Sunday, January 13, 2008

Out of Sorts

Whoa today was a day I'd never wish to live again. I have too many things going on and too much stressing........and I finally broke down today.

Who'd ever thought that a 27 year old women would be so stressed out about her parents leaving on a 3 week trip to Mexico - to have the time of their lives - just worried about their safety - and most of all - not being able to call them when I want to and chat! (I think the chatting thing is what gets to me most....) PLUS, I'm trying to get pregnant with their grandchild, and would love for them to be one of the first to know...........well.......they will find out probably just as soon as everyone else does (because I probably won't know until about the day they return!)

Secondly.........the thought of what is going to happen next if I'm not pregnant, yep - it's the planner in me. We'll have to spend another $2,000 on sperm on top of the doctors appointments (this appt alone is $1250 so far.......I'll let you know if I pay more tomorrow!) HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?! So, we're putting any plans aside for Mexico right now to see what happens...........not that it *won't* happen, just we need to wait and see. We're wanting a baby and need to keep our priorities straight............and this baby thing could take a bit more money - ugh.

After my fit of crying.........been doing lots of it the past few days - but then again - I am on medicine which could make my hormones out of whack in itself :) we ended up spending the afternoon in La Conner putzing around the town, ate a wonderful lunch at Calico Cupboard and enjoyed our time. :)

BTW, I took my last shot today.......and am so thankful. (I may need more after tomorrow's appointment - but am doubting it!) The shots they gave us have kind of been troublesome to get the medicine out of - and believe you me - we've dealt with plenty of shots in the last 3-4 years.

I'm going to sign off for now...........and I'll post more tomorrow. My appointment is at 10:45 but I will not be posting until my return.


P.S. think of my parents and a few other family members flying to Mexico tomorrow - for safety and all!

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