Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Negative

I had the blood test yesterday and we got the final word - it was negative. Until you get that final word, only always has a little piece of them that still *hopes*. We went to dinner last night and just discussed what our options are and what we want to do. :)

We had thought about going to Seattle IVF and trying a different clinic. The problem with that is taking time off work and at the last minute - because insemination's are not all that well planned. I can see a doctor in Bham on a lunch hour for appointments (and they have a satellite office) but all procedures are done in Bham and would be done on last minute notice (and with work - that just isn't fair).

The thing we liked most about Seattle IVF is that they check blood hormone levels, inseminate on different hours, etc. (Bham IVF has done nothing of this sort and is *very* conservative). WHEN and IF we did IVF - we would do it out of Seattle. We will probably try 3 more times before going that route........

I am going to make an appointment with a local midwife and explain that we're trying to get pregnant and see what tests I can do to check my hormone levels, etc. and/or things I could do to help get pregnant. We then will continue with the Bham office. They are like family also.....only 3 of them in there - and all very fun and personable - and make me *feel* very comfortable.

We will give my ovaries a month off (and honestly, it kind of whacks me out a bit doing this to my ovaries with cancer and we think maybe giving them a month off here and there is best) and then we'll probably try again in late February. (I really, really want to be pregnant for Life is Good!) :)

Erin - I will be doing cloth, and hope that at least the first year I won't have to do washing of them myself - but would :)

We're up in the air about Mexico still...... we could do it - but financially probably shouldn't (especially with the costs of sperm, more tries, etc.) and if we want to do *anything* to Coulee this year - then any extra money needs to be put towards that.

I'm excited for this weekend to just be around people and have a fun-filled time. :)

Thank you all for your means more than anyone would know.
R & K


Frank said...

Sorry, kiddo. Ronnie said she talked to you, so I'll just limit my comment here to:

Come on down for NCN and we'll have a grand old time. Depending on when you arrive, I can "make" you chop onions and give you a perfect excuse to cry your eyes out. But only for a while. Then you simply *must* have a happy, nuturing, fun-filled weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love you babe. Love Cori.

Hope said...

I'm sorry it didn't work. I know it is painful.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Randi! Truly sorry!!