this:

California Cryobank, Inc (CCB) is pleased to announce we are now offering an Open Donor Program. The CCB Open Donor Program was established to provide offspring when they reach age 18 with the opportunity to contact their donor and learn more about his or her biological heritage. CCB Open Donors agree to have at least one contact with the child when they turn 18. CCB will facilitate the first contact in order to protect the donor and child.
The benefits of the CCB Open Donor Program are:
Potential future contact between donor and offspring
Donor updates each year for 6 years following their participation in the program
Limited collection and distribution of open donor vials
Free registration in the CCB Sibling Registry
How it works:
At the beginning of his participation in the program, the CCB Open Donor signs an agreement indicating his intent to communicate with the child when they are 18 or older.
The offspring must contact CCB in writing to request contact with his or her donor. CCB will request identifying information such as the donor number and parent's name, as well as any other information necessary to perform internal research and confirm the identity of the child and recipient.
After all information is verified, CCB will contact the donor informing him of the request. The donor will then decide how he wants to contact the offspring and CCB will facilitate this process.
Contact may include, but is not limited to, the following: email, written letter, telephone conversation or meeting in person. The form and extent of this communication will be determined by mutual agreement between the donor and the child.
After the initial contact, the donor is not obligated to any additional communication, but the donor and the child can continue communication if they wish. The degree and level of this communication is determined by mutual agreement between the donor and the child.
A request for contact with the donor can be made only by the child. The child must be at least 18 years old to request contact.
At the beginning of his participation in the program, CCB Open Donors agree to have at least one contact with any child born of his donation. CCB will facilitate the contact and we will make every attempt to make the contact a meaningful one. However, there may be a situation where a contact between the donor and offspring cannot be established.

He is more expensive - like $470 per vial and we order 6 vials!! YOWCH!

Anonymous donors are $370 per vial.........still is a YOWCH! (prices have gone up quite a bit since we last had to purchase any!)

We're going to start trying again the end of this month :)


NCN Highlights

The party began Thursday night, but I didn't arrive until Friday night after work. Here's the gang hanging out and enjoying each other's company. I hadn't met any of these *wonderful* people yet, but felt at home and comfortable with each one of them!

The teens enjoying each other's company in Ronnie and Frank's sanctuary! The gang was not separated most of the weekend! Most of them left Friday night for another party.......but arrived back on Saturday afternoon just in time for the Mardi Gras Party!

The younger kids wanting to hang out with the teens.......but not quite sure if they should.....they were so cute! :)

Effie, MJ and Harper doing KAPLA blocks! Everyone had so much fun with these blocks! Thank you so much Craig and Gillian for having them shipped and opening them for all of us to partake in the fun also! There was lots of building....of trees, circles, blocks, bridges, ceiling high towers, and lots and lots of....


Improptu recital by Michelle, Gemma and then Michelle and Gemma! We listened to Hillary Duff :) and I had the song stuck in my head for days later (and haven't heard her sing it yet!)


The party was just getting started...... :o)

AWESOME PICTURE!!!! Craig and Jon.......LOL

This is a winning prize from our "Found Items Raffle" - and the BEST IDEA ever! People found things from around their house and we raffled off tickets to help the cost of the lodge we rented for the party. IT ROCKED! Lots of fun things were given - including these awesome boots! :) (I brought home 3 childrens books!)

Michelle as a "Blue Woman" I loved it!

Effie doing the Limbo........ Shrimp Boil. Amazingly awesome, spicy, and *cough* lots of cayenne. Sure was yummy! At one point we were all choking on the cayenne as it cooked and had to get a bit of fresh air!! Ronnie and Frank did an awesome job!!

I have to be honest here and say I had not a clue what was going on and what the song was or what anyone was doing during this song. I just smiled and was like "Looks like fun!" ENDS UP - it is from Rocky Horror Picture Show! I don't watch movies..........I sleep through them. I was told by a person at NCN (Thanks Jordan) that I wouldn't sleep through this one..........

*MOST* of the group......some had already left and others were going about their party business.

Some continued the party through Sunday and the Super Bowl, but I didn't attend and unwound - I was exhausted! I don't normally stay out late - or even - UP late - and did so both nights (well, late for me at least) :)

A few moments I enjoyed immensly:
  • Chatting with Ronnie and Frank in the kitchen re: baby and appreciate their love and support
  • chatting with Bien (name not spelled right :( ) about her friend with cancer and her making her a hat - and her interest in unschooling while sailing
  • chatting with Diana about baby stuff and life
  • Listening to how everyone interacts with their children
  • eating those deliciously yummy brownies from sunnyside up (and for Diana knowing what was in them......for fear they had something that would send me to the toilet!)
  • Chatting with Jordan and Michelle at Party Palace - new friends!!
  • JAMBALYA! (but I never got to taste any!!!)

Thank you to Ronnie, Frank, MJ and Chloe for all their hard work in putting this awesome weekend on! Now for the wait until Life Is Good! I am excited!

P.S. Thank you to all who took these pictures ..... since I didn't have my camera, I used some from other's blogs!


SCATTERGORIES. It's harder than it looks! Copy and paste into a new e-mail. Then change the answers into your own. When you are done, send it on, including to the person who sent it to you. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following, they have to be real names, real places, real things.nothing made up. Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial. WHICH BY THE WAY, IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS. You can't use your name for the boy/girl.

1. What is your name? Randi
2. 4 letter word? Rump
3. Vehicle? Rav4
4. City? Raymond
5. Boy's name? Richard
6. Girl's name? Rachel
7. Occupation? Rancher
8. Something you wear? Ring
9. Celebrity? Rachel Ray
10. Food? Rutabaga
11. Something found in a bathroom? Rug
12. Reason for being late? Runs
13. cartoon character? Roadrunner
14. Something you shout? Right on!
15. Animal? Rabbit
16. Body part? Renal artery
17. Word to describe you? Rambunctious

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

NCN Thoughts

I can't even put my thoughts straight yet about NCN. I guess I'll need to take a few more days and put them together. Maybe this weekend I'll have a post. :)


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Excitement!

I'm unwinding from a very busy weekend with some *really* great family and new-made friends! :) I enjoyed myself immensly with the unschooling families and kids :)

Today I've barely moved around the house - staying put for hours on end - veggin', reading, relaxing, sleeping..........:)

I wish I had my camera for NCN but there will be lots of pics I'll maybe post some off of others blogs once they get them uploaded.

That's it for now.......write more later.