Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Day

I started the day off in a not so hot fashion having had yummy mint ice cream last night - that sometimes the very sensitive stomach can handle and other times - my very sensitive stomach cannot - hence - this morning - it couldn't handle it. I then had a visit to the dentist....oh joy. No cavities. Since I quit drinking pop, I've not had any cavities (and that's been over a year ago!) :o)

Work was pretty busy today.....just because I got off to a late start.

I then got a migraine.........(hormone related I'm sure) and so then I took my migraine medicine and buckled down. Sure didn't feel too hot........

I ate some lunch and felt a little bit better and as the day progressed I felt better.

I had the doctors appointment in Bham at 3:00pm today. I found out that the nurse lady that usually works - has left - hence the reason for having Karen (the lady I loved so much) come back at least part time for now. YAHOO! We'll miss Linda very much but sounds like she's made a move she really wanted to. I love this clinic for us being able to go and people knowing us by name and more personal. It makes me more meaningful.

He has me on clomid now (day 3) until day 7. I then have another ultrasound on Wednesday the 5th - and start taking Bravelle via shots in the tummy on Day 10. I asked a few questions today as to whether we should do multiple insemination's at different times than we had - he said that would be an option depending on how my eggs were etc. Right now it is kind of up in the air as to what he'll do until he see's what I make. He did say that most of the antigens in my ovaries should be gone making my eggs better and possibly could create more eggs than last time? (hope so!) and we're still up in the air as to what type of sperm to order. We get a mixed vote as to which one is best for them and/or us. *shrug* I did find out today that they do not put in *all* the sperm.....that if it is over a certain amount they throw it out. K and I are still needing some explanation of this.......and we're still trying to decide if we want to do 1 or 2 vials per try. We have enough money for 2 more tries doing it this way - but not enough for a 3rd. (Our hopes were to do 3 more tries.........well......This try will be our last - Right?)

I know this is kind of confusing......and lots of rambling. I'm tired. :)

So onward and upward........ and here's a picture to end:

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