Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cookie Mishap

If you know me - you might possibly know some of my cookie mishaps. Like the time I made snicker doodles for my dad....and they came out looking like snicker doodle turds - little piles of snickerdoodle. TASTED GREAT - but looked odd.

Well.......K was on the phone tonight with her Gma and I started making the Chocolate Chip them all mixed up (K tasted it and asked me if I had put everything in) and she stated that it tasted kind of funny. When I put it on the cookie sheet it seemed kind of runny but didn't know why.........

I put the cookies on a cookie sheet.......baked the first batch for about 7 minutes...... and this is what they looked like:

All we could do is laugh. This is so a Randi thing. Of course, for the life of me I couldn't figure out what I didn't do.....but we finally figured out that I probably only put in 1 1/4 cup of flour rather than 2 1/4 of flour.

The cookies that are baking as I type look 100% more appetizing.



Skyrat said...

Hmmmm...interesting looking cookies. Did you try one? LOL They do work better with ALL the flour required, but then you know that.

Pat and Allison Punteney said...

not only directionally challenged i forgot baking challenged. No matter what they looked yummy, but would have preferred just the dough.

Cori's Stories said...

snicker turds are awesome!!