Monday, March 10, 2008


The insemination is done :) and there was a beautiful rainbow over our house tonight :)

I had major cramping today - left work at 2:30pm........came home put my rice pack in the microwave and slept and you know how when you puke - sometimes your stomache hurts? That is exactly what my lower stomache feels like - someone has taken it out, stomped on it - and put it back in. I walk horribly funny..............but oh well. All I can take is tylenol.

This is *totally* different than something I have ever experienced.............and I believe is what childbirth will be like. :) If so, I can handle it.................with lots of support :)

I'll post more soon.


Boo said...

All good thoughts were going your way all day. And I feel your pain we must be having sympothy pains for eachother!!! Love you lots! Ry

Deb said...

Guardian Angel candle lighted, here. I'm writing what you know, already: be gentle with yourself, denounce stress and take it easy. All good things I wish you. Love, Deb

E, E, E, E & L said...

Not at school so I can post now...good wishes and heres to hoping I can get rid of some diaper wraps! I posted some pictures on my blog just for you!

T-Bear said...

I wish you all the best Randi. Praying for a successful insemination and a "sticky baby"

Anonymous said...

did it feel like this last time? i mean the cramping. that was a major sign of my 2 pregnancys. cramping for the entire time, both times. when do you find out the answer to you baby questions?, 2 weeks? Cori.

Denise said...

Wishing you all the best. Make sure to take care of yourself. All my love to you and K.