Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rainy Days...

You would think we'd be in the month of January with all the rain we've gotten this week! July is usually Washington's few dry months and to top it off - we're on flood watch!

Tomorrow we plan to snuggle up and stay inside and read and do whatever we want to!

We went out today and each got 1 hour massages! It's a treat!! My shoulders tend to really get achy after about 3months, so I get them a bit more often. MAN, it feels so good!!

We are getting a spray-in bed liner in the truck on Monday. We sold our canopy to pay for it! :) something we are very excited about.

Nothing too exciting to write about really. My gardens growing! :) I have 3 kohlrabi I need to cut up and quite a few carrots. We have raspberries coming out our ears!! and Rhubarb too.

I'll write more later!

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Deb said...

Okay. My blogspot account is now officially google-ish. The stress of it all (hear laughter).

I love you.