Friday, June 29, 2007

Talking Outloud...

Lots has been going on latley. I cannot believe it is July already! Half of 2007 is gone! I am ready for summer to be here. It looks like the sun will hit us soon (this coming week - and - gasp - we may have AWESOME weather for the 4th of July, which I am looking forward to! I always enjoy the 4th of July festivities as I get to see some people only 1 time a year - and this is it! I enjoy this time muchly ;o)

Work has been kind of stressful latley - making it not so fun. I'll be working this weekend, if that states anything.

We've been having discussion in the household in regards to budgets, etc. We're starting to put some cash into envelopes and try to pay off some debt. It has been fun to be able to finally get a hold of something and control it. :)

I've been kind of on edge this week with some unknown news of a blood test that was requested of me to get. It could be good/bad news, if you know what I mean :) just very anxious to get the results. I'm not stating too much in hopes it isn't........but if it is - there'd be lots of answers too. You see...LOL

I saw this video today and was speechless, completely, speechless. Still do not know what to think. Just makes me want to hug every women out there but on the other hand makes me want to hurt some too. *sigh*

I came to the conclusion that if we have a kid, we will have just 1, and maybe 2. I had originally thought of having quite a few kids - if I have enough love for them and can raise them - then why not? Well, after spending time with K's nieces (4, 2 and 2 month old twins! - we went and all picked strawberries) I've got enough of the lots of kids. 1 would be fun, but if twins happened (with artificial ways...that's always a greater possibility) then that's what we'd be blessed with :)

I ordered my 6 other songs today from Animated Lighting. They should be here this week. Now I need to find a radio station that isn't too popular to start making my "Tune In" sign.

Our garden is growing like crazy!! We're growing kohlrabi, rhubarb, onion, carrots, cucumber, beans, corn, raspberries and strawberries! We did a local CSA farm last year, but just found we didn't know how to cook and/or didn't like all the veggies given with it - so decided this year to take it upon ourselves to do the garden. It has been fun!!

That's it for now. How about that? Almost 2 posts in 1 week. Wonder if anyone ever checks this anymore? ;o)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, DAD!

cabin painted

cabin painted
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Dad's Photography........pretty cute huh?


cabin painted 1
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cabin beginning

cabin beginning
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In The Beginning....

June Ramblings.....

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd give an update as to what's been going on. :)

Kauleen and I just got back from a weekend of visiting the parents for Father's Day (and to make sure dad was feeling well/rested after back surgery). He's getting around fairly well, but still in quite a bit of pain. How does one ever keep a man down? :)

We went to Wilbur's Community Garage Sale on Saturday. (this is a very small town). We got a soaker hose for our first-ever garden! (Kohlrabi, rhubarb, onions, carrots, corn, raspberries and strawberries - and an apple tree!) Everything is growing amazingly well. (If you ever read Frog and Toad books - and the one about their garden and checking it every day..........that's me!!) We also got a king size down comfort for $5! The best purchase (in my mind) was a special tool that I will use! It is called "cord connect" and you connect extension cords through it and it is waterproof. THIS will help in keeping my Christmas Show running through the whole season without my water issues last year *crossing fingers!* My FM Transmittor should be here this week.

Regarding my Christmas show........ :) I have 6 months, 15 letters (Merry Christmas) and my FM Radio Station sign to make. I'll be busy!! I plan to start the show on December 1st. Maybe I'll have an open house one night of it. I hope to do some kind of a drive, diaper drive?........any ideas????

Our "cabin" is coming along so well!! We are so excited to see it transforming into a "homey" place - each and everytime we go. I'll post a few before and after pics for you all to see. We started painting this weekend at Coulee. We had been told it would take lots of coats for red, but really wanted the barn red/white trim. So, we decided we'd tackle however many coats we needed. Well........we will only need 2! It ended up going on really well on our brownish/tan-ish pre-primed siding. We'll paint again in July.......and get it finished. We also have some time reserved at our favorite place we stayed last year right outsize of Mazma/Winthrop. We plan ton enjoy hiking, swimming, relaxing by the river, reading........and each others undivided company. It is a much needed respite.

Plans in the making/discussion stages........Mexico/Cancun next year for K's 40th :) and as always.......babies maybe starting full fledged in January....or so that's been the discussion - but money has to come in to play some where there :)

I think that's about it for now.