Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Day!

Today we have been a bit more active and actually done something. It has taken us from Thursday-Saturday to actually *feel* like doing something!

This morning we hunted around the house for our receipt for our bed that K has said is sinking in the middle and we are warrantied for 10 years. Well, she doesn't think it is sinking enough for them to warranty us. My back was killing me last night - but I don't know if that was from me being careful not to lay on my hips/butt (I've only been able to lay on one side!)

Thankfully now my right butt/hip is doing better and my left is a bit sore today. I think the key is LOTS of heat and LOTS of massage. So, we'll work on that!

We took my computer in to Best Buy this morning to get some more juice put into it! We've been contemplating doing it - its just I never want to have it gone from me! They said they could do it in 2.5 hours - well they did it while we waited! 2 GIGS! I only had 512 in it was about time. LOL

We then went to Costco (got green beans, dish soap, cat food, cat litter, eye glasses for K......) and then went to Haggen grocery shopping - came home ate some sandwich and then plugged the computer in - and wham. The surge protector went out. *sigh*

So, off to town we go again to get a surge protector along with a light bulb and something I had craved since Best Buy -- BUBBALICOUS WATERMELON GUM! so we had fun popping bubbles, chewing very sugary.....and smiling and laughing........(K got it stuck in her hair!) LOL

I'm bout ready to spit it out now......but man it tastes good. I said "Is this something I'll crave when pregnant?" LOL

I got to talk to my 'rents this morning - sounds like they are enjoying themselves - and they got a timeshare. Can't wait to hear all the details of it!! :o) that may mean some cheap travelin' for us sometime too!! :)

I'm still contemplating whether I should get a room for NCN - not that I don't want to - just don't know if I want to spend the money. It is coming up very soon.

Thursday I'm going to this movie - and believe you me - I do not go to movies (I sleep at movies!) but this interests me:

Anyone who wants to join me and Kauleen is more than welcome!! :)

Love to you all!!


Denise said...

Hi Randi. We'll be at the beach house sitting that weekend so you could have our house to yourself for NCN. Well...Gunnar will be there.

Randi said...

Thanks Denise - but I think I'm going to get a room - K said that'd be fine today. :)