Friday, January 18, 2008

Poor Butt!

My first shot on Thursday did not seem to go over well with my body - and it now has a red circle around it and is *very* tender. I have to switch sides and so tonight I got the shot again on this side......we'll see how it goes. We contemplated calling the doctor today....but we'll give it the weekend and see if it shapes up a bit - or - if I'm having an allergic reaction.

We'd rather have suppositories......but I've heard sometimes they don't give one the level of Progesterone needed (like a shot does).

We enjoyed ourselves last night away at a beautiful Bellingham hotel :) We went up in the afternoon after Kauleen got a massage (I had planned on getting one but my ovaries have been too sore......and as of yesterday A.M. did not want to even lay on my stomach - let alone anyone push on me!) and then we ate dinner at Anthony's........I was asleep by 7:30pm and slept all night. IT was delightful.

We came home early and visited K's grandma (94) and K'a aunt. It looks like they are going to try to put Grandma T in a "retirement" facility. Not assisted living (she lives on her own and does considerably well.....) but it is just getting to be too much for the one daughter to take care of - and the one friend that ran Gma to most appointments - is unable to do so now - this way - Gma can make more friends and have more activities to do - if she wants. She'll have a kitchen, stove, etc. in her little apartment. They are going to go look at it sometime next week! :) I guess Gma was very adamant about NOT going at first.........but both daughters went and looked at it and then came back and later that night Gma finally started asking some questions about it - and today seemed up to it. So, we'll see. She obviously wants to see it...........and maybe that'll help.

That's it for now........

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Anonymous said...

You´ll know the minute the smell of a cigarette or a cup of coffee makes you hurl!!

I hope you hurl????!!!!

Aunt Mary