Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Excitement!

I'm unwinding from a very busy weekend with some *really* great family and new-made friends! :) I enjoyed myself immensly with the unschooling families and kids :)

Today I've barely moved around the house - staying put for hours on end - veggin', reading, relaxing, sleeping..........:)

I wish I had my camera for NCN but there will be lots of pics I'll maybe post some off of others blogs once they get them uploaded.

That's it for now.......write more later.


Frank said...

We sent the last of our guests home Monday afternoon, then picked up Tom and Mary from the airport to give them a ride home. Today we slept til 11-ish and I'm still moving S-L-O-W. Phew!

But what a great time! It was so wonderful to see you and to introduce you to that gang of fabulous miscreants and social deviants!

Talk atcha soon!

Ronnie said...

Yeah, what he said! :-)