Wednesday, September 03, 2008

School Thoughts

People among me lately (at work, in K's family, etc) have been starting school - some for the very first time. The excitement of taking the school bus, the excitement of doing something "new", etc......Great for those with whom it works.

For me, I can't imagine being away from my kids for that long. I want to be the one to help them learn. I want to be the one to comfort them if they are hurt. I want to be there for them when I *can* and they *need* me. K and I have talked some lately about the whole school thing....and I try to look at it in a positive way, but it still makes me sad that these kids go to school.

I didn't have a horrible experience in school - it just was. The stress of the first day, wasn't ever fun....... but that was quickly lost after the first few hours.

Just thoughts.......... and I know a lot of you unschoolers are at Live & Learn but possibly when you return and/or whenever..... how did your little ones react to not going to school and/or riding a school bus? How did you explain that?

Thanks for listening.


Skyrat said...

While I have no experience in home schooling, I did have the opportunity to send two kids through the public school system. If I had it to do over, I would home school them as long as there was a way to also socialize them with other kids their age. There is too much wrong in the public school system and it was an exercise in aggravation and regrets. You always want to protect your kids from hurt feelings, hatefulness, and bad influences. Definitely can't do that in the public school system...but they do learn how to handle those kinds of things. Anyway, before I continue rambling, I'm sure you will deal with things as they come along.

Hope said...

My children have both had really positive experiences in public school. Sometimes I think it depends on your specific town and district how it turns out. We are in a pretty liberal and highly academic town... maybe the midwest version of Eugene Oregon?

there are a lot of homeschoolers here and they have groups where they get together and do activities for the children to socialize. Also our school system will allow homeschoolers to come to school for parts of the day like to be in the orchestra and stuff like that.