Monday, January 07, 2008

Doctors Appointment

I had my doctors appointment today and we have 4 eggs on the right side that are approx. size 10 something. LOL (he just measures 10 x 10) anyways.....the eggs need to be I believe at least 19.......

I have quite a few smaller eggs in my right ovary along with these 4 bigger eggs - so I'm not on any medicine for a few days and go back up for an ultrasound on Wednesday. :)

If all goes as planned - the bigger eggs will take over and push the smaller eggs away and/or from growing. He will then give me some more medicine on Wednesday to enhance the bigger eggs to grow faster/bigger/better :) BUT we are being very careful with this medicine as I produced the army last as he says it "You will sniff it and they will grow!" :) Just call me Fertile Myrtle - and - I guess it is really good for us to know this really...........because if it ever came down to us having to do IVF ($10,000 - youch!) we know that I can produce a lot of eggs - which is key in IVF.

So, I'll keep you up to date. I'm feeling pretty good :) a few ovary pains here and there (very common) and my back has been out.......but I think that may have to do with the ovary stuff too - its all connected somehow I'm sure! :)

YAHOOOOOOOOOO!! I cannot wait! Here's hoping for 1.....or even 2 or 3!


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Anonymous said...

This could be such awesome news!
I bet your mom is getting pretty excited, too!

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Aunt Mary