Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Today was such an enjoyable day! I loved it! I started the day off with cramps....miserable. BUT on the happy side, I'm on day 1 of my period - for the next try for a baby!! :) I will go up to the doctor tomorrow (Jan 2) for an ultrasound to make sure I don't have any left over eggs - and if not - we're on the road to trying to make another baby!! K and I are very excited!

We just laid around most of the morning.....watched Mystery Alaska - and I even watched it and didn't fall asleep. That being said - you know its a great movie!

We then started taking down the Christmas decorations outside. We got most of it put away and our yard is empty, empty, empty now.

We drove over to Grand Coulee on Saturday morning and we were not too thrilled about the amounts of snow they have been receiving in the passes - but we were headed over to celebrate Christmas. We take Stevens Pass (HWY 2) usually, but it is a bit higher in elevation than Snoqualmie (I-90) so we took Snoqualmie. The road on the way over wasn't that bad - until we reached the East side of the mountains and then it still wasn't that bad - just slush/snow/ice in places. It was sunny and beautiful though (something we don't get on this side very often). We made it there in about 5 hours - the usual.

We enjoyed our times with the parents and sister/brother in law immensely. We had some good laughs and enjoyed each others company. K & I slept in our cabin and stayed plenty warm with our new heaters we bought.

Kauleen turns 40 in March and I'm really contemplating as to what I should do for her. She's mentioned Mexico - but doesn't want to spend the money (especially if we're trying to get prego) but if I can keep it under $1000 (including airfare) I think she'd do it. We have found a place that is reasonably cheap - I guess we just need to get our passports moving right now - that in itself can be too much money!!

I hope that this year brings us a healthy baby and/or babies :) and that this year brings to each one of you - peace, joy, and good health.

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