Friday, January 11, 2008


I had my appointment today for another ultrasound and this may sound a bit odd - but came away a bit disappointed!

I had an appointment on Monday - had about 4 eggs looking "good".
I had an appointment on Wednesday - had about 3 eggs looking "good."
I've been taking 1 cc of medicine to UP the amount of eggs/make the big eggs BIGGER - and today both the doctor and nurse said "Looks like we'll have 2 good eggs!"

NOW, 2 eggs is great.......but some people naturally produce 2 eggs and here I'm paying quite a bit of money and all I am producing is 2 eggs? All we need is one fertilized.......but still.

The doctor we see is in Bellingham - a very small clinic (Bellingham IVF). The doctor himself is a bit different and the details have to be asked in such a way for him to give more - if that makes sense. We like the sense of "family" it produces - and having gone up there now for over 4 years off/on......we feel comfortable.

If this time around doesn't work - we're going to head down South where maybe they might not be as conservative as this clinic - which is very conservative. (I'm not wanting a Seahawk Team :) but we'd take 1-3.......

So, that's the news. I'm on medicine still until Monday - and will have another ultrasound. I guess my eggs need to be around 20+ (some measurement) LOL and today they were 13/14 - so 3 more days of medicine and we should be good. (Wednesday my eggs were 10 - and they jumped in 2 days to 13/14 - so we're booking it with the medicine).

Also, please feel free to ask any questions and/or want to know more.......I know lots of people are interested in how this all works - it can get a bit confusing with the timing, etc.

Right now it looks like Tuesday is the tentative day of I should know if I'm pregnant right about Non-Corn North!

That's it for now!


Anonymous said...

Wow Randi. I had NO clue you were so close. We haven't talked in so long. I just looked at your blog!! How exciting. I'll be thinking good thoughts. Abby will too, she wants more friends!! (:

Aunt Mary said...

We'll read your blog from time to time, Randi, while we're in Cabo, so keep us updated. We're all wishing good things. (Decide about the gym after this week!)
Love and hugs!