Thursday, February 21, 2008

Impromptu Thursday Thirteen....

I was so excited that I just *may* have enough items to do the Thursday Thirteen Meme - but the website is down and I can't get the code and make my blog all sparkly, pretty with it - but just have to do an impromptu boring post! *drats!*

Thursday Thirteen
13 ways to leave/say goodbye to friends and/or co-workers
1. Let's make like a tree and leaf
2. Let's make like a banana and split
3. Let's make like a baby and head out
4. Let's make like a prom dress and take off
5. Let's make like a hockey game and get the puck outta here
6. Let's make like Diarrhea and run
7. Let's make like a bread truck and haul buns
8. Let's make like lightening and bolt
9. Let's make like an airplane and take off
10. Let's make like a strawberry and jam
11. Let's make like tomato and ketchup
12. Let's make like rain and get the hail out of here
13. Lettuce Leaf
Thanks and maybe next Thursday I'll have something even more interesting! :) Use them if you can - it sure is fun!! :)

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Skyrat said...

Ha ha - corny but cute. I had forgotten so many of them!