Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Month End!

Tomorrow is month end - which can be a busier time for us at work.....but with the way the market is - we only *hope* it will be busy.

K and I came home tonight and hung our Halloween lights! :) We have them on outside right is just the beginning of the stuff we'll put out.

My nose puffs are getting a little better.....sure do taste it after about 2-3 minutes. This is what is helping me:

This weekend is my mom's side of the family - Riehl Family Campout! :) The weather isn't supposed to be all that nice......but a few of us got cabins and that'll make it a little more fun (with heat and electricity).

Sounds like the next weekend we may hit the road with dad to Grand Coulee to do some winterizing of our own and just chill out. The next weekend we will be retreiving and relaxing and the next week we'll be pregnant! :) It is crazy to think we're almost down to 17 days.

I found out of an unschooler get together in Oregon and *really* want to go, but also just found out we can test on I may just be staying put (which for support it'd be nice to be there - either way)

Dad's in snoring in the chair......LOL while K's watching Chuck and drinking her peppermint tea (trying to take care of her froggie throat!)


Skyrat said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend headed your way - will be hoping for nice weather then.

K - get to feeling better! A hot toddy would be good for that throat - or my grandpa's 180 proof grain whiskey with a cinnamon stick in it. LOL

Beachbum said...

Cabins sound lovely! Have a great time. Healing vibes here for K. And, thank goodness for life savers!