Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

Hello Everyone!

It's the weekend again, yahoo!! This work week went by pretty fast thankfully. I'm having a lazy day. I had plans to get a lot accomplished, and don't even have the energy to do anything FUN (getting my toes done) let alone anything NOT fun (cleaning, work, etc.) No energy. Could that be from having gone to bed after 12am last night (after a Seattle Mariner baseball game, thank you to our company and awesome seats/tickets!!) and getting up to an alarm at 7am? :) I think a nap is in store after awhile.

Tomorrow Kauleen and I are going to go to a local PFLAG picnic gathering. We haven't ever been to anything of this sort, but had heard of it awhile ago. I contacted the head person of the local PFLAG Skagit and she invited us to the picnic at her house. I am totally going out of my comfort zone for this one, but hope to meet maybe some like-minded people and make friends.

This coming weekend Ryan (my sister) and her husband will be here from Thursday-Sunday. I haven't seen her since March so it'll be fun to hang out. She is coming over to help out my cousin with a wedding (doing hair..)

The weekend after that is Labor Day and tentative plans are to spend that with my parents. We'll see if it works out. I get very overwhelmed in having this busy of a schedule. Makes me want to curl up in bed and hide!

I'm still contemplating the christmas light/laptop scenario. A battle within myself.

That's all I feel up to posting today.........maybe something a bit more enthusiastic soon.


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