Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


I don't watch movies - I fall asleep at them - BUT the last movie I did watch most of (only slept a little bit through) was INTO THE WILD. Have you seen it? If is inspiring..... (or so it was to us).

My choices of songs for my Christmas Display right now (for new ones this year) are: Jingling Banjos, My Christmas Tree, Josh Groban (Oh Holy Night) and Mary Did You Know by Clay Aiken

I'm 100% addicted to and if you haven't been there - you need to go. We just finished well over 24 hours of a woot off. (where they sell different items until they are sold out) makes me crazy although I never buy a damn thing.

AND I'm way too tired and need to go to bed!!

1 comment:

CiaoBella! said...

OK, between you and your dad, I'll have to go check out WOOT now!!

And, I'll have to listen to these songs. I'm curious about them, too. I hope you get the banjos!

Love, hugs and babies!
Aunt Mary