Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thoughts....

Let's see, what's been going on since I last posted. Hmmmmmmmmm...

My parents were here for the weekend (attending a bridal shower). We enjoyed our visit, as always.

We found out that Dad is taking a job in California. It sounds as if he'll be on his way as of this coming Monday. Quite a change from being retired and doing nothing.......but if he enjoys it - and my mom is happy - that's all that matters.

Kauleen is on the 6th book of Harry Potter and has recieved the 7th book but is re-reading them. I have read the 1st book, and really want to read them all, but am not a huge reader (one thing I wish I enjoyed doing more of!)

Work has been really busy with vacations, etc.

We are sending in our "Domestic Partner Registration" :) we'll have the rights to visit each other in the hospital if either of us should ever get sick.....or have a baby for that matter :)

I'm going to attach some pictures of our garden. It's growing so good! I've never had a garden before, so this has been a fun experience.

This weekend, we'll be babysitting for 24 hours! We trade haircuts for babysitting (awesome trade!) but we normally do it for about 12. It'll be fun! The little man is 3.....and is at the "learning" stage. EVERYTHING is fun! Then Sunday we'll relax and re-charge for the week ahead. Weekends are NOT long enough.

Post a comment if you read my boring blog........I'm curious as to who reads it. Since I rarely post, I rarely see the comments! Silly me!!



KQR said...

I read faithfully, and it's never boring!

You forgot to post those garden photos!

FYI: There's a setting to have comments delivered to your Inbox.

Erin & Dan said...

I read it. You are cool, so there!

Hope said...

I read!

Your garden is fantabulous!

O don't have any real garden pictures, but there is one of my morning glories on my MySpace page which is

I am thinking of switching to google because it is easier to post pictures, but I don't want to do all the work.

Denise said...

I read it. Perhpas I'll start up a garden next year. Always next year :-)