Saturday, March 01, 2008

Company, Work, etc...

We're off for the next 5 days! YAHOOOOOOO!! :) that calls for celebration. Work has been trying lately.....don't know whether it was that we just needed time off (which it hasn't been all that long ago we had a day off) but some people have been more irritating than others.........(I suppose it probably doesn't help that I've been on my period and now on this drug for baby stuff)....oh well - Others were feeling it also.

We spent most of the night last night in Bothell picking up K's brother Mark and his gfriend Margaret from Oklahoma! :) we sure enjoyed the nieces/nephew and their entertainment. We'll be traveling back down tomorrow for a pre-Birthday bash for K :)

I'll post pictures soon of the decorations at work :) work got her a massage and I got her 40 - $1 scratch tickets to cover her monitor. :) She won $17.

I went b-day shopping today and got no where, oh joy. I hate shopping (especially by myself) let alone going out with things in mind and coming home 2 hours later with NOTHING. oh well - I came home and ordered something online. LOL Should have started there!!

I've known this for a long time......but I'm very sensitive. I think I've learned to toughen up a bit but sometimes I just take things personally - whether they were meant to be taken that way or not. I guess the first step is acknowledging it.

That's it for now..........I'll post more later.

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