Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Month End!

Tomorrow is month end - which can be a busier time for us at work.....but with the way the market is - we only *hope* it will be busy.

K and I came home tonight and hung our Halloween lights! :) We have them on outside right is just the beginning of the stuff we'll put out.

My nose puffs are getting a little better.....sure do taste it after about 2-3 minutes. This is what is helping me:

This weekend is my mom's side of the family - Riehl Family Campout! :) The weather isn't supposed to be all that nice......but a few of us got cabins and that'll make it a little more fun (with heat and electricity).

Sounds like the next weekend we may hit the road with dad to Grand Coulee to do some winterizing of our own and just chill out. The next weekend we will be retreiving and relaxing and the next week we'll be pregnant! :) It is crazy to think we're almost down to 17 days.

I found out of an unschooler get together in Oregon and *really* want to go, but also just found out we can test on I may just be staying put (which for support it'd be nice to be there - either way)

Dad's in snoring in the chair......LOL while K's watching Chuck and drinking her peppermint tea (trying to take care of her froggie throat!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Puffs N Stuff

I had my first nose puff of medicine this A.M. and I think stressed myself out to the max with it. (sigh). I've had to take nose spray before (flonase) and it is awful. I'd rather give myself 5 shots over the one nose spray. It may seem silly, pitiful, but there are somethings in life people just can't handle - and this is one for me.

I have until October 15th and then am done.

I've stressed myself out, made my system all out of whack, and feel horrible.

Grand huh?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


I don't watch movies - I fall asleep at them - BUT the last movie I did watch most of (only slept a little bit through) was INTO THE WILD. Have you seen it? If is inspiring..... (or so it was to us).

My choices of songs for my Christmas Display right now (for new ones this year) are: Jingling Banjos, My Christmas Tree, Josh Groban (Oh Holy Night) and Mary Did You Know by Clay Aiken

I'm 100% addicted to and if you haven't been there - you need to go. We just finished well over 24 hours of a woot off. (where they sell different items until they are sold out) makes me crazy although I never buy a damn thing.

AND I'm way too tired and need to go to bed!!

Wednesday - Half Way Point

It seems this week at work has either been really super busy, or really super slow. Today was a more slow day........I had stuff to do all day (did more copying, sorting, etc. then on most days) but had the time to help out in other areas!

We've enjoyed a peaceful night tonight! I felt the need to reconnect. It is amazing how disconnected one feels not spending as much time doing things "together" (not that it is bad not to) just the feelings that come along with it. We'll re-adjust and it isn't HUGE amounts of time (yoga for me 2 nights a week) but that is time we would've spent together. We've spent the night reading our books, roasting ourselves out by fire, candle and heat :) and just chillin' in the peace of the house..............aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...

I got a CD I ordered in the mail today.... it is called "A Journey Of the Heart" Imagery and Meditations to Support Invitro Fertilization! :) We'll start listening to it on Sunday (the first day of puffs!). I go see the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound - then I don't see them again until I think like the 13th!? Crazy. My mom and I were counting down the days tonight...........

Did I post about my Christmas lights? There was a man on my planet Christmas board that was selling his Animated Lighting items and so K and I decided to get a new box for this year. We have a few songs we still need to decide on..... and we have an idea of what we want to do........ it will be a lot of fun again! Make sure you come by and see it!

There's talk of an unschool'ee get together over Halloween...... I'm really contemplating'll be right before we find out.... it'll give me something to do after having had a week of laying around...... but then I could hang with K (whom will have worked all week) unless I could drag her with me?......... and the money to stay in a hotel?.........hrumph. I guess we'll have to see how it all pans out........I sure do miss you peeps and the joy you all bring. :)

Over and out for tonight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yoga Class, etc.

The Yoga Class tonight at the center was spectacular. It was everything I had hoped for (and some). I'll go again on Thursday night. The people are just awesome and the teacher did well at adapting to everyones needs.

The meeting today was exactly what (K & I) had expected. I can't say on here what it is....just that something is in the works, and we still both have our jobs! :) For that, we are forever grateful.

I just went to take some advil and wasn't paying attention and took a lactaid....bummer, made me have to make some special chai tea to drink with REAL milk. :) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Nighty night

Monday, September 22, 2008

Misc. Happenings...

I was emotional today, it started yesterday. Is this the beginning of a long emotional start? :) If so, that's OK. I acknowledge it, and will allow it to be. :)

I got to work today and was discussing this new position I was supposed to be training for tomorrow. It was a part time position working from home. I was really excited to do it - but then realized - the stress it was causing me right now to start - was not worth it. Right now is not the time I need extra stress. So, I contacted the company, and they stated that as soon as I was finished with the IVF that I could contact them and they'd hook me up! YAHOO!

So, tomorrow night instead of stress......I'll be attending a Therapeutic Yoga Class!! It will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am excited.

......and I will need it after tomorrow at work. Our President is coming for a meeting tomorrow at 8am in which something is going to happen (a trusting source has said so....just as to exactly what it is). So nonetheless, we're all on pins and needles. We'll all be thankful in the end if we have jobs, I'm sure, no matter the outcome. Keep us in your thoughts at about 9:30-10:00am.

We went to the casino tonight to celebrate our last night WITH a job (if for some reason one of us loses it). We had dinner and played. We came back $11.00 in the hole........after dinner and playing for a good hour. Not too bad.

K's watching Heroes as we speak....... and I just had some yummy chai tea and am checking blogs, craigslist, email, etc.

over and out

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies

We've been into Carters too much latley (for some hangers for her sister's multiples garage sale) and today to return some of the cutest halloween costumes that she didn't need.

I saw the sweetest 3 week old baby and her daddy carry her on his shoulder and she was sleeping soundly.

I teared up.

I just want a baby.


Have I said that it is so stinkin' exciting that Christmas stuff is already in the stores!? (ok, for some of're probably thinking it is pitiful) for Christmas Crazies like me...... I'm stoked. :) We'll go to Lowes today and see what they have out.

I'll be putting my "" window cling in today.


Saturday Fun!

Saturday morning I got up about 7:15am. I was hoping to make it to an 8:00am garage sale that had Christmas decorations. Guess what? WE MADE IT! (and they had squat!) We ended up going to a few other garage sales..... we picked up a large metal mixing bowl (we've been having to use our halloween bowl to mix anything BIG lol), a large plastic bowl, and a few other things. No really good deals this time.

We then stopped by our local farmers market and picked up some of this years fresh apples! YUM! We contemplated blueberries........but we decided against them. We bought some bread from a local bread farm that we really want to make it! (we try to make it a point to buy their bread when we go there). A very young, sweet couple.

We then came home, had some breakfast, read awhile, then headed back out to K-mart to see about getting a few things. They didn't have all that we we came home and by this time we were ready for lunch and were getting no where without food. So we headed home, ate some lunch..... then...

We started canning green beans. First of all, we had to figure out how the heck to do it (do we need a pressure cooker, etc.) After much research, we found out our stove could handle a home canner (ie pressure cooker) and had saw one at Kmart for $20. So off to Kmart - K went - to buy some more jars and seals, and the pressure cooker. Well......... long story short. We needed a pressure CANNER not a cooker. So we'll be taking it back. sheesh.

While she was gone I snapped all the beans, cut them, etc. and got them ready. We water bathed the beans......sterilzed all the jars, tops, etc. and then boiled them to seal for 1 hour. We got 5 jars done yesterday and have quite a bit more to do today.

We then had over 30 ears of corn to shuck and cut off the cob from K's dad. So I shucked, she cut......and we stuck them in freezer containers to store.

I love the idea of us making our own foods, storing it and knowing what goes in them! I'd love to do some peaches! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gadgets and Gizmos

I didn't really want to take stuff off the side bar but it was just taking forever for my blog to load. If it was taking awhile on my end, can't imagine what it was taking on others. I'm hoping to add a few less "flashy" things that may work a bit better and get the same idea across.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing
  1. Garage Sale'ing and Farmers Market on Saturday.
  2. Business Expo at the Skagit County Fairgrounds
  3. A ferry ride to Orcas and spending the day learning a new gadget!
  4. Eating lots of finger foods tomorrow at work! (of which I have made: Puppy chow, wieners, and fiesta dip!)
  5. Riehl Family Campout the beginning of October
  6. Decorating for fall and Halloween!
  7. Putting my "Skagit Christmas" sign in the car.......(Costco already has their Christmas stuff out!)
  8. Ordering my baby medicine.......and having my first appointment (September 29th) - it seemed as if it was so far away - to be arriving so soon! CANNOT WAIT!!
  9. Calming your mind a workshop at the local hospital October 6th and 20th.
  10. Contemplating Beginning Knitting and Yoga at the Chrysallis.......sounds relaxing.
  11. Another massage on September 21st - the night before those embryos are placed back in my plush uterus
  12. Days off from October 17th - October 31st. NOW there is something to party about.
  13. A positive pregnancy test on November 1st. Guaranteed. :)

Second Job

I'm going to be training this week for a "part time" second job. It really is a neat position that came open.....I found it on craigslist. It'll get my foot in the door for now and will possibly help when those babies come along :)

I'll be answering calls at home for the Livescribe pen (the computerized pen). I don't know exactly what type of calls I'll be taking (pre-order, technical, etc.) I'm guessing. I plan on working about 10 hours a week.......not too much and from home! This will allow us to make a little bit of extra cash......but yet still be with one another in a sense.

OH, and did I mention I get a free pen ;o)

Garage Sale News

Hey Everyone! I've returned! Did you miss me? I've arrived out from under our garage load.......and when I say garage load? I'm meaning some 13 banquet tables jammed pack, a few card tables, some out door tables, a driveway lined with stuff and lots of time! It wasn't all that difficult to do (for 1 week preparation) it would've killed us to continue it on for 2 weeks. We made some good money that will all be going towards baby stuff.

So many sweet sweet people donated their things, their time, their help........ we are ever so blessed.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Consumed By Junk

9 banquet tables full - and many more needed still.....
5 nights of 2 hours a night sorting/pricing
millions of candles, ribbon, and other things........

a blessing for a dear family helping us on our way to a baby...........

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cookie Mishap

If you know me - you might possibly know some of my cookie mishaps. Like the time I made snicker doodles for my dad....and they came out looking like snicker doodle turds - little piles of snickerdoodle. TASTED GREAT - but looked odd.

Well.......K was on the phone tonight with her Gma and I started making the Chocolate Chip them all mixed up (K tasted it and asked me if I had put everything in) and she stated that it tasted kind of funny. When I put it on the cookie sheet it seemed kind of runny but didn't know why.........

I put the cookies on a cookie sheet.......baked the first batch for about 7 minutes...... and this is what they looked like:

All we could do is laugh. This is so a Randi thing. Of course, for the life of me I couldn't figure out what I didn't do.....but we finally figured out that I probably only put in 1 1/4 cup of flour rather than 2 1/4 of flour.

The cookies that are baking as I type look 100% more appetizing.


Busy Weekend!

I am exhausted!

Here is a list of the going-ons from this weekend:

  • Wednesday-Friday night stained our fence (and finished it)
  • Saturday we went and spent the day with Mom and Dad in Marysville, hung out with Angelo, went and saw Uncle Tom, and had dinner with Aunt Mary, Dad, Mom, Chris, Denise, Chelsea, Megan and Madison at Chang's Mongolian Grill. It was an awesome time!!! It always makes me realize how close we are to get together......but how often we do!! We then went to the Tulalip Casino........and by the time we left there it was after 10:00pm and I was a complete crab and exhausted!! *we still had a half hour drive!*
  • Sunday we woke up at 8:30.... (before that because of a cat crying because K had thrown both cats out at one point as they were pestering her), had coffee, read the paper, cleaned house - vacuumed, toilets, sorted laundry....then we started in on our garage sale should see our garage!!! We are having 8 banquet tables delivered tomorrow from a lady at work......and we may not have enough!! I'm not finishing up my last batch of cookies for this lady and her husband........and we have laundry finishing up, a bed to be made......and I AM EXHAUSTED!!

We'll head down and see Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary (how I always state it!) in Everett on Tuesday night..... otherwise we'll be spending time sorting..... :) it is very fun to see what we pull out of the next bag, etc.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where Will You Be?

May 21-24, 2009 -

(and an awesome preview from last years LIG)
Thanks Craig!)

Life is Good 2008 from mesmith on Vimeo.

School Thoughts

People among me lately (at work, in K's family, etc) have been starting school - some for the very first time. The excitement of taking the school bus, the excitement of doing something "new", etc......Great for those with whom it works.

For me, I can't imagine being away from my kids for that long. I want to be the one to help them learn. I want to be the one to comfort them if they are hurt. I want to be there for them when I *can* and they *need* me. K and I have talked some lately about the whole school thing....and I try to look at it in a positive way, but it still makes me sad that these kids go to school.

I didn't have a horrible experience in school - it just was. The stress of the first day, wasn't ever fun....... but that was quickly lost after the first few hours.

Just thoughts.......... and I know a lot of you unschoolers are at Live & Learn but possibly when you return and/or whenever..... how did your little ones react to not going to school and/or riding a school bus? How did you explain that?

Thanks for listening.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend Over!

K and I had a great weekend in Mazama/Winthrop area. We stayed at a place called Timberline Meadows. It was a cute place tucked away in the woods (Great for hot summer days) but it wasn't all that HOT over there (we actually turned the heat on one day - but then again - we're cold blooded). We went into Winthrop a few times, read some books, watched Into The Wild (good movie) and just hung out. It was enjoyable. Some sweet soul told me this would be our last Labor Day alone! :o)

Here are some pics of the cabin.......really had the idea/feel of what we'd like for Coulee (some day):

Today we did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We had a friend come over and make a donation to R & K's Goodwill Drop Off. We'll have a garage sale sometime in the next few weeks.

Our thoughts are going out to Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary this week as Uncle Tom goes in for heart surgery on Friday. The waiting has been the hardest part for both of them. May the healing be quick and everything go as planned.

AND LAST BUT NOT thinking of these special family members as they enjoy the time of their LIVE and LEARN....and then onto Italy to spend sometime with close "family" and such! You'll do awesome Ronnie and can't wait to hear the talk!!




HAVE FUN rockin' out to Amy Steinberg!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!! :)

off to bed........