Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rainy Days...

You would think we'd be in the month of January with all the rain we've gotten this week! July is usually Washington's few dry months and to top it off - we're on flood watch!

Tomorrow we plan to snuggle up and stay inside and read and do whatever we want to!

We went out today and each got 1 hour massages! It's a treat!! My shoulders tend to really get achy after about 3months, so I get them a bit more often. MAN, it feels so good!!

We are getting a spray-in bed liner in the truck on Monday. We sold our canopy to pay for it! :) something we are very excited about.

Nothing too exciting to write about really. My gardens growing! :) I have 3 kohlrabi I need to cut up and quite a few carrots. We have raspberries coming out our ears!! and Rhubarb too.

I'll write more later!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Randi Rainbow

Randi Rainbow
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Who wants to be part of the Rainbow Coalition? :)

Deer at cabin

Deer at cabin
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These deer were outside our cabin in Winthrop. We tried very hard not to disturb them, as they were so hot and panting badly. They were right by water but I believe they were so hot.......poor guys. Sure was cool to be so close to nature.

Goat Peak Hike Lookout

Goat Peak Hike
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This is us at Lightening Bills Lookout with his dog Blase. AT THE TOP!! :)

Goat Peak Hike Picture

Goat Peak Hike1
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This was the view from the Goat Peak Hike Trail. Awesome huh?

We're Back!

We are back from our weeks vacation and are hitting it back to the grind of work, tomorrow. We got about 3/4 of the house painted (in 100+ temps) and did some swimming, relaxing, and enjoying families company.

We then took a few days and just enjoyed each others company in Winthrop, WA. We did an AWESOME hike (Goat's Peak) I'll post some pictures. We had been told by a friend to do the hike, but we aren't in the best shape. Well, we got up and in the 100 degree temps hiked up a mountain (literally) and got to 7000 feet! At the top, was one of the few last manned fire watch towers. We got to meet Lightening Bill. VERY fascinating. He took our picture, which I'll post here also........and takes a picture of everyone that comes up to see him. It was well worth our trip. We left at 10:00am for hiking and got back at 3:00pm. We took our time on the way up....believe you me! BUT, it was beautiful. (If you EVER get a chance, you have to hike Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island) THAT was the best hike ever!!

Dad goes in tomorrow for a check up on his back surgery. Am sure hoping everything turns out to be good. He isn't up to his 2 mile mark........which the doctor said he wanted at 2 weeks.

I go in on Wednesday to the ENT again.......probably have to run a few more tests. We'll see what becomes of it. I'm thinking positive.......

I'm going to start doing my mesh lit letters for Christmas. If I do about 1 a week, I should have Merry Christmas done a bit before Christmas. :) Animated Lighting is being ever so gracious to me and so very helpful. They are allowing me to send back my 2 sound cards, to get all my 11 songs onto one disk! I am so thankful.

We baby sat last night and enjoyed ourselves. Kauleen and I go back and forth so much as to if we want kids and/or if we enjoy our time just the 2 of us. I wish it wasn't so hard for us to have kids and to really have to think about it and/or spend the money to conceive. It's too much energy before it's even conceived, does that make sense??

I got a book yesterday at a garage sale "How to talk to kids will listen, how to listen so kids will talk". I've heard it is a good one. I like to read lots of things on parenting. :)

I need to work on having more energy and being more positive. It seems to be a real struggle for me on most days.

Thanks for listening.