Saturday, February 09, 2008

NCN Highlights

The party began Thursday night, but I didn't arrive until Friday night after work. Here's the gang hanging out and enjoying each other's company. I hadn't met any of these *wonderful* people yet, but felt at home and comfortable with each one of them!

The teens enjoying each other's company in Ronnie and Frank's sanctuary! The gang was not separated most of the weekend! Most of them left Friday night for another party.......but arrived back on Saturday afternoon just in time for the Mardi Gras Party!

The younger kids wanting to hang out with the teens.......but not quite sure if they should.....they were so cute! :)

Effie, MJ and Harper doing KAPLA blocks! Everyone had so much fun with these blocks! Thank you so much Craig and Gillian for having them shipped and opening them for all of us to partake in the fun also! There was lots of building....of trees, circles, blocks, bridges, ceiling high towers, and lots and lots of....


Improptu recital by Michelle, Gemma and then Michelle and Gemma! We listened to Hillary Duff :) and I had the song stuck in my head for days later (and haven't heard her sing it yet!)


The party was just getting started...... :o)

AWESOME PICTURE!!!! Craig and Jon.......LOL

This is a winning prize from our "Found Items Raffle" - and the BEST IDEA ever! People found things from around their house and we raffled off tickets to help the cost of the lodge we rented for the party. IT ROCKED! Lots of fun things were given - including these awesome boots! :) (I brought home 3 childrens books!)

Michelle as a "Blue Woman" I loved it!

Effie doing the Limbo........ Shrimp Boil. Amazingly awesome, spicy, and *cough* lots of cayenne. Sure was yummy! At one point we were all choking on the cayenne as it cooked and had to get a bit of fresh air!! Ronnie and Frank did an awesome job!!

I have to be honest here and say I had not a clue what was going on and what the song was or what anyone was doing during this song. I just smiled and was like "Looks like fun!" ENDS UP - it is from Rocky Horror Picture Show! I don't watch movies..........I sleep through them. I was told by a person at NCN (Thanks Jordan) that I wouldn't sleep through this one..........

*MOST* of the group......some had already left and others were going about their party business.

Some continued the party through Sunday and the Super Bowl, but I didn't attend and unwound - I was exhausted! I don't normally stay out late - or even - UP late - and did so both nights (well, late for me at least) :)

A few moments I enjoyed immensly:
  • Chatting with Ronnie and Frank in the kitchen re: baby and appreciate their love and support
  • chatting with Bien (name not spelled right :( ) about her friend with cancer and her making her a hat - and her interest in unschooling while sailing
  • chatting with Diana about baby stuff and life
  • Listening to how everyone interacts with their children
  • eating those deliciously yummy brownies from sunnyside up (and for Diana knowing what was in them......for fear they had something that would send me to the toilet!)
  • Chatting with Jordan and Michelle at Party Palace - new friends!!
  • JAMBALYA! (but I never got to taste any!!!)

Thank you to Ronnie, Frank, MJ and Chloe for all their hard work in putting this awesome weekend on! Now for the wait until Life Is Good! I am excited!

P.S. Thank you to all who took these pictures ..... since I didn't have my camera, I used some from other's blogs!

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MistyInthezoo said...

Thank you for inviting us. We had a really great time!