Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today I woke up at 5:45am and immediately was like "I GOTTA TEST!" I then was awake for the morning...... oh joy.

We've discussed a lot of things today, Kauleen and I. We are both still pretty sure I am pregnant. I guess most pregnancy tests do not do really well ahead of your period. The test we took today had a 67% chance today - and it improves day by day closer to my period. I'm just going to wait until my blood test on Tuesday. :)

I've been eating like a pig - which I was aware of - but was informed by Kauleen today that "I know you're pregnant because your eating like a pig!" LOL I haven't been able to get enough food! I wake up hungry. I feel queasy - I eat to feel better :) very weird.

We are making some brownies right now........YUM! it smells good!

I am *very* excited for NCN and the plans that unraveled for Friday night (I was a bit hesitant) but now that everyone will be in one place and easy for me to find after work (won't be till probably 6pm) but I'll be there! I was *really* hoping K would come along......but her grandma (94) is moving out of her house she has lived in for 50 years into a retirement she'll be helping her transition and move.

I am going out of my comfort zone to do this.........even by myself! BUT I will meet lots of neat people and have a great time I'm sure of it!

Here are some recipes I am thinking of making:

I AM VERY excited for the S-N-O-W!!! :) I find it kind of funny that I always seem to end up doing the courier position when it snows - its not TOO bad other than a few hills here and there...... I just take my time and enjoy the beauty of it all. It doesn't come often enough.



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Ronnie said...

You *should* be nervous about NCN, Randi. We like to poke newcomers with sharp sticks. Mwah ha ha!

Now you know the real reason I'm so excited to see you Friday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Eat it all you pig, your eating for like 3 now!!! Go with what you body is telling you. You know the answer, you and I are the same, you just have to see it on paper (or pee stick!!). I love you, Love Cori.