Friday, August 10, 2007

Work Week's Done!

Some weeks just feel as if they drag on forever! This week was kind of nice because we didn't have something planned we had to do *every* night. We came home, cooked dinner, did some exercising, weeding, and read and/or played on the computer. It was just enjoyable!

We don't really have any plans for the weekend - just hanging out. We're going to drop some yard waste off at a local dump place and then hit a few garage sales, maybe a farmers market or 2 :o) That's about it. Sunday we're discussing going into work (we could use the extra money).

My dad leaves in one week for his job in California. I hope he enjoys himself.

This coming Friday we get to go to a major league baseball game on the company! That'll be a fun time. We'll help Kauleen's sister paint their new house on Saturday. AND on Sunday, Kauleen and I will step out of our comfort zone and go to a PFLAG (Parents, families of lesbian and gays) - kind of like a support group/can't think of the right words for the other part of it! BUT, that'll be fun. They hosts meetings in town once a month and this is their once a year picnic. :) I hope to get involved.

I'm still tossing back and forth the Christmas lights..........I'll let you know the decision when it is made.

I counted 52 ears of corn this afternoon!! AND probably a good 6 beans :) We also have a few cucumbers coming on......and the Kohlrabi is about done.

I'm pooped. I'm headed off to bed.

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