Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Me Win

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiring Parents

Watching other parents has always inspired me. I tend to learn a lot from hearing how others interact, what they say, how they deal with a situation, etc. In the past few days, I've really run into a few parents that I realize REALLY inspire me and if I could just hang out with them more, I think I'd be a better parent because of it! :o)

I'm not one to read books about parenting (although sometimes do dig a book out - like last night was reading Naomi Aldort Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves) but that is a rare occasion.

I'm not worried about the way we are parenting Rudy in any aspect, just hope that the words I use, the terms I use, the way I state things - doesn't put him down in any way, but helps him.

I really struggle with not "praising". We try not to say "Good Job" and instead might say "That was FAST running!" I tend to tell him he is CUTE ... A LOT! What else can I say? He IS freakin' adorable and charming....

This really is just rambling.....and I hear Rudy so gotta run.