Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weight & Gestational Diabetes Testing

I have been concerned about my weight recently too. Since my last midwife appointment a month ago, I have gained 12 lbs. I am planning on having a homebirth and am worried about any complications that might arise from gaining too much weight.

The midwife has now put me on a strict low carb/no-low sugar diet. I'm not measuring big. I don't have any other symptoms really. She was going to allow me to eat something sweet rather than do the crappy drink....but now she says with the weight gain I have to do the crappy drink. I'll do it sometime next week to get it over with and for me to not have to stress about it!

We looked at a few things tonight at the store after getting a "carb counter" book and the most important thing for me to get is fiber in the morning..... my cereal has tons of carbs (right now it is frosted fiber one) and I am lactose intolerant so add the rice milk carbs and I'm wayyyyyyy over my carbs for one meal. AND if I don't eat my fiberous cereal for one day... I get plugged. TMI. We're just going to have to give on the cereal.... and we're really going to have to figure out for the rest.....

and exercise here I come. I've been doing a swim class one day a week......
got a prenatal yoga video to do at home........
the nights are longer so we can walk outside (if it isn't raining in the Pacific NW)
or I have a treadmill I could use inside too......

It stresses me out to no end to think I might not be able to have a homebirth so will kick it into high gear as much as I need be able to have one. AND HECK, I may go through all of this and not even HAVE it..... just have gained weight (31lbs at 24.5 weeks!)

Any encouraging words you want to share?
Protein/breakfast ideas with lots of fiber but low carbs?

I will do the test next week......the sooner the better for me not to stress......


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early Good Morning

I got ready in record speed this morning..... expected to have to iron but thanks to some awesome family members who hunted me down some pants.... well I'm wearing a pair today that didn't need ironed! YEAH!!

I am almost on the 100 day countdown.....9 days to go. Isn't that crazy?! :) Kauleen started cleaning out the "room" in which the babies clothes, diapers, etc will go....yeah we're doing a "room" but plan on co-sleeping, etc. We just don't have enough room in OUR room for all the stuff! We'll start painting here someday soon.........

Did I ever post that I'm having a Partylite Candle party on April 4th and anyone who reads this is invited?! :) it is at 10:00am and should be fun. I'm going to get some bagels, cream cheese and some fruit too......... come and check it out!!

Work has been a little nutty lately. It doesn't look like the rates are going to change too much keeping us busy...which is great. Unfortunately, they took away our 10%, now incentive, how great is that?

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend of no specified plans. We've talked about garage saleing, we've talked about the Green Festival (which looks awesome!!), and we've talked about vegging at home doing NOTHING. It is our first weekend and last weekend for awhile with nothing planned......

We see the midwife tomorrow again for a check up :) we will start using the measuring tape to measure my belly. I'll post pictures this sure has grown......but seeing others that are due around when I am........boy do I NOT look pregnant!! Oh well. I just carry differently. Gestational Diabetes testing and blood work this time around..... :)

I think that's it for now.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big 3-0


WITH MANY MORE TO COME........ we love you! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

We ended up locking Rosa out of the bedroom last night. For whatever reason, she has been walking on us, we throw her off the bed, she hops back up in one minute, and we play the game all night - making it an unrestful night for all of us. I tried to play with her a little last night, gave her some cat nip..... but at 3:00am sometime she decided it was time to take a trek on her Moms! I think it doesn't help me getting up to pee so many times a she thinks its time to play? If we lock one out, we have to lock the other out... so about 5am Clover is screaming to come in.....We never heard a peep from Rosa to come back in. We let Clover come back in..... she played in the room with whatever she could find and was fine until I got up about 7:30am.

Last night I had the best all natural beef hotdog (hemplers) with no nitrates, etc. IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! I tried some smartdogs....I think they were tofu dogs? maybe turkey? they were disgusting even TRYING to disguise them with chili. Well, so I had a chili dog for dinner last night.... and am guessing Chuck doesn't like chili so much......I could not get comfortable in any position....we even went shopping for a little bit and still was miserable. I took a gas-x and a tum..... and finally fell asleep last night. Woke to major, major...magical music! YEAH!! :) We celebrate that around here....let me tell you. (maybe TMI for some but oh well) :)

I am beginning to notice it is getting harder and harder to bend down.....and not have the gumption to get off the ground. I need to realize I can't bend/stretch/maneuver like I used too....

Yesterday was K's niece/nephew (twins) 2nd birthday! We're going for a celebration today for them and Amelia who will be turning 6 on the 28th! It is always fun to hang with the family! :)

Tomorrow we'll go and pick up Madison and we're going to have a play date! :) we'll see what she feels up to doing....... we have a few fun ideas!

K's dad called us on Monday night and left us a message...... it stated "K, this is dad, I was in Everett and a lady hit me...I need you to come pick me up.... (lots of police scanner background noise) (dad asking police where at?) "I'll be at the denny's on Pacific way" thank you. SHEESH. We'd been out at my cousins for a get together of a family member that was in town.... and get home about 10 minutes after this message. My first instinct was to call Denny's on Pacific we did and they asked dad. My dad then tries to tell us how to get to the Denny's and we then realize we're not being able to keep them in our heads as we just want to get going.... he suggests taking his GPS - GREAT! We get in the car...... K decides to call her step mom just in case someone else is already on their way....we really don't want to make the trek if someone is already picking him up. Someone was already on their way.....we turned around and came home. About 10 minutes after being home... Denny's was calling us. It was K's dad. He had just gotten dropped off there. (HE HAS NO CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!) Ends up....... a lady was getting on the freeway in Everett..... hit ice... Dad was in the middle lane.....the lady hit him went flying one direction and sent Dad flying another direction where he spun a few times then hit a concrete barrier. NO ONE WAS HURT and NO ONE ELSE WAS INVOLVED!!!!!!!! can you believe it!? His truck is totaled and he's using our truck for now..... He hasn't been sore, wasn't hurt or anything. We're glad everyone came out safe and not hurt!

This coming weekend we're hosting the "Girls Day Out" at our house! :) Our theme it "Cinco De Mayo Gay Bingo" with gay really having nothing to do with it....LOL Our initial thought was to do Gay Bingo in Seattle but I just don't handle the "party" scene all that well....and decided it'd probably send me over the edge....... so we'd make our own "safe" gay bingo at home!! I think we're going to have a taco bar and some homemade tamales .... mmmm. We'll also do a little celebration of Ryan and her 30th birthday on the 24th! (you're getting old!!)

On the pregnancy side of things....... I am 23 weeks today. It is crazy that we're half way through March... and come April I will have less than 100 days to go. We start birthing classes at the end of April that will go through the beginning of June. I've been feeling great. I did a pre-natal swimming class last Tuesday in Anacortes and will probably do it again this week. I need to start doing some walking. I also have a call into a dance instructor whom I heard through the swimming class that does prenatal yoga......I'm crossing my fingers. I really like the yoga. I may just be able to do a class here in Burlington and just amend it to be what I can do..... it relaxes me like nothing else. :) I felt hiccups for the first time this week..... it felt like my butt was twitching. LOL It hiccuped from the front to back it really was weird. I've been feeling Chuck kick a LOT more often too. He actually woke me up for the first time this morning.....

K and I are going to head to Coulee in April to check things out and chill out for a bit. It will probably be one of our last trips before the baby.... we may be able to go in June... we'll see. K will make the trek late April with Dad to go over and discuss them putting in new water lines. (They have had to send us notices since we bought the place that the arsenic levels were too high) and I think the health department is now cracking down on them. We're crossing, hoping, that if they replace the water that they do the sewer too. That would make our options for Coulee SKY ROCKET. (right now we can only remodel what we have - not tear down because our septic isn't to IS grandfathered in... but not to code) We really don't care on the money side of the things..... we'll make it work - BUT this would really help our property values. The hard part is right now most people are strapped a little bit more for money and so paying quite a bit out each more per month for these things to happen... we'll see how the city council meeting goes. :) we at least know 4 houses that want to partake....... one being mom and dad!! :)

I'm getting excited for Life Is Good. I had such a hard time transitioning back to real life last time......really missed it..... so am really trying to prepare myself. It looks like I'll be getting a ride from a local friend that is coming from my area for the first time with her family (including a new baby!!) and then K will come down on Saturday to hang out for a day or 2... and then we'll drive back together. We can't both be off just can't happen anymore. (the birth will be an exception and then she's only taking 2-3 weeks off)

K's up now so I gotta go and read the paper and eat my banana.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Post

baby ticker moved to...........

6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Officially 4 months to go....... grow baby grow.

Thursday, March 05, 2009