Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday - Half Way Point

It seems this week at work has either been really super busy, or really super slow. Today was a more slow day........I had stuff to do all day (did more copying, sorting, etc. then on most days) but had the time to help out in other areas!

We've enjoyed a peaceful night tonight! I felt the need to reconnect. It is amazing how disconnected one feels not spending as much time doing things "together" (not that it is bad not to) just the feelings that come along with it. We'll re-adjust and it isn't HUGE amounts of time (yoga for me 2 nights a week) but that is time we would've spent together. We've spent the night reading our books, roasting ourselves out by fire, candle and heat :) and just chillin' in the peace of the house..............aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...

I got a CD I ordered in the mail today.... it is called "A Journey Of the Heart" Imagery and Meditations to Support Invitro Fertilization! :) We'll start listening to it on Sunday (the first day of puffs!). I go see the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound - then I don't see them again until I think like the 13th!? Crazy. My mom and I were counting down the days tonight...........

Did I post about my Christmas lights? There was a man on my planet Christmas board that was selling his Animated Lighting items and so K and I decided to get a new box for this year. We have a few songs we still need to decide on..... and we have an idea of what we want to do........ it will be a lot of fun again! Make sure you come by and see it!

There's talk of an unschool'ee get together over Halloween...... I'm really contemplating'll be right before we find out.... it'll give me something to do after having had a week of laying around...... but then I could hang with K (whom will have worked all week) unless I could drag her with me?......... and the money to stay in a hotel?.........hrumph. I guess we'll have to see how it all pans out........I sure do miss you peeps and the joy you all bring. :)

Over and out for tonight.

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