Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back To Work...and Signs

Today we headed back to work - and it is very very slow at work making for some lonnnggg days - although we are getting things cleaned up that haven't been for some time. (I am also thankful that I get to do the courier next week - which makes the day go by so much faster!)

The last shot (and hopefully tonight's shot) have been pretty good so far. My left side is still hurting quite a bit (like when you pull your pants up/down to potty) but I've been able to sleep a lot better. The shots have been seeming to hurt a bit more also.......

Today I've had a change of heart - some feelings of things inside, etc. have me leaning more positive :) and of course wanting to test even more! I'm thinking it is 3....... yep you read it - 3. :)

Cori - with what we are doing (it isn't InVitro - it is an insemination) and normally we get HCG shots to go along with AI (artificial insemination) but this time I am getting progesterone. The HCG is what is tested with HPT's - hence why we can test. I do not believe I will start bleeding until I quit taking the progesterone - hence why I think I'm supposed to get a blood test on the 29th? (shrug) nothing like paying for a pregnancy test and not being pregnant (Insurance doesn't cover those!)

I just got out of the bath and am going to go relax....... :)

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Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHHH, got you!! Love Cori