Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Fun!

Saturday morning I got up about 7:15am. I was hoping to make it to an 8:00am garage sale that had Christmas decorations. Guess what? WE MADE IT! (and they had squat!) We ended up going to a few other garage sales..... we picked up a large metal mixing bowl (we've been having to use our halloween bowl to mix anything BIG lol), a large plastic bowl, and a few other things. No really good deals this time.

We then stopped by our local farmers market and picked up some of this years fresh apples! YUM! We contemplated blueberries........but we decided against them. We bought some bread from a local bread farm that we really want to make it! (we try to make it a point to buy their bread when we go there). A very young, sweet couple.

We then came home, had some breakfast, read awhile, then headed back out to K-mart to see about getting a few things. They didn't have all that we we came home and by this time we were ready for lunch and were getting no where without food. So we headed home, ate some lunch..... then...

We started canning green beans. First of all, we had to figure out how the heck to do it (do we need a pressure cooker, etc.) After much research, we found out our stove could handle a home canner (ie pressure cooker) and had saw one at Kmart for $20. So off to Kmart - K went - to buy some more jars and seals, and the pressure cooker. Well......... long story short. We needed a pressure CANNER not a cooker. So we'll be taking it back. sheesh.

While she was gone I snapped all the beans, cut them, etc. and got them ready. We water bathed the beans......sterilzed all the jars, tops, etc. and then boiled them to seal for 1 hour. We got 5 jars done yesterday and have quite a bit more to do today.

We then had over 30 ears of corn to shuck and cut off the cob from K's dad. So I shucked, she cut......and we stuck them in freezer containers to store.

I love the idea of us making our own foods, storing it and knowing what goes in them! I'd love to do some peaches! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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