Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday ...

Last night we got a call from our cousins to babysit for them last minute :) So we went to Shaun and Jenae's and played with the kids while they went to a movie and dinner. I found myself trying not to tell them *no* and it sure made me smile! We played play-dough, monkeys, ran, ran, and ran some more :) we read a few books and just had fun!

This morning we woke up later than usual (8:30am) and hung around the house. We planned on going cacusing today at 1:00pm :) I've never cacused before and have never been so into the politics. I checked out Obama's book today at the library. :) He has my vote :)

Tonight we're just hanging out and tomorrow we'll go help a friend from work move some furniture she bought and then do laundry in start of the work week next week, oh joy.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend - I look forward to that!

We're deciding on a new donor now too........I have my favorite chosen - but we have to choose like our top 5 donors as the 1 donor may be gone. Here's his info if you wanna peek - its kind of fun:

I'll be posting more when I choose them :) BUT we just did some math and for this donor (he's an open donor - meaning this:

California Cryobank, Inc (CCB) is pleased to announce we are now offering an Open Donor Program. The CCB Open Donor Program was established to provide offspring when they reach age 18 with the opportunity to contact their donor and learn more about his or her biological heritage. CCB Open Donors agree to have at least one contact with the child when they turn 18. CCB will facilitate the first contact in order to protect the donor and child.
The benefits of the CCB Open Donor Program are:
Potential future contact between donor and offspring
Donor updates each year for 6 years following their participation in the program
Limited collection and distribution of open donor vials
Free registration in the CCB Sibling Registry
How it works:
At the beginning of his participation in the program, the CCB Open Donor signs an agreement indicating his intent to communicate with the child when they are 18 or older.
The offspring must contact CCB in writing to request contact with his or her donor. CCB will request identifying information such as the donor number and parent's name, as well as any other information necessary to perform internal research and confirm the identity of the child and recipient.
After all information is verified, CCB will contact the donor informing him of the request. The donor will then decide how he wants to contact the offspring and CCB will facilitate this process.
Contact may include, but is not limited to, the following: email, written letter, telephone conversation or meeting in person. The form and extent of this communication will be determined by mutual agreement between the donor and the child.
After the initial contact, the donor is not obligated to any additional communication, but the donor and the child can continue communication if they wish. The degree and level of this communication is determined by mutual agreement between the donor and the child.
A request for contact with the donor can be made only by the child. The child must be at least 18 years old to request contact.
At the beginning of his participation in the program, CCB Open Donors agree to have at least one contact with any child born of his donation. CCB will facilitate the contact and we will make every attempt to make the contact a meaningful one. However, there may be a situation where a contact between the donor and offspring cannot be established.

He is more expensive - like $470 per vial and we order 6 vials!! YOWCH!

Anonymous donors are $370 per vial.........still is a YOWCH! (prices have gone up quite a bit since we last had to purchase any!)

We're going to start trying again the end of this month :)


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