Thursday, January 03, 2008

No Title

I really want to do Thursday Thirteen, but until I come up with a list of 13 things that really might interest myself and/or others - I'm just going to quit trying. I've typed and re-typed a few ideas tonight and am going with I'm not doing it! :)

I went to the baby doctor on Monday and had an ultrasound - no eggs were there - so we're on track for this cycle, once again. I started taking 50mg of clomid on Wednesday and will do so through Monday - and then will have another ultrasound - and take the next step of medicine. The doctor is watching me very carefully so I produced an army last time :) and honestly, I'd be OK with a few kids - just not an army. :)

Kauleen and I got OK'd today for our vacation at work. Somethings are changing with our vacation policy making lots of people needing to take lots of time off between now and July - but we got OK'd and I am so excited!! I am most excited to know that I got the time off for the Life Is Good Conference. I was a bit hesitant in registering beings it is Memorial Day Weekend and in a "red zone" (special permission) area - but was granted it. :) YAHOOOOOOOOO! I am very excited. (AND I hope someone can teach me how to knit/crochet and/or the difference between the 2 while I'm there!)

I'm getting excited for Non-Corn North too. I'm just going to quit re-typing the Non-Corn - that's just it :) Non-Corn. ROFL. I should make T-shirts. LOL

We're looking into going to Mexico (Cancun) - anyone have a timeshare and/or know of someone who does? Have them contact me!!



Ronnie said...

Non-Corn,it is! :-)

Sending lots of good, fertile vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

And Chao is good, too! It goes well with "Non-Corn" but maybe Chow is better! I couldn't resist!

Aunt Mary

Frank said...

I call it NCN. That makes it a TLA. Just FYI.

Got my fingers crossed for y'all and we're looking very much forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!

Hope said...

what is a red-zone?