Sunday, September 07, 2008

Busy Weekend!

I am exhausted!

Here is a list of the going-ons from this weekend:

  • Wednesday-Friday night stained our fence (and finished it)
  • Saturday we went and spent the day with Mom and Dad in Marysville, hung out with Angelo, went and saw Uncle Tom, and had dinner with Aunt Mary, Dad, Mom, Chris, Denise, Chelsea, Megan and Madison at Chang's Mongolian Grill. It was an awesome time!!! It always makes me realize how close we are to get together......but how often we do!! We then went to the Tulalip Casino........and by the time we left there it was after 10:00pm and I was a complete crab and exhausted!! *we still had a half hour drive!*
  • Sunday we woke up at 8:30.... (before that because of a cat crying because K had thrown both cats out at one point as they were pestering her), had coffee, read the paper, cleaned house - vacuumed, toilets, sorted laundry....then we started in on our garage sale should see our garage!!! We are having 8 banquet tables delivered tomorrow from a lady at work......and we may not have enough!! I'm not finishing up my last batch of cookies for this lady and her husband........and we have laundry finishing up, a bed to be made......and I AM EXHAUSTED!!

We'll head down and see Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary (how I always state it!) in Everett on Tuesday night..... otherwise we'll be spending time sorting..... :) it is very fun to see what we pull out of the next bag, etc.

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