Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stage of Rudy

I've been contemplating, examining, and role playing in my head a lot lately with how to deal with, react to what Rudy does sometimes (lately it has been maybe 1-2x a day). Here was the situation this morning:

(preface to say we were awake at 4:30am - normally 7:30)

Mama was sitting on the floor and Rudy came behind me and peeks around me as Mama says "Where's Rudy" (a game we often play) Rudy then pulls Mama's hair and I gently pull him closer to me and say "Hair is not for pulling, that hurts mama" and then he proceeds to hit, kick and then he will try to bite everything in the near vicinity.

I've tried to think if I need to hold him closer (so he feels safe?) or let him have space and get the emotions out? This mornings situation I think could have been because he was tired (and) am going to try to really pay attention now to the other times he does this now and see if it is when he is tired.

So, Professional AP parents - what would you do? :)