Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goals, blah, blah...

Kauleen and I have been working on a goals latley - what we really want to do. Our latest has been to pay off debt. We are $18,000 in debt (that includes a truck!) and we were hoping to have it paid off in December. Well, that isn't working as we had wished with the paychecks, etc......but we're now aiming towards March. The stinky thing with paying off debt, is any extra money goes towards it - period. That means, no new clothes (unless maybe at Salvation Army - but if you have long leggies like myself, you'll NEVER find pants tall enough!) and maybe your toes done and/or a massage here and there - but very rarely. It just is kind of a downer. I'd love to have those things paid off (can't even imagine how we'd live with that money coming in) but I guess I just need to get creative with the things we *can* do and not focus on the things we *can't*. Help me? anyone ideas???

In discussing our goals, Kauleen and I had discussed maybe taking a trip to Mexico for her 40th Birthday. Well, in paying off debt......that's not going to happen. So, we decided we could take a small trip (Las Vegas, Yellowstone, Glacier) and I said I didn't really care where we went - especially if I had a laptop. Well......... that then soared into......If you sell your Christmas stuff, you can buy a laptop. *ugh!*

NOW, I love my Christmas stuff. I got a lot of damn cool stuff for this years display - but also know that I'd use my laptop way more than I'd ever use my Christmas lights. ALSO, if I did sell my Christmas stuff, come this Christmas - I'd probably want it back.........BUT Kauleen has promised that if I don't make her help me figure out what lights plug in where and how to get them there - she'll put lights in every nook and cranny of the house.

So, that's been my toss up lately. Christmas Stuff or Laptop?

What's your suggestions???

If you'd buy a laptop - what brand/why? I am thinking HP, built new for me, and/or Apple (that'd be a HUGE change for me - but they seem a bit more reliable!)

I haven't had any energy latley - zip - none. I just want to go to work, come home and crash. I get that way sometimes......and it passes.

Tomorrow is Wednesday! YES!!! :)

I'm signing off..........


Super Cori said...

Yes Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but really all you are doing is adding more bills with a huge power bill. The computer will be fun all year long, and you can take it on your trip. You could even sit in the yard at Christmas time, and watch other peoples lights on your new fancy computer and pretend they are yours!!!

Erin & Dan said...

OOOOOOOH, tough decision. LOL! If you go w/ lap top, go w/ HP. Dan has had his HP forever. (knock on wood.)

Hope said...

Hard decisions. AT least you have two incomes to chip away at that debt. Maybe you can go a couple of years without the big holiday display and reward yourself a little at a time to rebuild it after the debt is paid. then you can start getting stuff on clearance after the holidays and save even more.