Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby - Here We Come!

Today is day 1 of period :) 2 days early, a bit surprising, but a blessing nonetheless (despite all the crampy, complete utterly feeling like shit!)

I called to the doctor to make my first ultrasound appointment (on day 1-3) and a lady answered whom had left the office. She was the sweetest lady ever - Karen was her name. So anyways, she took some time off for herself and to be with her brand new grand baby (whom was actually helped be Bellingham IVF also). It was *so* good to hear her voice again. She's only working a few days a week right now so it'll be hit and miss for me to *see* her, but even to be able to call and chat with her - will be great. (AND, Karen isn't the only one in the office that is awesome - Linda has been there through the whole time we've been going......and she's great - and Cheryl's good too) It is a very small office so you get to know the people on a more personal level.

I am pretty excited for this round :) and IT is going to take and we're going to have a boy and girl :)

We're fighting the sickies in our household. :o/ K's got my awful cold I had.......so we're trying not to dope up too much on dayquil/nyquil. I'm still fighting it off - but feel 100% better than I did......now if she can only kick it - then we'll be back to somewhat normal.

Did I mention she's turning 40 on Tuesday? :)

With that said, I'm gonna do a little lookin' online then I'm headed to bed - hope to be there before 8pm!

Here's to a healthy (babies) born to us in the next 10 months or so :)



Debbie~ said...

I agree with you Randi, I think your lives are about to change...Truely, it'll be one miracle after another. I can't think of sweeter parents! Sending lots of "positive" thoughts your way!!! Love ya, your other Auntie Debbie~

Deb said...

Candle thoughts and more.

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Go baby go!!! You can do it. You guys are in my thoughts always!! Love Cori.

Skyrat said...

Do hope you and K are in for a MAJOR change in your lives! Sweet, cuddly, gurgly change(s) would be great!