Monday, February 11, 2008

Just When We Think We Have It Figured Out!

Today I found out some very interesting information about donor sperm. We've been having to do some research as to what cryobank we want to use, why, what donors, etc. Upon looking at our cryobank that we've used in the past, and the cost of it (at the cheapest $360 per vial - and we order 6 at a time) we decided maybe we'd need to look further.

So, we had ordered some sperm from another bank one other time and so I decided to look into it. They cost $200 per vial.

I'll do my best to explain this......There are 2 types of inseminations.

ICI specimens may be washed in HTF(human tubal fluid) media only, or completely un-washed. This format is appropriate for home-vaginal, intracervical(ICI) use, or for IVF use. These specimens would require further processing in order to be placed into the uterine cavity. Volume 0.7-1.2cc

IUI specimens have been washed through a density gradient and re-suspended in HTF media prior to freezing. These units are IUI ready when thawed. Prepared for intrauterine insemination, but also great for home-vaginal, intracervical or IVF use. These units are concentrated into a lower/smaller volume but with a higher motility. Volume 0.4-0.7cc.

(are we learning lots? :o)

Upon going to Bham IVF in the very beginning we were told to order ICI and they would do the "washing" themselves for cheaper than it would be for us to order IUI. (great, okay, makes sense, cheaper, etc.)

WELL...........ALL of these banks offer "Guarantees" of so many motile sperm. I called up each of the 2 banks we are interested in today and asked them what their "guaranteed motile sperm count is"

To put things into a little bit more of perspective.......on my last insemination, the doctor walked in with 2 vials of sperm and said "12 million sperm we have".

It has taken me all day to calm down about this......and Kauleen and I every so often kick ourselves for not being educated enough - but it isn't that we aren't educated - its just that we don't know and no one gives us any information (even if we do ask!) we are not going to order the vials ICI - we will order them directly from the cryobank IUI. That means they spin it themselves and if they end up 1 million short - they take some from another sample until they get their guarantee - *and* we should have over 20 million........

NOW the discussion between K and I is - do we only use 1 vial (with more sperm than we've ever gotten in 2 vials!) or do we continue our great chances with 40+ million sperm.

We are looking forward to starting to try again the end of this month :) I'm ready for a baby :)

A lady at work is soon to be a grandma - so we've had a bit of baby talk in our office. It just amazes me how much people don't understand and just go with whatever doctors/people tell them. This girl is 1 week past her due date, they were going in tonight to put a gel on her cervic to see if that will help. I told her "I sure hope they don't induce her"....and she said "Oh, I was induced with pitocin with each of my kids - people don't have natural labors anymore - if you have a headache you take tylonol". I didn't say anything just walked away.......but was like PEOPLE DO have natural labors (and I believe it is coming back more so......) and the headache/tylonol analogy was just off! People are just not aware........and I guess I am more now that I saw that movie "The Business of Being Born" and learned about quite a bit of stuff.

I exercised tonight for 20 minutes :) and am very proud of myself.

I'd *love* to go away somewhere this weekend (it'd have to be somewhat cheap) - anyone have a little cabin? :o) but unless something hops out at me for cheap - we'll be staying home. We'll be planning our vacation in May......we discussed leaving from Life is Good to head down the Oregon Coast maybe even into California - to chill and relax :) sounds delightful right now...........

That's it for now :)


Stump Home said...

Uh, yes people have natural births all the time. I didn't cause, well they were huge and I couldn't have...but I have friends who've done it naturally. I have friends who haven't. You're right, people ought to research.

Good luck w/ everything. You're in my thoughts. ;-)

Danielle said...

Hi~I'm the marketing director at Xytex, a sperm bank located in the Southeast. I thought you might be interested in checking out our donors...we actually offer a 30 million motile sperm per milliliter committment, which is the highest of any sperm bank. If you're still doing your research and are concerned about getting the highest number of motile cells, you may want to look at least look through our basic profiles, which are free. (Three month access to all extended profiles is $150). Feel free to call us at 800-277-3210 if you have any questions. My name is Danielle, and Sheridan, Ronda, Caroline or Amber are the rest of our sales and customer service team.

Best of luck to you!!!

Denise said...

I had all three girls naturally and wouldn't want it any different. It's a beautiful and spiritual experience if you have the right techniques, mindset and great support. I won't kid you that it hurt like #$()%@# but I prefer labor to being pregnant.