Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long Over Due - Short

I asked K last night if she'd be willing to blog for me...... as it seems most times when I have the energy (A.M.) I just don't have the time. By night time, forget it.

I'm battling a snot filled nose......and pretty much feel like 100% crap right now. I made me an "anti-oxident" yummmy smoothie this morning to see if that'll help kick the cold. OJ, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon with lots of ice! K went to work, I'm staying in my PJ's all day curled up on the couch. I may even try to watch a MOVIE! (We've had Mama Mia now for probably close to 2 months!)

A quick summary of things.........

I've got pictures of the garden to put on here. We've planted yellow zuchhini, rhubarb, peas, cucumbers, onions, raspberries, and tomatoes. We killed a few over our trip Memorial Day Weekend so we'll need a few more starts....... it'll be fun having lots of fresh veggies with the baby on the way!

I am 34 weeks today, pregnancy wise. This pregnancy hasn't been bad at all - I haven't gotten "big" and can't imagine that ladies that are big - and how they feel. I mentioned to K on the way into the store last night "Why do people even get pregnant!?" I'm beginning to feel a bit of the aches and pains of it all.........just wanting to slow down. It's crazy that in 3 weeks I could safely give birth at home. (chances are I'll be late...being my first and all) but when we were doing the math yesterday I was like "HOLY SHIT!" :) I cannot wait to meet this little one......... a snuggle up for a good while getting to know each other earth-side........ sure has been fun getting to know them inside! :)

the Life is Good Conference was as wonderful as ever! The speakers were great, the funshops were great, the weather was awesome, the farmers market rocked our world, and we just had a very enjoyable time. I love meeting new people..... I LOVE watching families in action. One particularly amazed me this year was Pig and Tails (waving!) just enjoyed their interaction. I'm trying to think of a Circle Chat I may be able to host next year...... I love the smaller more intimate settings of them..........and think there should be millions ;)

We have our last birth class this week.......a blessingway of sorts. It will be lots of fun (if I'm not sick.........and will be majorly bummed if I can't go because of it!)

I finally get a massage on Thursday after waiting since before massage person is undoubtedly amazing and everyone wants to go to her! I have 3 booked from here until July 9th! I decided heck, get them on the books now!

We have our home visit with the midwife on Thursday.....THAT makes it seem even MORE real. After the last appointment and she stated that I was like "whoa!" :) we'll get our birth tub around June 20th....... suppose we should get some stuff packed in a bag - in case?....gotta get me a few nursing tanks/bras.....otherwise I think we have enough stuff right now that if the baby were to come we'd be fine! :) boobs, clothes and diapers :)

Gonna snuggle up for a bit now......drink my smoothie and rest.

love you all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

LIG Henna Belly

henna belly
Originally uploaded by kauleen_randi
33 weeks Henna Belly by my sweet friend Ginger :)