Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Weekend In Review + Pictures

Kauleen surprised me this past weekend with a trip to Long Beach :) I wasn't feeling all that hot (got a bummer of a cold!) and contemplated not even going - but after some much needed dayquil (praise the Lord for it!) and 4.5 hour drive - knowing when we got there - I could lay around and do nothing (and the weather was supposed to be SPECTACULAR) we kept on truckin.......

Our room number.......the beginning of our journey :)

We got the handicapped unit - it was cheap :) and it is a studio (no bedroom) that way I can sleep on the bed while Kauleen reads, watches TV - but yet - we're still in the same room. (One night I was in bed before Kauleen - the next night she was in bed before me *gasp!*) THAT doesn't happen!!

This is the view of the townhouses looking back from the beach side.....so looking at the back side. We have stayed here multiple times - and enjoy our stay each time. The link to THE LIGHTHOUSE RESORT is here: http://www.lighthouseresort.net/ When we first started coming here - it was a little 'Ma and 'Pa type place - very small and these townhouses were very new. They now have grown - added a more "hotel-ish" type check in with not so "ma and pa" like people (they are friendly........but just not the same!) They have a pool and a hot tub now too. They also allow pets :)

Picture from the beach looking at the townhouses :)

The wild waves! The ocean is so amazing..........

Eating a yummy bacon, eggs, toast, and OJ breakfast - made in our room! :) nice picture huh?

Me being crazy :) and smacking the sand off of my shoes.......

One thing with Long Beach - is you never, ever find a whole sand dollar on the beach. I've been there many, many times and always find bits and pieces. Well, we found this one - 3/4......that was close enough!

How cute is she??? :)

I just had to do it............ ;o)

We took a little hike (we didn't want to over do the sicky) and it was just a little one to Beard's Hollow area.......most of Long Beach is very sandy - this area had some rocks that we climbed on...and yes the tide was coming in and at one point I was running.......and running....... LOL

A little birdie that was making lots of noise on the way to Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (we didn't go in as it cost $10!) but we did get the awesome view - see below :)

Weird looking tree :)

AWESOME!! and there were people out on the jetty too!!

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. If I was feeling better we would've hiked to it.

All in all it was a very relaxing and very enjoyable weekend!

We'll be celebrating K's 40th Birthday here March 4th - so we have some family members coming out from Oklahoma to partake in the festivities. I have nothing special planned - just enjoying family. :) So for the next few weeks we'll be busy doing birthday stuff :) oh and baby stuff.......the end of this month we'll jump back on the baby bandwagon :) We sent our paperwork off tonight to NW Cryobank in Spokane :) we'll choose the boys soon.......... :) We officially have baby clothes packed in the car too - super cute - and we plan on putting up a few "pictures/quotes" for us to be more positive/thinking that *it* will happen - focusing I guess on it in a more positive way....... :) (Not that we haven't been positive about it - but it is emotionally hard to get TOO into it!)

I'm going to wrap up for now........I'm tired.
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Deb said...

Hey, you!

When you wrote hitting Long Beach in 4.5 hours, I was thinking Long Beach, California. This girl was ready to think you and K. out-drove me to best that last little encounter of mine with the California Highway Patrol on Interstate 5.

With thanks for the photos, I'm pleased you both took some time away to get away.


Skyrat said...

Hey girlfriends - it looks like you had a beautiful location for some R&R. If I can ever drag myself away from the rocky northern beaches, will have to check that place out. Glad you made it there and back!

Anonymous said...
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Pat said...

Your weekend at the beach looks wonderful! Glad you got to get away for a little break. Love the pictures, you two are too cute!