Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend and I don't feel as if I got to relax much - but hey - sometimes it makes you more thankful for the down times! :)

Friday night.......we went out to dinner at THE KEG. :) thank you to the wonderful people who gave us gift cards for Christmas :) it was very enjoyable. After that we hit Barnes and Noble for the Frommers Guide to "Cancun, Cozumel & The Yucatan 2008!" :)

Saturday......We had some returns to make and then we watched the SEAHAWKS. Wow! What a game! It was crazy-ness. Then we watched Braxton from 6pm until 1pm Sunday. :) He's sure growing up..........we enjoy our time with him - but also enjoy our time of peace and quiet. (I continually tell'll be different when you have your own!)

Sunday we watched the boy :) and then we went and visited Kauleen's Grandma and Aunt that is here from California and then stopped by Walgreen's and got our Passport Photos :) then came home, cleaned, ate some dinner and now we're chilling and doing laundry! oh the joys.

I took my last pill of Clomid 50 mg today :) and go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully me eggs/ovaries are behaving.....and we're not producing an army. I will probably be put on a shot type medicine tomorrow (Follistim, possibly) but we'll see what they say. Tomorrow is day 7 of my cycle.

We're trying to pin point where we want to stay in Mexico.......its kind of tough. We aren't big party/drinkers - and the more out of town we can get for a more relaxing trip - that sounds almost more enticing to us. So.....right now here are my 2 choices of where I'd love to stay....... (we are also taking into consideration how "Americanized" we want things - and these 2 places will very possibly be NOT Americanized at all") (Holbox Island) (Isla Murjeres)

They within our price rang - but - the big question is - 1) Americanized? and/or 2) Ferry Rides (and how far do we want to be away from land........and/or with Randi's motion sickness :)

Kauleen needs to get on and do the bills I've gotta sign on. I'll post again tomorrow with the doctors update.



Frank said...

"It'll be different when you have your own."

Snicker! Yeah. It will.

Ronnie said...

LOL. Frank is such a poop!

It will be different: better and cozier and, yes, potentially more tiring. But the haze of love covers up some of the latter. :-)

The suspense is killing me. How did it go?