Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Typing.....

What a day at work! WHEW! I guess it started out with us both thinking today was Friday - and when I got to work I had a friend that had emailed me and it said "HAPPY FRIDAY!" I was like huh? LOL VERY confused.

Kauleen had a crapper of a file she worked on........guess who gets it next? Randi! An average file would take me about 1/2 hour 45 minutes to type. This one today took me 4 hours - lots of tiny print and stupid stuff! UGH. I'm glad today is here and going......... :)

I've given myself 2 shots now and seem to be doing fine. I haven't even felt the poke of the needle - so I guess that's good? The medicine stings a bit going in......but that's ok.

I'm not really thinking about it too much yet - because the sperm haven't been set free yet - so there are not chances of pregnancy - yet - but we're sure creating a lush garden for the fertilized eggs to cozy up and build deep roots. :)

I've narrowed down where I want to go - Isla Mujeres. :) Kauleen isn't into doing as much research, deal searching as I am (and honestly I think it drives her batty!) LOL but thankfully she loves me. Here's a website for info on it - it sounds amazingly relaxing. Playa Media Luna is one of the hotels we're looking into.

We don't have much plans for this weekend - other than finish taking down the Christmas decorations - it just doesn't seem as fun taking them down as putting them up and seeing the end result :)

Saturday we're looking forward to cozy'ing up rooting on the SEAHAWKS! It should be a fun and intense game!

On Sunday we'll see if the weather is nice - maybe going for a walk or a hike?.....

I've been contemplating joining the gym.........who wants to help me decide if I should or not? LOL

Here are my reasoning's and they can contradict each other in someways too:

1) don't change the routine now while trying to get pregnant.........BUT being in better shape I hear can help with an easier pregnancy.........

2) do I get up in the A.M.? or do I do it in the P.M.? I get so tired/hungry after work that it'd behoove me to do it in the morning........but will I really get out of bed?

3) if we're going to Mexico that gives me some incentive.........but is there something that I can give myself daily..........I love my computer time - so that was K's suggestion - no computer until you've exercised.

4) Do I really want to spend $50 a month on a gym membership for at least a year..............(a year contract has to be signed). I used to have this membership through work but because we didn't know what our plans were for this year - didn't sign me up. now I have to sign myself up.........(company paid for it before - but if you left - you have to pay it back).

Mom and Dad, Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom leave for Mexico soon! :) sure hope they enjoy themselves! Sure miss them while their gone!! :)

love to you all!

P.S. I'll post when I get home tomorrow.......the doctors appt is at will be VERY interesting.

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Frank said...

Got my fingers and toes crossed for your little eggie-weggs.

One comment about Isla Mujeres, if you're thinking about SCUBA there, don't. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves like pagan goddesses!