Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Negative

I had the blood test yesterday and we got the final word - it was negative. Until you get that final word, only always has a little piece of them that still *hopes*. We went to dinner last night and just discussed what our options are and what we want to do. :)

We had thought about going to Seattle IVF and trying a different clinic. The problem with that is taking time off work and at the last minute - because insemination's are not all that well planned. I can see a doctor in Bham on a lunch hour for appointments (and they have a satellite office) but all procedures are done in Bham and would be done on last minute notice (and with work - that just isn't fair).

The thing we liked most about Seattle IVF is that they check blood hormone levels, inseminate on different hours, etc. (Bham IVF has done nothing of this sort and is *very* conservative). WHEN and IF we did IVF - we would do it out of Seattle. We will probably try 3 more times before going that route........

I am going to make an appointment with a local midwife and explain that we're trying to get pregnant and see what tests I can do to check my hormone levels, etc. and/or things I could do to help get pregnant. We then will continue with the Bham office. They are like family also.....only 3 of them in there - and all very fun and personable - and make me *feel* very comfortable.

We will give my ovaries a month off (and honestly, it kind of whacks me out a bit doing this to my ovaries with cancer and we think maybe giving them a month off here and there is best) and then we'll probably try again in late February. (I really, really want to be pregnant for Life is Good!) :)

Erin - I will be doing cloth, and hope that at least the first year I won't have to do washing of them myself - but would :)

We're up in the air about Mexico still...... we could do it - but financially probably shouldn't (especially with the costs of sperm, more tries, etc.) and if we want to do *anything* to Coulee this year - then any extra money needs to be put towards that.

I'm excited for this weekend to just be around people and have a fun-filled time. :)

Thank you all for your means more than anyone would know.
R & K

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Official Testing Day

Today's the day. I will possibly get it done this morning ....don't know when I will get the results. This is the blood test. They will not let me stop the progesterone until I have it done.

I don't believe I'm pregnant........although my heart/head keeps going back to that Chinese fortune I got "You will receive and unexpected gift!".

That'd be the awesome-ist gift ever - hands down.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Top Ten Bored Items

  1. Checking the forecast for snow - too many times to count.
  2. Checking Zombie Princess, Zenmomma, and any other blog I can continually throughout the day to see if they have updated and/or written anything awesome (as usual)
  3. Thought, re-thought, stated and re-stated to Kauleen multiple times "Am I pregnant?".
  4. Sat in my chair with the heating pad on, watch the news (Weather again).
  5. Ate, ate and ate some more..........
  6. Pet the cat(s) and let them purr/lay in my lap.....
  7. Play online........and do #2 all over again........
  8. Check my boards....only to find no one has posted anything........
  9. Feel like doing something - but not motivated to do anything.
  10. I want to get my toes done - but have no motivation to go out and get them done

How's that for interesting? LOL



So, for some reason, awakening at 5:45am on the weekend is just *wrong* - but I've done it the past 2 days. Oh well. It allows me to have some quiet time by myself.

I woke to snow this morning.......and it is STILL snowing!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wish K would get up to enjoy it with me!)

We have no plans for today..........none :) just hang out and get my shot! oh joy. We'll do the normal Sunday routine - laundry :)

Oh joy oh joy.


Robotic Artificial Nocturnal Destruction Individual

Get Your Cyborg Name

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today I woke up at 5:45am and immediately was like "I GOTTA TEST!" I then was awake for the morning...... oh joy.

We've discussed a lot of things today, Kauleen and I. We are both still pretty sure I am pregnant. I guess most pregnancy tests do not do really well ahead of your period. The test we took today had a 67% chance today - and it improves day by day closer to my period. I'm just going to wait until my blood test on Tuesday. :)

I've been eating like a pig - which I was aware of - but was informed by Kauleen today that "I know you're pregnant because your eating like a pig!" LOL I haven't been able to get enough food! I wake up hungry. I feel queasy - I eat to feel better :) very weird.

We are making some brownies right now........YUM! it smells good!

I am *very* excited for NCN and the plans that unraveled for Friday night (I was a bit hesitant) but now that everyone will be in one place and easy for me to find after work (won't be till probably 6pm) but I'll be there! I was *really* hoping K would come along......but her grandma (94) is moving out of her house she has lived in for 50 years into a retirement she'll be helping her transition and move.

I am going out of my comfort zone to do this.........even by myself! BUT I will meet lots of neat people and have a great time I'm sure of it!

Here are some recipes I am thinking of making:

I AM VERY excited for the S-N-O-W!!! :) I find it kind of funny that I always seem to end up doing the courier position when it snows - its not TOO bad other than a few hills here and there...... I just take my time and enjoy the beauty of it all. It doesn't come often enough.


Stinkin' Negative

I am 12 days past ovulation - with my period supposed to start on the 28th.

It could still be too early....... will test again.

My hopes are low.......

It wouldn't be such a bad thing if one didn't have the stress of all the stinkin' appointments and money to go along with it.

I guess the fun part will be is that we get to choose another donor! :) I'll post the info on here so you all can see when it comes to that point.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all you wonderful people and friends that have everything (even their boobs crossed!)

I am not testing until Saturday A.M. (for some who may have been confused) I will post on here as soon as I know.

There is still a chance that we could get a negative tomorrow - and a positive later.....I'm not supposed to be starting my period until the 28th - so it could be that the pregnancy hormone hasn't been set off enough for my body to recognize it.

SO, even though tomorrow's test could tell us - it isn't the end until I see my period arrive.

Here's to a restful night of sleep.......and a positive test tomorrow :)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

7:03 A.M.

I'm sitting here with wet hair and just got done doing my morning check of blogs :) and would rather just stay home today and cozy up.

We're going to see The Business of Being Born tonight and then listen to a panel of midwives - makes me even more excited to be pregnant! :)

I am getting excited more and more for NCN - and am having fun thinking of things I could bring for the raffle. I'm still trying to figure out what I should bring for Saturday........wether it should be Madi Gras related......(and how to figure that out) and/or just something plain YUMMY that everyone would enjoy. :)

I had better go iron my khaki's.........its a khaki, turtle neck and vest type of day. Tomorrow is jeans and tennis shoes - and am doing the run and word processing.....tomorrow will be an interesting day - but ya know what - ONE DAY CLOSER TO TESTING!!!!!!!! (and the weekend......) AND they said S-N-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want my parents to be the first to know about the pregnancy.......and/or I may not post for a bit until I can get a hold of them via email/phone. :)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back To Work...and Signs

Today we headed back to work - and it is very very slow at work making for some lonnnggg days - although we are getting things cleaned up that haven't been for some time. (I am also thankful that I get to do the courier next week - which makes the day go by so much faster!)

The last shot (and hopefully tonight's shot) have been pretty good so far. My left side is still hurting quite a bit (like when you pull your pants up/down to potty) but I've been able to sleep a lot better. The shots have been seeming to hurt a bit more also.......

Today I've had a change of heart - some feelings of things inside, etc. have me leaning more positive :) and of course wanting to test even more! I'm thinking it is 3....... yep you read it - 3. :)

Cori - with what we are doing (it isn't InVitro - it is an insemination) and normally we get HCG shots to go along with AI (artificial insemination) but this time I am getting progesterone. The HCG is what is tested with HPT's - hence why we can test. I do not believe I will start bleeding until I quit taking the progesterone - hence why I think I'm supposed to get a blood test on the 29th? (shrug) nothing like paying for a pregnancy test and not being pregnant (Insurance doesn't cover those!)

I just got out of the bath and am going to go relax....... :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Today is a beautiful day. We woke up pretty early (around 7am) and had some coffee and hung out. We just got back from running a few errands......and now K is cleaning a bathroom and I'm going to vacuum here soon.

Have I told you all how hard it is NOT to want to test?? *ugh* Thankfully I get to go back to work tomorrow to keep my mind off of it............

The doctor called back this morning and said that the effect I am having with the medicine is very common and that they could change the type of oil in the shot - but I only have 1 week left until we find out if I'm pregnant - at which point - we can then change what type of oil. I can handle it for one week. It's just really red, and feels lumpy/bruised. Like I said........If I'm pregnant - these effects are nothing to me! If I'm not - ohhhhhhhhhh I'll not be happy.

I wish there was an easier/cheaper way.....................


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Day!

Today we have been a bit more active and actually done something. It has taken us from Thursday-Saturday to actually *feel* like doing something!

This morning we hunted around the house for our receipt for our bed that K has said is sinking in the middle and we are warrantied for 10 years. Well, she doesn't think it is sinking enough for them to warranty us. My back was killing me last night - but I don't know if that was from me being careful not to lay on my hips/butt (I've only been able to lay on one side!)

Thankfully now my right butt/hip is doing better and my left is a bit sore today. I think the key is LOTS of heat and LOTS of massage. So, we'll work on that!

We took my computer in to Best Buy this morning to get some more juice put into it! We've been contemplating doing it - its just I never want to have it gone from me! They said they could do it in 2.5 hours - well they did it while we waited! 2 GIGS! I only had 512 in it was about time. LOL

We then went to Costco (got green beans, dish soap, cat food, cat litter, eye glasses for K......) and then went to Haggen grocery shopping - came home ate some sandwich and then plugged the computer in - and wham. The surge protector went out. *sigh*

So, off to town we go again to get a surge protector along with a light bulb and something I had craved since Best Buy -- BUBBALICOUS WATERMELON GUM! so we had fun popping bubbles, chewing very sugary.....and smiling and laughing........(K got it stuck in her hair!) LOL

I'm bout ready to spit it out now......but man it tastes good. I said "Is this something I'll crave when pregnant?" LOL

I got to talk to my 'rents this morning - sounds like they are enjoying themselves - and they got a timeshare. Can't wait to hear all the details of it!! :o) that may mean some cheap travelin' for us sometime too!! :)

I'm still contemplating whether I should get a room for NCN - not that I don't want to - just don't know if I want to spend the money. It is coming up very soon.

Thursday I'm going to this movie - and believe you me - I do not go to movies (I sleep at movies!) but this interests me:

Anyone who wants to join me and Kauleen is more than welcome!! :)

Love to you all!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ever Have Those Days?...

Where you want to do something - but have no energy to get moving to do it? I woke up at 7am this morning (didn't sleep all that well last night with a sore bum!) and played on the computer. K got up around 8am - we had coffee, read the paper, watched some news - she read her book - I played on the computer. At about 10:00 I was starving.....nothing to eat in the stinkin' house - we need to go grocery shopping - so guess what I had for breakfast? SALAMI and CRACKERS! lol K told me this morning - you're going to give birth to a salami at this rate! LOL (and also informed me that I need to eat better for a baby.....) :) Then we both had showers..........

It is now 12:36 - K's taking a nap and I'm sitting here with wet hair in my sweats and am bored out of my gourd - but don't want to do a damn thing. LOL I'd love to get on a plane and go some place........we have Monday off - now that'd be an adventure - like Vegas - somewhere WARM and possibly SUNNY! The weather outside is yucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 2 more days of no work - and I think I'm ready to go back..............I'm going stir crazy.

I'm still contemplating when to test...........I've been told you can test up to 5 days before your period is supposed to start - that'd put me on 24th.....we had discussed Saturday the 26th (that way I'm home and can get the news and not have to go to work) or just be patient and wait until the 28th/29th........

My boobs don't hurt (which is quite unusual - especially with the HCG) and the progesterone isn't making them hurt either - which I often hear does. *shrug* We'll see............and the thought of having to start this crap all over again if it doesn't take...........makes me want to curl up in a is so stressful/inconvenient (with all the appointments and money).

OK! enough...... lol


Friday, January 18, 2008

Poor Butt!

My first shot on Thursday did not seem to go over well with my body - and it now has a red circle around it and is *very* tender. I have to switch sides and so tonight I got the shot again on this side......we'll see how it goes. We contemplated calling the doctor today....but we'll give it the weekend and see if it shapes up a bit - or - if I'm having an allergic reaction.

We'd rather have suppositories......but I've heard sometimes they don't give one the level of Progesterone needed (like a shot does).

We enjoyed ourselves last night away at a beautiful Bellingham hotel :) We went up in the afternoon after Kauleen got a massage (I had planned on getting one but my ovaries have been too sore......and as of yesterday A.M. did not want to even lay on my stomach - let alone anyone push on me!) and then we ate dinner at Anthony's........I was asleep by 7:30pm and slept all night. IT was delightful.

We came home early and visited K's grandma (94) and K'a aunt. It looks like they are going to try to put Grandma T in a "retirement" facility. Not assisted living (she lives on her own and does considerably well.....) but it is just getting to be too much for the one daughter to take care of - and the one friend that ran Gma to most appointments - is unable to do so now - this way - Gma can make more friends and have more activities to do - if she wants. She'll have a kitchen, stove, etc. in her little apartment. They are going to go look at it sometime next week! :) I guess Gma was very adamant about NOT going at first.........but both daughters went and looked at it and then came back and later that night Gma finally started asking some questions about it - and today seemed up to it. So, we'll see. She obviously wants to see it...........and maybe that'll help.

That's it for now........

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Matter Truly Slide - By R & K

Tioughnioga may refer to:
Tioughnioga River, a tributary of the Chenango River
Givetian, also known as Tioughniogan or Tioughnioga stage, the middle stage of the Middle Devonian period
Here's the was kind of fun to see what came up!
1. The first article title on the page is the name of your
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
You then take the pic and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your pic.

R & K's Album - to be released October 2008 :)

My Fortune

I went out to lunch with a lady from work yesterday and here is my fortune:

You will recieve an unexpected gift

That was a keeper with all we're going through right now :)

I had my first shot last night of progesterone........oh not so fun. The progesterone is oil based - so if it is very thick. The needle is long too.......(I've been giving myself shots in the stomach - with a smaller one). Bless our neighbors heart for coming over every night to give me a shot......I was just thinking "we can't go anywhere with these shots!". So I guess I'm pretty much staying put at home most days/nights for the next 3 months.

We have the next 5 days off - so we'll be hanging low. We have massages today and are just going to relax and enjoy.

When did all you mothers out there know you were pregnant?

Love to you all.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Right On Track

I have 2 BIG eggs (20/19) and a few small eggs - and we're heading towards insemination tomorrow! :) Yahoo!

They are doing a bit of a different twist that what we've had before - they gave me my HCG shot today (a BIG dose - bigger than normal) and then I will be on progesterone shots for the next 2 weeks. I'll find out my exact date to test tomorrow - but am pretty sure it is the 25th. :) IF we get a positive pregnancy, I'll be taking the progesterone shots for 3 more months! *YOWCH!* and bless my sweet neighbor who'll come over and poke my in the hind end each night! (Kauleen just cannot do it.......we've tried!) I can give myself a shot in the stomach - but can't reach behind me!)

I felt a bit better today about it all........and am now getting excited. I think we're going to take it easy this weekend and just chill out. The 25th isn't *that* far away............. :)

So............feel free to post encouraging comments, send me poems, funny sayings/jokes, light some candles on our behalf, prayers.......and cross any body part you can :) in hopes that 1 born baby is welcomed into our family........we'd take more than 1 :) but that's all we're requesting at this time.

Thank you to all who have supported us, wished for us, prayed for us and done all you can to send positive energy our way. We are forever grateful for the love and support.

Keep checking back here for updates and such - and I'll keep blogging.........just not much going to be said on the pregnancy end of it now until the 25th........


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Out of Sorts

Whoa today was a day I'd never wish to live again. I have too many things going on and too much stressing........and I finally broke down today.

Who'd ever thought that a 27 year old women would be so stressed out about her parents leaving on a 3 week trip to Mexico - to have the time of their lives - just worried about their safety - and most of all - not being able to call them when I want to and chat! (I think the chatting thing is what gets to me most....) PLUS, I'm trying to get pregnant with their grandchild, and would love for them to be one of the first to know...........well.......they will find out probably just as soon as everyone else does (because I probably won't know until about the day they return!)

Secondly.........the thought of what is going to happen next if I'm not pregnant, yep - it's the planner in me. We'll have to spend another $2,000 on sperm on top of the doctors appointments (this appt alone is $1250 so far.......I'll let you know if I pay more tomorrow!) HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?! So, we're putting any plans aside for Mexico right now to see what happens...........not that it *won't* happen, just we need to wait and see. We're wanting a baby and need to keep our priorities straight............and this baby thing could take a bit more money - ugh.

After my fit of crying.........been doing lots of it the past few days - but then again - I am on medicine which could make my hormones out of whack in itself :) we ended up spending the afternoon in La Conner putzing around the town, ate a wonderful lunch at Calico Cupboard and enjoyed our time. :)

BTW, I took my last shot today.......and am so thankful. (I may need more after tomorrow's appointment - but am doubting it!) The shots they gave us have kind of been troublesome to get the medicine out of - and believe you me - we've dealt with plenty of shots in the last 3-4 years.

I'm going to sign off for now...........and I'll post more tomorrow. My appointment is at 10:45 but I will not be posting until my return.


P.S. think of my parents and a few other family members flying to Mexico tomorrow - for safety and all!

Friday, January 11, 2008


I had my appointment today for another ultrasound and this may sound a bit odd - but came away a bit disappointed!

I had an appointment on Monday - had about 4 eggs looking "good".
I had an appointment on Wednesday - had about 3 eggs looking "good."
I've been taking 1 cc of medicine to UP the amount of eggs/make the big eggs BIGGER - and today both the doctor and nurse said "Looks like we'll have 2 good eggs!"

NOW, 2 eggs is great.......but some people naturally produce 2 eggs and here I'm paying quite a bit of money and all I am producing is 2 eggs? All we need is one fertilized.......but still.

The doctor we see is in Bellingham - a very small clinic (Bellingham IVF). The doctor himself is a bit different and the details have to be asked in such a way for him to give more - if that makes sense. We like the sense of "family" it produces - and having gone up there now for over 4 years off/on......we feel comfortable.

If this time around doesn't work - we're going to head down South where maybe they might not be as conservative as this clinic - which is very conservative. (I'm not wanting a Seahawk Team :) but we'd take 1-3.......

So, that's the news. I'm on medicine still until Monday - and will have another ultrasound. I guess my eggs need to be around 20+ (some measurement) LOL and today they were 13/14 - so 3 more days of medicine and we should be good. (Wednesday my eggs were 10 - and they jumped in 2 days to 13/14 - so we're booking it with the medicine).

Also, please feel free to ask any questions and/or want to know more.......I know lots of people are interested in how this all works - it can get a bit confusing with the timing, etc.

Right now it looks like Tuesday is the tentative day of I should know if I'm pregnant right about Non-Corn North!

That's it for now!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday P.S.

I meant to mention how much it means to me that I'm able to share this adventure with friends and family. In the past, we have kept it to ourselves (5 insemination's and 1 Invitro) - but after having thought about it - I could make it an adventure with those I love and care about - and find support and care in each of you. Now, it won't be easier come the day my periods supposed to arrive and it does - with no positive pregnancy, but I know I have friends/family there for support to help pick me up and try again.

I am blessed by each one of you - and thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, fingers (and other body parts crossed) in hopes of this to be a positive pregnancy - with 1, 2, or 3+ babies! :)


Thursday Typing.....

What a day at work! WHEW! I guess it started out with us both thinking today was Friday - and when I got to work I had a friend that had emailed me and it said "HAPPY FRIDAY!" I was like huh? LOL VERY confused.

Kauleen had a crapper of a file she worked on........guess who gets it next? Randi! An average file would take me about 1/2 hour 45 minutes to type. This one today took me 4 hours - lots of tiny print and stupid stuff! UGH. I'm glad today is here and going......... :)

I've given myself 2 shots now and seem to be doing fine. I haven't even felt the poke of the needle - so I guess that's good? The medicine stings a bit going in......but that's ok.

I'm not really thinking about it too much yet - because the sperm haven't been set free yet - so there are not chances of pregnancy - yet - but we're sure creating a lush garden for the fertilized eggs to cozy up and build deep roots. :)

I've narrowed down where I want to go - Isla Mujeres. :) Kauleen isn't into doing as much research, deal searching as I am (and honestly I think it drives her batty!) LOL but thankfully she loves me. Here's a website for info on it - it sounds amazingly relaxing. Playa Media Luna is one of the hotels we're looking into.

We don't have much plans for this weekend - other than finish taking down the Christmas decorations - it just doesn't seem as fun taking them down as putting them up and seeing the end result :)

Saturday we're looking forward to cozy'ing up rooting on the SEAHAWKS! It should be a fun and intense game!

On Sunday we'll see if the weather is nice - maybe going for a walk or a hike?.....

I've been contemplating joining the gym.........who wants to help me decide if I should or not? LOL

Here are my reasoning's and they can contradict each other in someways too:

1) don't change the routine now while trying to get pregnant.........BUT being in better shape I hear can help with an easier pregnancy.........

2) do I get up in the A.M.? or do I do it in the P.M.? I get so tired/hungry after work that it'd behoove me to do it in the morning........but will I really get out of bed?

3) if we're going to Mexico that gives me some incentive.........but is there something that I can give myself daily..........I love my computer time - so that was K's suggestion - no computer until you've exercised.

4) Do I really want to spend $50 a month on a gym membership for at least a year..............(a year contract has to be signed). I used to have this membership through work but because we didn't know what our plans were for this year - didn't sign me up. now I have to sign myself up.........(company paid for it before - but if you left - you have to pay it back).

Mom and Dad, Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom leave for Mexico soon! :) sure hope they enjoy themselves! Sure miss them while their gone!! :)

love to you all!

P.S. I'll post when I get home tomorrow.......the doctors appt is at will be VERY interesting.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Onward and Upward!

I had another ultrasound today and we're going onward and upward! YEAH! My eggs are behaving so far this time, which is such great news. I was very hesitant that this medicine they tried me on this time wouldn't do the same thing.

So, today I had about 3 eggs that were good size and were separating from the little eggs. I'm now started on 1cc of medicine......nothing I've taken before and a free sample of something they had that was like repronex (an egg enhancer). (Side note: I took 50mg of follistim last try.....and created an army) so this time they are literally giving me a SNIFF of it. :) These are shots of course :) but I handle them well in my stomach - no biggie. So I do these shots for the next few days and go up again on Friday for another ultrasound. Nothing like being wanded............. LOL

Now......Friday is where it can get a little tricky and be interesting (and let me tell you......Friday I'll be a bit of a mess........just wanting to know how the eggs are doing!) but I believe Friday is day 12......most people ovulate on day 12-15ish.......some I'm sure earlier/later - but the average is that. So......if I don't get an HCG shot (to make me ovulate) on Friday then I may have to be checked again on Saturday/Sunday (making the doctor come in for a special trip) and/or wait till Monday but then we risk the chance of me ovulating naturally. Anyone confused yet?

At this rate....they give me a shot on Friday - they still have to inseminate on Saturday :) OR I wait until Saturday/Sunday and/or Monday. I don't think it'll go past Monday..............

and have I told you how excited I am?
This try is like doing 3 tries of regular insemination's. I have only tried 1 insemination.
Other than these happenings...... not much has been going on. I've been researching, looking, researching, looking, frying my brain on trying to figure out where to go, what to do, where to stay in Mexico! :) I've asked places for reservations, only to be told they are booked. We may end up changing our dates............but then if I get pregnant - we don't have much dates to change :) know how that goes.
That's it for now..................I'll post when I know more.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Doctors Appointment

I had my doctors appointment today and we have 4 eggs on the right side that are approx. size 10 something. LOL (he just measures 10 x 10) anyways.....the eggs need to be I believe at least 19.......

I have quite a few smaller eggs in my right ovary along with these 4 bigger eggs - so I'm not on any medicine for a few days and go back up for an ultrasound on Wednesday. :)

If all goes as planned - the bigger eggs will take over and push the smaller eggs away and/or from growing. He will then give me some more medicine on Wednesday to enhance the bigger eggs to grow faster/bigger/better :) BUT we are being very careful with this medicine as I produced the army last as he says it "You will sniff it and they will grow!" :) Just call me Fertile Myrtle - and - I guess it is really good for us to know this really...........because if it ever came down to us having to do IVF ($10,000 - youch!) we know that I can produce a lot of eggs - which is key in IVF.

So, I'll keep you up to date. I'm feeling pretty good :) a few ovary pains here and there (very common) and my back has been out.......but I think that may have to do with the ovary stuff too - its all connected somehow I'm sure! :)

YAHOOOOOOOOOO!! I cannot wait! Here's hoping for 1.....or even 2 or 3!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend and I don't feel as if I got to relax much - but hey - sometimes it makes you more thankful for the down times! :)

Friday night.......we went out to dinner at THE KEG. :) thank you to the wonderful people who gave us gift cards for Christmas :) it was very enjoyable. After that we hit Barnes and Noble for the Frommers Guide to "Cancun, Cozumel & The Yucatan 2008!" :)

Saturday......We had some returns to make and then we watched the SEAHAWKS. Wow! What a game! It was crazy-ness. Then we watched Braxton from 6pm until 1pm Sunday. :) He's sure growing up..........we enjoy our time with him - but also enjoy our time of peace and quiet. (I continually tell'll be different when you have your own!)

Sunday we watched the boy :) and then we went and visited Kauleen's Grandma and Aunt that is here from California and then stopped by Walgreen's and got our Passport Photos :) then came home, cleaned, ate some dinner and now we're chilling and doing laundry! oh the joys.

I took my last pill of Clomid 50 mg today :) and go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully me eggs/ovaries are behaving.....and we're not producing an army. I will probably be put on a shot type medicine tomorrow (Follistim, possibly) but we'll see what they say. Tomorrow is day 7 of my cycle.

We're trying to pin point where we want to stay in Mexico.......its kind of tough. We aren't big party/drinkers - and the more out of town we can get for a more relaxing trip - that sounds almost more enticing to us. So.....right now here are my 2 choices of where I'd love to stay....... (we are also taking into consideration how "Americanized" we want things - and these 2 places will very possibly be NOT Americanized at all") (Holbox Island) (Isla Murjeres)

They within our price rang - but - the big question is - 1) Americanized? and/or 2) Ferry Rides (and how far do we want to be away from land........and/or with Randi's motion sickness :)

Kauleen needs to get on and do the bills I've gotta sign on. I'll post again tomorrow with the doctors update.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

No Title

I really want to do Thursday Thirteen, but until I come up with a list of 13 things that really might interest myself and/or others - I'm just going to quit trying. I've typed and re-typed a few ideas tonight and am going with I'm not doing it! :)

I went to the baby doctor on Monday and had an ultrasound - no eggs were there - so we're on track for this cycle, once again. I started taking 50mg of clomid on Wednesday and will do so through Monday - and then will have another ultrasound - and take the next step of medicine. The doctor is watching me very carefully so I produced an army last time :) and honestly, I'd be OK with a few kids - just not an army. :)

Kauleen and I got OK'd today for our vacation at work. Somethings are changing with our vacation policy making lots of people needing to take lots of time off between now and July - but we got OK'd and I am so excited!! I am most excited to know that I got the time off for the Life Is Good Conference. I was a bit hesitant in registering beings it is Memorial Day Weekend and in a "red zone" (special permission) area - but was granted it. :) YAHOOOOOOOOO! I am very excited. (AND I hope someone can teach me how to knit/crochet and/or the difference between the 2 while I'm there!)

I'm getting excited for Non-Corn North too. I'm just going to quit re-typing the Non-Corn - that's just it :) Non-Corn. ROFL. I should make T-shirts. LOL

We're looking into going to Mexico (Cancun) - anyone have a timeshare and/or know of someone who does? Have them contact me!!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Today was such an enjoyable day! I loved it! I started the day off with cramps....miserable. BUT on the happy side, I'm on day 1 of my period - for the next try for a baby!! :) I will go up to the doctor tomorrow (Jan 2) for an ultrasound to make sure I don't have any left over eggs - and if not - we're on the road to trying to make another baby!! K and I are very excited!

We just laid around most of the morning.....watched Mystery Alaska - and I even watched it and didn't fall asleep. That being said - you know its a great movie!

We then started taking down the Christmas decorations outside. We got most of it put away and our yard is empty, empty, empty now.

We drove over to Grand Coulee on Saturday morning and we were not too thrilled about the amounts of snow they have been receiving in the passes - but we were headed over to celebrate Christmas. We take Stevens Pass (HWY 2) usually, but it is a bit higher in elevation than Snoqualmie (I-90) so we took Snoqualmie. The road on the way over wasn't that bad - until we reached the East side of the mountains and then it still wasn't that bad - just slush/snow/ice in places. It was sunny and beautiful though (something we don't get on this side very often). We made it there in about 5 hours - the usual.

We enjoyed our times with the parents and sister/brother in law immensely. We had some good laughs and enjoyed each others company. K & I slept in our cabin and stayed plenty warm with our new heaters we bought.

Kauleen turns 40 in March and I'm really contemplating as to what I should do for her. She's mentioned Mexico - but doesn't want to spend the money (especially if we're trying to get prego) but if I can keep it under $1000 (including airfare) I think she'd do it. We have found a place that is reasonably cheap - I guess we just need to get our passports moving right now - that in itself can be too much money!!

I hope that this year brings us a healthy baby and/or babies :) and that this year brings to each one of you - peace, joy, and good health.

Unproductive Day

Kauleen and I feel like having a very unproductive day. I started the day off with a list of things that needed to get done - only to find out - we don't feel like doing anything! So, K just got out of the shower and we're going to sit and watch a movie.......something I can only do in the morning time.....and still may fall asleep :)

I wanted to post something as we've been gone for a few days......and I'll post a few more posts tonight. Got lots to say........

Happy New Year from a lady who was in bed at 9pm - and woke up to fireworks at 12am! LOL